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 You Are My Oxygen, Without You I Can’t Live, or Breathe {D&Z}
 Posted on: Jun 23 2017, 10:42 AM
Devon smiled as she stated this time things felt normal. He honestly was glad. They wouldn’t have to rush to prepare for this baby like they did the twins. They’d have proper time to get used to everything and really be able to enjoy the pregnancy process. Knowing this eased his racing thoughts. “Normal is good. Though it sounds weird….nothing about us has ever been normal.” He smirked. “Though, I quite like it that way.” He let his hand drop from her stomach as she stood up and smiled as she kissed his head. He was about to protest as she reached for her wand but laughed instead as she rolled her eyes, grinning as she moved to the sink. As she joined him again he pulled her close as she rested her head on his shoulder. He smirked at her remark. “Mhm, it does,” he said as he held her. He didn’t make any motion to get up though.

He gently rubbed her back with his fingertips as he spoke softly. “My mother used to take our wands and hide them in the summer when we’d come here. We would spend the entire summer without magic. Dad hated it. But she always insisted that we learn how to survive on our own without relying on our magic ability or our wands to do it for us. If you are okay with it, I’d like for the twins and the baby to learn the same way. We may be a pureblooded family but we don’t have to have the same twisted values other families do. I think the kids growing up with non-magic knowledge will really benefit them.”

He paused for a moment before continuing, “I don’t think I ever told you, but I actually attended Muggle School as well, even after I got my Hogwarts letter. Mother homeschooled me so I could continue learning all the muggle schooling topics alongside my Hogwarts classes. That’s honestly part of why I constantly seemed to have homework when no one else did.”

Devon stood slowly placing Zara on her feet, he kept his arms around her, he stayed quiet letting her process his long explanation of why he wanted to do things the muggle way today. He laced his hand in hers, bringing it up to his lips and kissing it gently before leading her into the front room. He grabbed a key ring off a hook and stuffed it into his pocket. Letting go of her hand he moved back to the kitchen, grabbed both of their wands and returned to her side. He stuffed them into his pocket, “Just in case.” He smiled and opened the door for her, following behind locking the door behind them and taking her hand again. “Where shall we go Mrs. Avery?” He grinned at her, giving her the opportunity to lead the way for their walk.
 Posted on: Aug 2 2017, 10:24 AM
As she listened quietly to Devon telling her about his childhood Zara gave a soft smile against his shoulder. She wasn't laughing at him, she just always loved hearing about his life before she had met him, and particularly about his childhood. Zara was always amazed at how different their pasts were and yet how perfectly they had always been together. She mused that if she had told her father that she wanted to live the muggle way without magic, as Devon had, his head might have exploded. Shame she hadn't thought of it sooner really... She had to admit though that she didn't really understand Adora's way of thinking or why Devon wanted to spend the day without magic now . Perhaps it was the way she had been brought up by her father but to Zara no magic was like removing a limb - it just made life ten times harder, and it wasn't like she was ever going to be without magic so what was the point? In any case Zara didn't voice her opinions to Devon in that moment - she wanted nothing more than for him to be happy and if a day without magic was what it took then so be it.

Zara was roused from her thoughts when Devon kissed her lips, she had barely noticed when he stood up and smiled into the kiss - she must try not to get so lost in her own thoughts. They headed to the door but just before leaving Devon grabbed their wands, Zara raised one eyebrow and gave a little laugh, hiding the fact that she was actually a little relieved. Once Devon had locked the door behind them Zara gave his hand a squeeze and looked around for a good place to start. The first few trees of the forest were just over to their right and this was where Zara led Devon. Before long they found what looked like a path, although it was fairly overgrown from lack of use. Not that Zara minded, her wolf side always made her feel more at home between the trees than anywhere else. She picked her way over branches and through the undergrowth with ease still holding onto Devon's hand. The sound of the forest all around them gave her chills, with her enhanced hearing Zara could hear every rustle of leaves and snapping of twigs from the woodland creatures all around them. Of course nothing was visible - even the birds making a commotion above them were concealed by the tree canopy. Zara took a deep breath, letting the smell fill her lungs. She stopped, closing her eyes as she felt a tingling sensation deep inside her.

Zara opened her eyes and turned to Devon, excitement bright in her eyes as her wild-self simmered just below the surface. She gripped his hand and bit her lip before speaking, just managing to contain herself, "Can we change? I want to run. It doesn't feel right being here in human form." That was the best way she could describe it to him - it felt as if she was home but the forest itself wouldn't welcome her until she had changed. She really hoped Devon would be up for it, she wanted to run with him. Wolves were never meant to be alone, that's why most were-wolves found transformations so difficult - not only does the physical transformation go against their human nature and indeed nature itself but mentally being alone goes against the wolf instinct, making most transformations distinctly unenjoyable.

user posted image
 Posted on: Nov 5 2017, 10:10 AM
Devon led Zara from the house, he was just about to stick the house key into his pocket when he heard her need to run as a wolf before she voiced it. He wasn't cheating on their no magic day, their connection was just something they had regardless of if he wanted to do things without magic or not. But the longing look on her face pulled at his heart, he couldn't say no to her when it felt like she needed it so desperately. He glanced at her, her expression mirrored the feeling he had felt from her, her words also reflecting it. He sighed and turned back to the door, unlocking it. He looked back at her with a smirk on his face as he pulled his wand, followed by hers from his pocket. Holding their wands in one hand he motioned with his finger for her to come towards him. He handed her, her wand then quickly conjured a lanyard for the house key. He looped the key ring onto the key and hung it over his neck as he gave her a look that clearly stated, You're making me cheat., but he quickly resumed smirking mischievously carefully not allowing her to read much of what he was thinking or planning.

