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 Fallon, Aquata Avalon, ME, PT, NG|36|Professor
 Posted on: Apr 2 2017, 09:14 AM
Aquata Fallon
Full Name: Aquata Avalon Fallon
Age:Marauders: 17, Potter: 36, Next Generation: 62
Eras: potter, marauders, next generation
Played by: Ellie
Era’s: Marauders, Potter Trio, Next Generation Character name: Aquata Avalon Fallon Nicknames: Aqua, Quata Age: 17, 36, 62 Birthday: February 18th, 1960 Blood Status: half-blood Gender: female Sexuality: heterosexual Occupation: Ancient Runes Professor, Head of Ravenclaw House
wizarding specifics
If your character is a muggle put none or n/a in each section that does not apply to them, if an alumni fill out any former information for when they attended Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw Year: Marauder's: 7th, Potter and Next Generation: Professor Taint: N/A Wand: Sycamore Wood, Augurey tail feather, 12 3/4 inches long. At an early age, Aquata excelled well in Divination, Ancient Runes, and Arithmancy. The wood and the core are both excellent for divining. Aquata had gone through about six other wands who turned Mister Ollivander's shop into the remains of a battle zone before this wand claimed her as it's owner. Aquata was quite surprised when she learned that an Augurey is an Irish phoenix and her family is from Ireland. Aquata takes great pride in what she calls her Irish Wand. Broom: N/A Boggart: Losing her daughter. Aquata's daughter, Vivien, is her pride and joy. Patronus: Wolf Animagus: A white wolf
Face Claim: Madeleine Stowe Eyes: Aquata's eyes are a dark brown and almond shaped. Many people call her eyes her best feature. Hair: Aquata wears her long dark brown, almost black hair down most of the time. She loves her thick loose waves and how they cascade down around her face and shoulders. Height/Weight: 5 ft. 7 inches, 153 lbs. Build: Aquata is a curvy woman with a slim waist. Physical/Mental health problems: N/A Habits: Aquata tends to tap her nails on a surface when she is nervous, being impatient, or irritated. Style: When she is at Hogwarts, Aquata dresses in her professor's robes of typically a dark blue, dark purple, or black. Outside of Hogwarts, Aquata chooses to wear jeans and a nice blouse or an appropriate dress. Her clothing is modest.
family & residence
Parents: Cador and Adella Fallon Siblings: Arthur (3 years older) and Delphin (2 years younger) Wealth Status: Middle Class Significant Other: N/A Children: Vivien Coralie Fallon, 6th year, Ravenclaw Current Residence: Limerick, Ireland
Being a single mother and having to provide for her daughter on her own, Aquata has learned much in her life about responsibility and family values. She believes in the telling of family stories and being united as a family. Aquata often says "Blood is thicker than water." The woman knows that her parents and siblings will always have her and her daughter's backs. Cador and Adella often told their children that they will help them when needed. Even with the rift that had formed between Aquata, Delphin, and Arthur, all three siblings still remained close and still looked out for each other. Even with all of the fast growing up Aquata did when she realized she was going to be a mother, the girl is still naïve and gullible. She has a big heart and always looks for the good in everyone, even when that person ends up being a Death Eater and prefers blood purity over love. Aquata will often give a person multiple chances to show her the goodness she sees in him or her only to get hurt and disappointed every time. One would think that the woman would learn to not trust so easily, but Aquata tries so hard to believe that everyone has goodness in them and that it just takes the right person to bring that goodness out in another human. As a mother, Aquata tries her best to be a supportive and encouraging mother. She pushes Vivien to succeed in her studies and to always accomplish her dreams. Aquata was pushed to succeed and to always be determined to be a better person each day. She watched her own parents move up in their careers as she grew up. Cador and Adella instilled in their children to create a better life for their future children than their own. Aquata knew Vivien was not off to a great start without a father figure in her life, but dating was not really in Aquata's life anymore. Aquata put her daughter first and worked hard to be the best mom she could possibly be. She even helped her daughter study over the summer months and to prepare for what the next school year had in store for her. She even had a small library and study built into their cottage where mother and daughter often sat and read together, sometimes reading aloud to each other and other times reading their own books in quietness. Adella called her oldest daughter a force to be reckoned with after the girl turned twenty seven years old. Aquata had pushed herself to succeed in her career and had already become both the Ancient Runes Professor and the Head of Ravenclaw House at Hogwarts. She