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 Thread Portkeys
 Posted: Sep 14 2016, 01:57 PM

Thread Portkeys!
Here lies the official list of all active topics on Relashio. Threads are sorted by era! When a thread is completed, goes inactive or is closed it will be dropped from this list.

Threads must have at least 5 replies to be added to this list!

Please used the following form to add your threads to this list:

l Starring NAME & NAME • | Played by: NAME & NAME • |
thread title
Era: What era does this thread take place in

[b]l Starring NAME & NAME • | Played by: NAME & NAME • | [/b]
[SIZE=6][url=link]thread title[url][/SIZE]
[b]Era:[/b] What era does this thread take place in

Marauder's Era

l Starring Lucius & Narcissa • | Played by: Eisande & Hatty • |
You're Always with me, in Every Thought

Potter Trio Era
l Starring Adora & Apollo • | Played by: Cat & Emily • |
Tear Soaked Whiskey Memories

l Starring Draco & Hermione • | Played by: Hatty & Emily • |
Like The Sunflower

Next Generation

l Starring Ginny & Blaise • | Played by: Hatty & Emily • |
Ghost in my Memories

l Starring Lili & Damon • | Played by: Eisande & Emily • |
Your Charm is Irresistable

l Starring Devon & Zara • | Played by: Cat & Emily • |
You Are my Oxygen

l Starring Alexander & Theadora • | Played by: Emily & Cat • |
You Light Up My Life Like Nobody Else

l Starring Jeramiah & Sirena • | Played by: Emily & Cat • |
You Know Everything About me
Open Up Your Mind, Look into your Heart

l Starring Draco & Hermione • | Played by: Hatty & Emily • |
Time and Space are changes we can't expect

l Starring Scorpius & Albus • | Played by: Eisande & Emily • |
Double Bubble, We're In Trouble
Time Changes and so must I

l Starring Harry & Draco • | Played by: Junkrat & Eisande • |
Wild And Free I Could Feel The Sun

Post Oppression
l Starring Ryan & Kora • | Played by: Cat & Emily • |
We Solemnly Swear We are up to no Good

l Starring Ryder & Cassandra • | Played by: Cat & Emily • |
I will Possess Your Heart

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