He moved to stand directly in front of her, still without saying anything or even answering her question about running and kissed her lightly. He smirked once again and slowly started undoing the buttons of his shirt. He slipped out of it, folding it slowly. Thoroughly enjoying not letting her know what he was doing.His tee shirt followed suit, he folded it too, placing it with the button up on an end table next to the front door. He kicked off his shoes and knelt down to pull off his socks as well. Once those were properly set aside he stood, kissed her again, then unbuttoned his pants and pulled them off. Devon stood in front of her in nothing but his boxers, gave her a wink, smirk plastered across his face as he grabbed his wand again, pointing it at himself and quietly saying the incantation to shift.

His wand and boxers landed on the floor. He tugged his boxers over to sit with his shoes, then grabbed his wand in his mouth and tossed it onto the table with his clothes. He padded back outside, turned to look at her expectantly for a moment before bowing his head for the lanyard with the key to fall off his neck. He nudged it towards her before walking up to her, giving her a playful growl and darting off into the woods.
 Posted on: Dec 1 2017, 11:33 AM
As Zara watched Devon undress in front of her she couldn't stop the smile from spreading across her face. She knew was this meant, even without Devon needing to say it. They were going to change. They had made their way back to the front door so that they could deposit their clothes inside but Zara made no move to undress just yet. She was enjoying watching Devon too much. She bit her lip when he was down to his boxers, not trying to hide the fact that she was looking at his body - he would see it in her thoughts anyway whether she wanted him to or not. She met his eyes just as he took his wand and murmured the incantation to change himself. Zara watched as Devon's body seamlessly morphed into a ___ wolf. He nudged the key towards her when he was ready before leaping off into the trees. Zara laughed softly but now she was feeling the tug of the forest and her desperate need to run. She quickly pulled off her shirt and unbuttoned her jeans, sliding them off along with her shoes and socks. Although Devon wasn't anywhere in sight Zara knew he would be watching from within the trees and she made a little more of a show of taking off her clothing than she would have normally because of that fact. Finally she unclipped her bra and flung it into the house, her panties followed and she smirked at the reaction she got from Devon through their connection. Zara quickly picked up the key from the ground, locked the door and placed the lanyard over her head so the key fell just between her breasts.

Zara looked towards the forest and started to run towards the spot where Devon had disappeared. She was just nearing the tree line when the smell of the forest and all its inhabitants hit her once again. Without warning she suddenly changed form. She yelped but more out of surprise than pain - this was what her body was mean to do and now that she was embracing that fact the change was practically instantaneous. She didn't even break stride, one second her bare feet were pounding on the mossy ground and the next four strong paws were flying across it increasing her speed ten-fold.

Zara burst through the tree line and let out an excited whine as she almost collided with Devon. She ran one circle around him, nipping at his hindquarters before darting off into the undergrowth. In wolf form everything was perfectly clear, Zara could see a log or bush that she had to avoid minutes before she needed to react. The thorns and twigs that caught her coat and scraped at her muzzle were barely noticeable. Somewhere behind her she could hear Devon and just as she rounded a corner she dived behind a bush. When he ran past she leapt out catching his back end and sending them crashing to the floor, rolling through the leaves. Once they came to a stop Zara pinned him and growled playfully before licking his nose and darting off again. Soon she came to a small clearing where the trees had thinned to allow for a large boulder surrounded by soft grass. Zara sprang up onto the boulder and threw her head back, letting out a long, joyful howl. She was panting heavily when she finished and so lay down on the boulder's cool, smooth surface to wait for Devon.

user posted image
 Posted on: Jun 26 2018, 03:15 PM
Devon jumped when Zara caught up to him and nipped at his hindquarters. He followed her as she took off through the woods, his tongue flopping out the side of his mouth. He could tell without even checking their connection that Zara was having a good time. She always loved running like this. It was still odd for him to have a different form but it made sense to him, she was a werewolf and was his soulmate so why not be a wolf too. It was better than having her turn him. He loved her, and everything she was but he didn’t want to be a werewolf. It just wasn’t something he felt he could handle. He was pretty sure she knew that.

He slowed as he came into the clearing. He climbed up to lay next to her on the boulder and nuzzles her neck. Normally he’d shift back at this point but he chose not to, hed wait for her to be ready to change back. He hopes to eventually run with her on full moons.
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