made her dareams come true for both herself and for Vivien. Aquata stands true to her beliefs and never falters from them. She doesn't let anyone talk her into thinking something else. Aquata understands that everyone has different beliefs, opinions, values, and morals and that they are entitled to those differences. She does not expect to sway a person to her ways. Aquata is not a fan of change. It was difficult for her to accept her life being altered completely by bringing a child into the world without her ex boyfriend and daughter's father. Aquata likes comfort and familiarity, probably one reason why she found herself wanting a career at Hogwarts. When she was eleven years old and heading off to Hogwarts, Aquata was frightened. She had just spent her childhood staying by her sister's side and here she was being yanked away and having to go to school. Once she got used to Hogwarts, Aquata called the school her second home. It took her until about her third year to even start calling Hogwarts that though. The woman knows that change happens to people, but it is something she tries to avoid at times. In school, Aquata excelled at Divination, Potions, Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, and Astronomy. She had a knack for understanding how to read things and predict the future. Her Divination professor was quite surprised that the girl was not a Seer, but did comment saying that there must have been a Seer somewhere in the Fallon family line for Aquata to possess such natural raw talent.
Aquata Avalon Fallon is the middle child of Cador and Adella Fallon, two half bloods who attended Hogwarts. Cador was a Slytherin and accomplished many of his dreams, especially when it came to his career. The man started off at the bottom of Ministry hierarchy and pushed his way towards the top in the Department of International Magical Cooperation. Adella was a Ravenclaw and was a mediwitch at St. Mungo's, specializing in the healing of spell damages. Both Cador and Adella believed in perseverance and determination in succeeding at one's life goals. Shortly after the two got married, Adella became pregnant with the couple's first child, a healthy boy they called Arthur. Arthur had only just turned three when Aquata joined the family followed two short years later by Delphin, the baby girl of the Fallon clan. The family resided in Limerick, Ireland, a beautiful city in the province of Munster. Aquata grew up playing in the River Shannon. Cador and Adella made sure to teach their children to hide the truth about them. There were other witches and wizards in Limerick, but many of the inhabitants were muggles. In the privacy of Fallon Manor, the children learned about Hogwarts, magic, and the bright future that lay before them as Fallon witches and wizards. Aquata was about 6 years old when she had her first sign of magic. Arthur, Aquata, and Delphin were playing in the River Shannon one afternoon. Arthur had pushed Delphin into the water and thought it was funny. The boy was going to do the same to his other sister, but seeing Delphin soaking wet made Aquata mad. The young girl sent a wave of water at her brother and turned to help her baby sister up. The two little girls walked the short distance home, leaving their nine year old brother to help himself. Adella was livid with her son when Arthur walked into the house. Arthur left for Hogwarts a few years after that day. The oldest child was sorted into Slytherin just like his father. It was no surprise to Cador and Adella. Arthur as a miniature version of Cador and Cador was already trying to shape his son into a future Ministry employee. Three more years passed and it was Aquata's turn to receive her Hogwarts letter. The girl was both excited and scared. Ever since Delphin was born, the two girls had grown close and were inseparable. They even shared the same bedroom. Adella called her two daughters to peas in a pod. Aquata wondered who would protect Delphin when she wasn't around and who would her sister play with. For an eleven year old, Aquata worried a lot, but once that letter came and she was sitting on that train, she knew she didn't have much of a choice. Aquata and a bunch of other first year students were standing in the middle of the Great Hall when they arrived at Hogwarts. Each student was called up to a three legged stool and had an old wizarding hat placed on their head. The hat was supposed to assign each student to a house. Arthur had told Aquata about the Sorting Hat. He said it could talk and read the person's mind that is wearing the hat. Aquata didn't believe her brother until she saw it happen to the first student that sat on that stool. A few more names were called out and a few more students were sorted. Finally "Aquata Fallon" was called. The young dark brunette girl slowly walked towards the stool and the hat. She turned and timidly sat down. The hat was instantly placed on her head. "Let's see what we have here. A Fallon? Hmm. Both Ravenclaw and Slytherin run deep in your