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Posted by: Emily Sep 29 2017, 11:01 PM
Happy 7th Birthday Relashio!
Updates & News!

Hello Relashian's,
Today is September 30th and this day marks the start of Relashio's 7th year! Just as we have done in previous years the staff team has been hard at work for the last several month's brainstorming and plotting out a brand new unique to Relashio, setting for your characters to take part in. We are so excited to launch our project today!

As you can see we have launched a new skin! You will be able to switch to the old skin via the skin selector at the bottom of the site or through your User Control Panel.

Without further ado we present to you the new expansion for the Post Oppression Era: “There Be Dragon’s!” Yes, you read that correctly, there are freaking dragons! For several years after the Second Wizarding War innocent Dragon’s and convicted Azkaban Prisoners were imprisoned in a secret facility operated by the ministry of magic, they were experimented on. Resulting in what is known now to the wizarding world as Dragon Shifters. What is this you ask? See the additions to the to read more. You can read the main Post Op Plot:

You can also find additional lore and resources on the Dragon’s Expansion: There are a new set of rules for the expansion as well as an abilities and skills list. Familiarize yourselves with this list, as you will need it to apply for your character. There has also been a new section added to our Role Play area specifically for our Dragon's. Located inside the Wizarding World, Lastly, new

You will find that a new setting has been added to our application, by inputting “Post-Dragon” into the top of the app where the chosen usergroup and era belongs, you will get the proper colors for your new dragon characters.

We have also merged the Scribblers OOC group with our Quibblers group. Character groups have been changed to Era’s. If you find that any of your characters have been placed into the wrong era groups please inform an admin of the correct group so we can get that fixed for you.

We hope that you enjoy these new additions to Relashio and would like to wish all of you happy Role Playing! And lastly, Happy Birthday Relashio! Here’s to our seventh year and much more to come!

Relashio’s Staff Team,
Emily, Cat, Hatty and Eisande

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