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 Selwyn, Ignatius Peverell, NG | 35 | Ministry
 Posted on: Aug 23 2017, 09:26 PM
Ignatius Selwyn
Full Name: Ignatius Peverell Selwyn
Age: 35
Eras: Next Generation
Usergroup: Ministry
Played by: Eisande
Era’s: Next Generation Character name: Ignatius Peverell Selwyn Nicknames: Iggy if you want to die Age: 35 Birthday: Sept 18, 1987 Blood Status: Pureblood Tainted Gender: Male Sexuality: heterosexual Occupation: Department of Mysteries: Unspeakable
wizarding specifics
If your character is a muggle put none or n/a in each section that does not apply to them, if an alumni fill out any former information for when they attended Hogwarts House: Slytherin Year: Alumni Taint: Vampire, little is known about how Ignatius was turned (for he certainly was turned) due to the fact that it was in connection to his work as an Unspeakable. Wand: 13.5" Dogwood with a Chimera Scale Fragment & Dragon Heartstring Core, it is a sturdy yet supple wand which only tends to respond to Ignatius. The wand is stained black with a bone like quality to it. Broom: Firebolt Boggart: Nothing Death in all His glory Patronus: Wolf Animagus: n/a
Face Claim: Ian Somerhalder Eyes: narrow vivid blue eyes Hair: Short wavy dark brown hair Height/Weight: 6'0/175lbs Build: Lean Physical/Mental health problems: None Habits: Ignatius tends to be the kind of person who sits off to the side almost forgotten before he speaks up. He doesn't like to raise his voice, but it does carry. His thumb tends to always graze a pulse when he touches someone though he isn't always conscious of this action. Style: Ignatius tends to be fairly modest and conservative in the way that he dresses choosing black and silver and accenting it with darker colors. He enjoys his suits and robes though he's never been a fan of the muggle jeans. He finds them coarse and debasing.
family & residence
Parents: Percival Selwyn & Constance Greengrass Siblings: Oliviette Selwyn, Bartimus Selwyn Wealth Status: Upper Middle Class Significant Other: n/a Children: n/a Current Residence: London, England
Ignatius is not a good man, and he accepts that. But he doesn't like for other people to see it. He is the type of person who loves to hide behind a smile. Charm is his primary weapon of choice and it is one that he wields with an expert level skill. He is the kind of person who can speak very calmly even in the face of multiple accusations causing a person to question their own sanity, what they might have seen... or thought that they saw.

Likeable, Ignatius isn't the kind of person that most people think of as bad. They don't see that side of him. He doesn't want people to see the darker side of him. It would cause them to react differently to him. In most cases he knows that it would cause people to shut him out entirely and he has built up too much for him to ever want to lose that even for a moment.

Due to the type of person he is, Ignatius will do anything he has to keep his position and everything that he has. If that means quietly getting rid of someone and manipulating events to cause a scandal that utterly discredits them as long as it gets the job done, he will do it without any shame and without a moment of hesitation. As long as he and whoever and whatever he has claimed remains untouched, he is content with the life that has been presented to him.

Despite that warm nature that he shows the world, Ignatius has no emotion. He is a cold man who doesn't actually feel emotions the way that other people feel them. He is calculating and logical. He is cruel and ambitious and knows no shame.

Ignatius was born as the eldest of the Selwyn children. A pureblood line from a slightly less well-known house, his parents would often claim relationship to the more well-known Selwyn's of the Wizarding World though Ignatius has never cared to find out if that was true or just part of his parents desire to seem better than they really are. At least their relation to the Greengrass family was an honest and certain one.

Though never particularly close to his younger siblings, Ignatius was taught family pride from a very early age. Though, in Ignatius's case, it only extended to those of his immediate family. He is extremely loyal to his siblings and, to a lesser degree, his parents. Throughout his childhood, there was always something just a little... off about the young boy. He would smile and laugh and be extremely sociable, but there was jut always something about it that didn't seem quite real.

Probably because it wasn't.

Ignatius doesn't feel things the way that other people do. So, he learned at an early age how to imitate people. People liked you better when you smiled so he made sure to smile. People didn't like it when you didn't show concern so he learned how to be sympathetic and feign empathy. He became what he thought people would want though inside he hated almost everyone for it.

When he was sent to Hogwarts, Ignatius was sorted into Slytherin and there he found a new world. Not closely under his parents' close supervision, he started to discover the type of person that he truly was. During his holidays, he made sure to fall into the roll of the dutiful son, but inside he knew that his parents meant little to him beyond the debt he owed them for initial birth which... was minimal in his opinion.

Excelling in his studies, Ignatius knew that he wanted to work for the Ministry the moment he was asked what he wanted to do with his life. It had never been a thought before, but the moment he gave the answer, he knew that was what he would do. And with that knowledge came research. Ignatius was known to sometimes spend hours studying. Most thought he was simply more Ravenclaw then he liked to admit. In reality, he was feeding his ambition learning everything that he could about the Ministry and how it worked.

Though he was only a child during the Second Wizarding War, Ignatius always felt very empathetic with the Death Eaters though he thought their blatant takeover was foolish since it ultimately failed though he has always been insanely curious about what it was like during that one year that they did rule over Hogwarts and what it would have been like to be a student during that time.

In the end, Ignatius decided to steer himself towards working in the Department of Mysteries. It was his need to know that stirred the decision. After all, he couldn't learn what was happening in that Department from the books that he read. The only way to learn would be to go there himself and the best way to do that would be to work there.

When he graduated from school, it was a very logical and straight forward path that Ignatius took. He applied at the Ministry and started to take internships always gearing himself towards the Ministry of Magic until he was accepted to work in the Department. He was fascinated by the work that they did there and it was easy for him to throw himself into those duties.

Becoming a vampire was a complete accident. The incident is actually on file with the Ministry, but given it was on an assignement of the department until his duties as an Unspeakable, there are few people who even know the incident happened. The number of people can be counted on one hand and Ignatius has worked hard to keep it that way, making himself rather persuasive on the matter which was part of the reason that he was able to keep his job.

After all, it wasn't his fault that he was attacked. It wasn't his fault that such a thing happened until the watch of the Ministry. Why should he be punished for doing his job and doing it so well for so many years?

thanks dottie
 Posted on: Sep 15 2017, 10:50 AM

He looks fab Eis! Can't wait to get them going. Don't forget your claims!
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