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 Jonsdottir, Clarice Mina, post|17|gryffindor
Mina Jonsdottir
 Posted: Apr 11 2017, 05:55 AM

clarice jonsdottir
Full Name: Clarice Mina Jonsdottir
Age: Seventeen
Eras: Post Oppression
Played by: Cat
Era’s: Post Oppression Character name: Clarice Mina Jonsdottir Nicknames: She goes by Mina Age: Seventeen Birthday: 26/09/2020 Blood Status: Veela Gender: Female Sexuality: Heterosexual Occupation: Student
wizarding specifics
If your character is a muggle put none or n/a in each section that does not apply to them, if an alumni fill out any former information for when they attended Hogwarts House: Gryffindor Year: 7th Taint: Veela Wand: Wood of supple willow with the traditional core of veela hair. 10.5" with a good spring, it is flexible and wielding. Carved into the wood are ornate, ancient Icelandic runes, said to hold magic of their own. Broom: none Boggart: The brutish supernaturals out there, like werewolves and vampires Patronus: swan - elegance, grace, beauty, ferocity Animagus:
Face Claim: Candice King Eyes: Large in size, almond shaped and blue/grey. Some times it seems like they change colour from day to day from dark grey to bright blue Hair: Healthy blonde waves fall just past her shoulders, she almost always wears it down unless doing something important when she needs to concentrate. Height/Weight: 5"7', 154lbs Build: Taller than most girls her ages, with curves in all the right places but well toned. Physical/Mental health problems: She suffered from depression and anxiety when she was younger after the sudden death of her father, but has recovered well and come back even stronger. Habits: *Humming to herself when she's concentrating *Judging people quickly based on their actions or mannerism *Hiding her emotions well, and often refusing to open up about anything personal Style: Mina mostly wears summer dresses with kitten heels or tightly fitting blue jeans and a floaty top. Anything that shows off her perfect body and compliments her blonde hair. She wears very little makeup as she doesn't need it, her skin rarely shows any blemishes (thanks to her veela genes). Her hair falls naturally in waves but she sometimes straightens it or adds more pronounced curls.
family & residence
Parents: Maurice Jonsdottir (deceased), Sara Henri (remarried) Siblings: One sister, younger, one step-brother, younger Wealth Status: Well off Significant Other: none Children: none Current Residence: Cambridge, England
Personality section
History section
thanks dottie
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