family's veins. You are quite determined but have a thirst for knowledge and the truth in this world. Hmm. Better be.... Ravenclaw!" A burst of excitement and applause exploded from the Ravenclaw table. Aquata jumped up and ran to her new house table. She glanced over at her brother, who was sitting at the Slytherin table. Arthur looked disappointed. They both knew how close she was to being sorted into Slytherin, but it seemed like their mother's influence, brains, and blood ran stronger in Aquata. Aquata excelled at Hogwarts. She quickly became one of the brightest witches of her year. What made her time at Hogwarts even better was when Delphin joined her in Ravenclaw house just two years after Aquata arrived. There was a rift being formed between Arthur and his sisters. Aquata could tell that Arthur hated being the only Fallon in Slytherin, but she felt like that house was a perfect fit for her brother. As the girl continued with school, she grew to love Divination, Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, Astronomy, and Potions. At first, Aquata wanted to work in the Department of Mysteries, but as she came close to the end of her Hogwarts years, she decided that she was a better fit for a Hogwarts professor, specifically as the Ancient Runes professor. She really enjoyed Ancient Runes. It was during her fifth year at Hogwarts that Aquata started seeing fellow Ravenclaw, James Thorn. For a Ravenclaw, James was a sly devil. Some in the house thought the boy should have been sorted into Slytherin. James was the kind of boy that knew what to say to make any girl's heart melt and swoon. Aquata was the slightly gullible type and was very innocent. Surprisingly the two dated for the rest of their time at Hogwarts. A little over two years after the two graduated, James left Aquata. He also left something else, an unborn child that he never knew about. It had been the young couple's first time that led to Aquata becoming pregnant. It was at that moment that it became clear to her that James only wanted that from her. Delphin told her sister shortly after that James had been seeing other girls at Hogwarts and wasn't as faithful to Aquata as he appeared. She had been scared to tell her older sister what that boy was doing because she enjoyed seeing Aquata so happy. Cador and Adella were not happy with the circumstances of their soon to be grand child coming into the world, but they stood by their daughter's side and supported her every step of her pregnancy. A few more months passed and Aquata was welcoming her own daughter, Vivien Coralie Fallon, into the world. Cador and Adella let Aquata and Vivien live with them for a few years, allowing Aquata to start her career. She went back to Hogwarts and put all of her hard work as a student to the test. She showed her knowledge in Ancient Runes to the head master and landed the position as the Ancient Runes professor. A few more years passed and Vivien was five years old when Aquata and Vivien moved into their own little cottage in Limerick. Vivien turned seven years old and Aquata became the Head of Ravenclaw House. When Vivien turned eleven years old, she went to Hogwarts and was sorted into Ravenclaw like her mother. Aquata felt like she had done well with teaching her daughter everything she knew before Vivien entered Hogwarts. Throughout the years, Aquata kept tabs on James. She was quite devastated to find out that he had become a Death Eater. She had often debated about letting him know about Vivien, but decided it was best to protect her daughter from him. A few years after Vivien was born, there was an announcement in the Daily Prophet that James Thorn had married a pureblood witch with the last name Black and the couple was expecting their first child. Aquata was angry with him. She recognized the Black girl as one of the many Black spawns in Slytherin house. Aquata was happy to have some familiar faces at Hogwarts. Professor Dumbledore was always a joy to be around, as was Professor McGonagall. It was also wonderful to have Professor Severus Snape at Hogwarts too. Snape was a boy that was in the same year as Aquata at Hogwarts, but he was in Slytherin house. It was a tragic day when Aquata heard about Lily and James Potter being killed by Voldemort and leaving their own son without parents. As for Aquata's siblings, Arthur married well too and he did in fact follow in his father's foot steps and became a Ministry employee. The rift was still somewhat there, but the two siblings put their differences aside for their children. Delphin also married and opened her own shop in Hogsmeade selling potions, divination knick knacks, and herbs. Aquata enjoyed having her sister near Hogwarts and sometimes Aquata and Vivien spent their summers in Hogsmeade with Delphin. Aquata is still currently a professor at Hogwarts and watching her daughter go to school right next to the children of Aquata's old classmates.
thanks dottie

 Posted on: Apr 5 2017, 07:49 PM
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