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 Mckinlay, Cassandra Jane, POE|17|muggle
 Posted on: Aug 2 2017, 11:09 AM
cassandra mckinlay
Full Name: cassandra jane mckinlay
Age: 17
Eras: post oppression
Usergroup: muggle
Played by: cat
Era’s:post oppression Character name: cassandra jane mckinlay Nicknames: cassie Age: 17 Birthday: 17/08/2020 Blood Status: muggle Gender: female Sexuality: heterosexual Occupation: student
wizarding specifics
If your character is a muggle put none or n/a in each section that does not apply to them, if an alumni fill out any former information for when they attended Hogwarts House: n/a Year:n/a Taint: n/a Wand: n/a Broom: n/a Boggart: If Cassie were to ever come across a boggart and know what it is it would show nothingness - a completely empty void with no memories, no color, just a dark empty abyss that she can't help but fall into. Patronus: If Cassie could produce a patronus it would probably take the form of an owl - the protector and the predator, a wise and solitary animal, who is quiet and thoughtful and yet can still be ruthless. Animagus:
Face Claim: a.j cook Eyes: Cassie has piercingly bright blue eyes, almond shaped and soft. They are the feature which brings most attention as they often shimmer like sunlight on water. Hair: Her hair is just past shoulder length, blonde and naturally wavy. However, she often styles it differently, some times keeping the curls and other times having it dead straight. Height/Weight: 5 foot 6 inches - probably just above average height for a girl her age but only just. Her whole family is short so she thanks her lucky stars for getting the tall gene by her family's standards. 155 lbs - Cassie doesn't aspire to be a skinny retch like many of her friends and is happy with her current healthy weight. Build: Cassie's body is slim and toned, she has a flat stomach and shapely thighs. An hour-glass shape would best describe it. Her breasts are on the larger side but work with the shape of her body - her wider hips and slimmer waist. Physical/Mental health problems: None Habits: -Subconsciously staring at people while thinking -Going quiet and moody for reasons that are even a mystery to herself -Running her hands along walls to feel the texture against her fingertips -Talking to nature, to trees, to animals, to the sky, to the stars Style: Cassie tends to be slightly withdrawn when it comes to style, often wishing she could wear clothes that she just doesn't feel like she has the confidence to pull off. Occasionally she will pluck up the courage to wear a dress, which will generally be white or another light colour. Mostly however she sticks to jeans and shorts for hotter days, together with a simple vest top of. She wishes she could wear floor length colourful dresses or skirts and have something of a bohemian, hippy thing going on. Lighter colours are what she prefers but always seems to end up wearing darker clothes as she feels able to be more confident when she doesn't stand out in a crowd.
family & residence
Parents: {Mother} Josie Helen – alive {Father} George Henry – alive Siblings: Bradley Lucas (21) – alive Sarah Jane - deceased at 15 Wealth Status: Working-Middle class Significant Other: none Children: none Current Residence: Aberdeen, Scotland
On the outside Cassandra is an average girl with average dreams of an average life. However, inside is a completely different story, she has a very deep mind and thinks about everything she sees or does or hears. It's difficult for her to explain if she is religious as she believes in so many aspects of different belief systems and some things that aren't in any. She feels extremely close to nature and is at her happiest when she is alone in a beautiful place than mankind has yet to touch. She craves inner peace at all times, which is difficult when she becomes so self-conscious and anxious so often. Simple things stress her out very easily, even if they just differ from her normal routine slightly. Some would call it OCD or social anxiety disorder but she doesn't like to put a label on herself like that, she'd rather just deal with it in her own way. Everyone has a dark side and Cassie is no different. She often has dark thought which she doesn't really now the origin of. She likes to think she is a different person from what everyone else sees on the outside, with a much deeper understanding of people and events than it may seem. She is into rough, kinky sex (something which is very much a private matter) but that isn't to say she doesn't enjoy loving, intimacy as well - life is all about balance. Overall, Cassie's mood and mindset changes on a daily basis with her mood, some day she is at peace, others she can be hateful and upset with everything and everyone. It is hard some times for even her to keep track of herself.
Childhood History: Up until the age of 16 Cassie's life was very much a happy and normal one. Her, along with her parents, her older brother and her younger sister lived in a terrace house on quiet street on the outskirts of the city of Aberdeen. She went to school with her small but close-knit group of friends and everything was generally good. The most she ever had to worry about was which boy had hurt which one of her friends and who was planning on going out with him next - it was just a very typical teenage life. However, a few months before her seventeenth birthday Cassie's younger sister, Sarah was hit by a drunk driver while walking home from school and killed instantly. The death of their youngest daughter broke her parents apart and for a while Cassie wasn't even sure whether they would stay together or split the family apart. This made mourning for her sister an even harder process and Cassie struggled for several long months to come to terms with what had happened. Even now she still talks to her sister every day and cries most nights before she goes to sleep but slowly the days are getting easier to handle. Unfortunately, her sister's death had a bad affect on her mood swings and more often than not these days Cassie can be found alone, having almost completely retreated into her own mind, not wanting to spend time with other people because she knows she will be labelled as grumpy or hormonal when all she really wants to do is be alone with her thoughts without all the hustle and bustle of other people. These moods aren't generally an angry or teenage thing, more often than not they are a comfort to her, a security which enables her to escape real life for a while. It helps her a lot to cope with what happened even though she knows keeping everything inside is not necessarily a good thing. Hogwarts Years: No applicable in Hogwarts, however currently Cassie is doing well with coming to terms with what happened to her sister, although things are still hard. She is back in school and about to take her first AS level exams, which she has been studying hard for for months. Chemistry, she has decided, is already a fail but she has more hope for Biology, Maths and History. Soon she will be preparing to apply to universities and she's hoping to go as far away as possible for Aberdeen, perhaps somewhere like Portsmouth or Cardiff.
thanks dottie

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 Posted on: Aug 2 2017, 11:20 AM
Congratulations! Your character has been accepted to our Ministry files!
Please go fill out your character's claims:
Era Claims & Bonus Claims.

Remember, Who We Are & Who We Play is the most important!

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