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 Boot, Terry Sinclair, PTE, NG, POE | 16 | Ravenclaw (WIP)
 Posted on: Jan 4 2018, 02:41 AM
Terry Boot
Full Name: Tiresias Sinclair Boot
Age: 16 / 42 / 57
Eras: Potter / Next-Gen / Post Oppression
Usergroup: Ravenclaw / Alumni
Played by: Achilles
Era’s: Potter, Next-Gen, Post-Oppression Character name: Tiresias Sinclair Boot Nicknames: Terry Age: 16 Birthday: 23 December 1979 Blood Status: pureblood Gender: male Sexuality: homosexual Occupation: student / unspeakable
wizarding specifics
If your character is a muggle put none or n/a in each section that does not apply to them, if an alumni fill out any former information for when they attended Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw Year: 6th Taint: N/A Wand: Walnut, phoenix feather, 13 1/3 inches, taut. Terry's wand is quite like him (stubborn & difficult) and someone else attempting to use it is likely to find it requires more effort or focus than usual. In NG & POE settings, it may perform dark magic slightly more easily. Broom: Nimbus 1700. This gift from his parents is entirely for show. Terry hates flying. Boggart: Himself Patronus: Butterfly Animagus: N/A
Face Claim: Darren Hayes Eyes: Terry's eyes are such dark blue as to seem almost indigo. He has long, thick eyelashes "almost like a girl's". At school, he wears wireframe glasses to correct an astigmatism. As an adult, he wears contact lenses. Hair: Terry's hair is dark blond with a wave through it. He has it cut when it reaches his shirt collar, and it grows out into no particular style at all. Height/Weight: 5'10" 62 - 70kg Build: Slender / Athletic Prior to 7th year, Terry is almost underweight. Physical/Mental health problems: depression, anxiety, intrusive thoughts, addictive personality. Next-gen/post Opp: recurring nightmares, self harm Habits: Secretive. Cynical. A cutting sense of humour, which he has no problem with the target "overhearing". Potter Era: Unintentionally blunt. He should learn some tact as he grows up. Style: It really depends on how you find him. As a teenager under the watchful eyes of his parents, he dresses with timeless elegance, as any pureblood boy ought. And usually in something his mother picked out. At school, he wears the school uniform as it requires the least effort. As an adult, he wears muggle clothes for the most part. They are so much more practical than wizarding robes.
family & residence
Parents: Alcides & Ingrid Boot Siblings: None Wealth Status: Upper-middle class Significant Other: it's complicated Children: if you want to play his kid PM me Current Residence: Chichester, Sussex
Brought up by parents who firmly believe that children should be seen and not heard, Terry is quiet and hates attention, while simultaneously craving acknowledgement. Terry has suffered depression and anxiety for most of his life, along with internalised homophobia. He never had a sudden sexual awakening as a teen, rather he was the type of boy who had always been attracted to other boys, even before puberty. While he knows rationally that there's nothing wrong with being gay, he still struggles to accept that part of himself, particularly recently. In environments where clear social conventions are upheld, Terry can come across as gracious and even charming. In casual settings, where there are fewer "rules" of how to behave, he is likely to be read as socially awkward. Although he strives for excellent marks and a spotless record, Terry harbours an inherent distrust for authority. He cannot but think that Albus Dumbledore must have something else on the backburner if he's willing to put so much faith in Harry Potter and his friends (which he doubtless is, because he always does). It's not as though trusting anyone in authority has done Terry any good in the past.
Terry was seven when he found out that he was a mistake. It wasn't cruel, his father didn't taunt him with the knowledge (in fact, to this day Terry doubts his father realises that he'd understood the conversation that had gone on above his head), but it was a fact, nevertheless. He was a mistake and his parents' lives would probably have been far happier if he had never existed. Alcides Boot was the second son of an ancient and pureblood line. While it was important for him to make a suitable match, it was not so important for him to have children of his own. Indeed, given the habits of pureblood families in matters of both breeding and inheritance, one could make a fair argument that Terry's birth was detrimental. But at seven years old, Terry well and truly existed, and although he was an intelligent seven year old, even he didn't know how to change that. It seemed, however, that Alcides and Ingrid Boot did know how to solve this problem. Or they had a solution that came close. In 1988, before Terry had yet turned nine, he was sent to a muggle boarding school. It was not as though the Boots liked muggles, but they were Ravenclaws, not Slytherins, and muggles certainly had their uses. Terry came home for summer holidays. He did his homework. He attended the soirées and picnics and balls. He did not cause a stir. It was without fanfare that Terry received his letter from Hogwarts, but then, most of the events in Terry's life happened without fanfare. Even his birthday was close enough to Christmas that there was no reason for a separate celebration. The Boots were exceptionally reasonable people. He was quickly sorted into Ravenclaw. Hogwarts was far more chaotic than the muggle school had been, thanks, in part, to The Boy Who Lived. Potter could not even attend a simple flying lesson without it becoming a newsworthy event. But while Harry Potter's antics irritated Terry, it was Hermione Granger who really got under his skin. He could never quite decide whether he disliked her or not. His parents would have disliked her intensely. She was a muggleborn and muggleborns were rather like homeless people. There to be pitied, a good cause for charity, but making friends with them was simply not done. Certainly, the way she sucked up to the teachers and her sheer desperation to prove her abilities was not only annoying but also cringingly embarrassing. On the other hand, she was not unintelligent. Not as creative as some of the other Ravenclaws - Terry could understand perfectly well how she'd ended up in Gryffindor instead of his own house - but she wasn't stupid, either. As a consequence, Terry spent most of his Hogwarts years avoiding the "Golden Trio" (an odious nickname doubtless coined by Rita Skeeter). An effort made significantly harder when his best friend went and decided to date Ron Weasley's little sister, or as Terry likes to think of it, became her latest assistant in getting Harry's attention. Sometimes, Michael couldn't see what was right in front of his face. Or maybe he could. That was the whole problem, really.
thanks dottie
 Posted on: Jan 5 2018, 07:52 AM

Love him! Congratulations on your first app here at Relashio! Just go fill out your claims and you're ready to go.
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