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 Lovegood, Luna Ambrosia, PTE, NG, POE | 41 | Alumni
 Posted on: Aug 6 2017, 12:06 PM
luna lovegood
Full Name: Luna Ambrosia Lovegood
Age: 41
Eras: potter, ng, poe
Usergroup: Alumni
Played by: Eisande
Era’s: PTE, NG, POE Character name: Luna Ambrosia Lovegood Nicknames: Loony Lovegood Age: 15, 41, 53 Birthday: 13 February 1981 Blood Status: pureblood Gender: female Sexuality: heterosexual Occupation: magizoologist
wizarding specifics
House: Ravenclaw Year: 5th (PTE) Taint: n/a Wand: 13 1/2" Apple w/Unicorn Hair core Broom: n/a Boggart: Her Father Patronus: Hare Animagus: n/a
Face Claim: Evanna Lynch Eyes: big greenish-silver eyes Hair: style? long pale blonde hair Height/Weight: 5'2, 95 lbs Build: Slender Physical/Mental health problems: If you ask Luna, she is perfectly fine. Habits: Luna chews the ends of her quills when she is nervous or trying to think about something. Style: Luna tends to be a bit of an eccentric in her clothes. She likes to wear the colors that have meaning, at least meaning as far as she is concerned. Her clothing choice can seem very odd and loud for lack of a better word, but she tends to feel no shame in that area. Instead, she finds herself simply enjoying the things that she has to wear. If other people have a problem with it, well then she finds that to be their own problem and no concern of her own.
family & residence
Parents: Xenophilius and Pandora Lovegood Siblings: n/a Wealth Status: middle class Significant Other: n/a Children: Lorcan & Lysander Scamander (NG, 18) Current Residence: She has an apartment in London, the Lovegood Family home that she never stays at, and a home in Hogsmeade though truly she tends to travel more often then not.
Luna Lovegood has always been an outgoing and outspoken type of person. She's never seen the point in being dishonest about things or hiding the way that she feels about something. It makes her rather brutally honest though never in a cruel way. Extremely intelligent, Luna has never actively tried to use her intelligence to cow someone. In her mind, it is rather that she is trying to present them with a logical argument so that they can see the error of their logic.

Tending to have a bit of a dreamy quality to her voice, Luna has been known to drift in and out of conversations, especially if she finds them to be boring. That doesn't mean that she isn't exactly paying attention. She can still hear what is being said and will pop in if something sparks her attention, it is rather that she is trying to get the conversation to stop as she shows how bored she is with the whole situation.

Despite her seemingly random and strange ways, Luna is devastatingly loyal. She would do anything for the people that she cares about. And while she can seem very friendly and giving, she will pull down Heaven and open the gates of Hell to protect those she cares about. Though she will never be offended by mocking towards herself, she refuses to allow those same insults or mockery to be applied to her loved ones.

In her later years in life, she has grown more mellow. She isn't as likely to jump to what some would consider very superstitious ideas. She has comes to accept that some things don't exist, but that hasn't made her any less eccentric or radical with some of her ideas and ideals. It certainly hasn't made her less dreamy or less distractable.

Born to Xenophilius and Pandora Lovegood, Luna's life should have been idealistic growing up. And for a time it was. For the first nine years of her life, Luna was surrounded by the love of her parents. They were an odd little trio, but they were all happy. Pandora was the balance of their family keeping her husband from going too far in certain areas while he brought light and laughter to their lives.

Everything went terribly wrong when Pandora was killed by a spell's backfire when Luna was nine. That day is seared into Luna's mind sometimes coming back to haunt her dreams. It is likely why she refuses to use spells in any but the prescribed manner. It was also probably what tended to make her a little distant from people at times, turning dreamy rather then being simply forthright.

Going to Hogwarts, Luna was sorted into Ravenclaw, a house that she generally found herself comfortable with. She knew that plenty of people wanted to make fun of her and mock her, but that never bothered her. They could mock her all they liked, but the moment that they turned on her father, she always felt something dark and cold well up inside of her as she lashed out at them.

Her father was her world after all.

Along with others at Hogwarts, she made friends with Harry, Hermione and Ron, joining Dumbledore's Army during her fourth year. During her years at school, she started to grow particularly close to Neville Longbottom. Part of her wondered if there might be something between them, but it seemed to fade for some reason as his attention eventually turned to Hannah Abbot, something that she didn't quite understand.

During the years after Voldermort fell, Luna threw herself into work. She became a Magizoologist, loving the work. It led her to meeting Rolf Scamander. He was charming and sweet and the descendant of one of her favorite historical figures: New Scamander. She didn't think anything about marrying him when he asked her to. For a while, the two even had an amiable relationship, giving birth to their twin sons, Lorcan and Lysander.

But things were never that easy. Rolf kept trying to change and contain Luna. At least that was the way that she saw it and it didn't settle well with her. She found herself growing distant with her husband until the pair separated during the boy's first year at Hogwarts.

Once they were separated, Luna felt free again. She knew she would never go back to her husband and eventually divorced him though she has stayed close to her son's, having them stay with her whenever they want and allowing them to visit their father whenever they pleased growing up. She feels as if she finally has control over her life again. She still feels lonely at time, but travel due to work tends to help feel the void at least a little.

thanks dottie
 Posted on: Aug 23 2017, 09:25 AM

She looks awesome! Don't forget your claims!
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