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 De Castro, Cordelia Aurelia, Post | 15 | Slytherin
 Posted on: Aug 25 2017, 06:33 AM
Cordelia De Castro
Full Name: Cordelia Aurelia De Castro
Age: 15
Eras: Post
Played by: Ramona
GMT -7:00 Hours
Era’s: Post Character name: Cordelia Aurelia De Castro Nicknames: Cory Age: 15 Birthday: May 15, 2022 Blood Status: Half-blood Gender: Female Sexuality: Heterosexual Occupation: Student
wizarding specifics
If your character is a muggle put none or n/a in each section that does not apply to them, if an alumni fill out any former information for when they attended Hogwarts House: Slytherin Year: 5th Taint: N/A Wand: Hawthorne, Phoenix Tail Feather, 8 ¾”, Unyielding. The handle is a deep brown colour with a protection ward etched in the butt of her wand. The rest of the wand is a lighter, milk chocolate colour and there are a few knots in the wood. Broom: Nimbus 2001. Her parents had gifted her this when she had become a beater at Hogwarts in her 3rd and 4th year. Boggart: A red muggle ford truck- from when she got hit by a car and spent three days in a coma. Patronus: Unknown, should be finding out in the upcoming school year (But likely to be a Slow Loris) Animagus:
Face Claim: Liza Soberano Eyes: Hybrid between round and almond shaped eyes. Dark brown in colour. Hair: Mid-back in length, dark brown- almost black in colour, and cascades down her back in luscious waves. Height/Weight: 5’1” 105 LBS Build: Athletic- due to years of sports Physical/Mental health problems: Habits: When she feels extreme feelings, Cordelia tends to cry. She’s quite embarrassed about this as she often sees crying as weak. When she is restless she tends to rub the palm of left hand with her right hand and will switch between the two hands. Style: Cordelia is the poster child for 90s grunge. Her classic outfit is: Her black fashion combat boots, denim shorts over ripped nylon, her top half adorned in a black t-shirt, a hoodie, and a denim vest.
family & residence
Parents: Elvia and Sylvester De Castro Siblings: Becca De Castro, and Jack De Castro Wealth Status: Middle class Significant Other: None Children: None Current Residence: Flat in Copeland, England
Personality section Cordelia can be described in three main buzzwords: aloof, ambitious, and indifferent. Cordelia is the kind of person who has many acquaintances but only a handful of people she would truly call her friend. She is kind and warm towards her friends but otherwise seen as cool and sometimes harsh by those who are not in her immediate friend group. Cordelia is quite loyal to her friends and family but knows that she comes first. Since she often puts herself first, she is seen as selfish. While selfishness is not truly a trait she would describe in herself, she does not care enough to tell people otherwise. She seldom shares any information about herself. Cordelia is quite aware that people use information in malicious ways and she is not interested in having her personal life on display. That being said, Cordelia often utilizes rumours and information from trustworthy sources in order to figure out the social atmosphere. Cordelia does not trust many people and is often suspicious of other people’s intentions. Cordelia has good grades, but not of her own natural talent. She spends hours studying previous lessons and reading ahead. She has wanted to work as an unspeakable since she was 11 and knows that her O.W.Ls, and her N.E.W.Ts are important. When Cordelia is studying for exams, she often gets tunnel vision and forgets to eat. Cordelia is not above digging through a person’s personal life in order to find flaws, and using those flaws to scare them out of competing with her. Cordelia is often described as indifferent. However, it is a term used to describe her only by those who she is not close. It may be her resting face- which is not approachable at all. Maybe its the way that Cordelia shrugs whenever someone asks her a question. Her emotions did not translate well and if she did care about something she was quite low-key about the topic. Positive traits 1. Ambitious 2. Athletic 3. Loyal 4. Resourceful 5. Hardworking Negative traits 1. Indifferent 2. Untrusting 3. Mysterious 4. A little bit selfish 5. Distant
History section Cordelia De Castro is the third child of Elvia and Sylvester De Castro and the younger sibling to Becca (1 years her senior) and Jack (2 years her senior). The family live in a four bedroom home in Copeland, England. Cordelia’s mother is a muggle and her father a wizard. Her father and brother are quite protective of her, despite her constant reassurances. Unfortunately, her older sister is a squib, which resulted in a great deal tension between the two sisters. Elvia loves her children equally but often sides with Becca as she feels sympathy for Becca being a squib. Cordelia had also feared that she was a squib as she did not show a hint of magic until she turned 10. Cordelia and her sister had been fighting over cereal. Becca had placed the box of cereal on the highest shelf possible and collected all the chairs and stools and was guarding them with a broom. Cordelia had climbed onto the counter and still could not reach the cereal while on the tips of her toes. She swallowed nervously and jumped to reach the box. However, when she jumped, her angle moved her backwards, and she promptly proceeded to fall to the ground. Cordelia shut her eyes and braced for impact. However, when no pain arrived she peeked her eyes open. She had been hovering just a couple inches off the ground. Eventually she was plopped onto the ground. It wasn’t a huge showing of magic- but it was enough to prove to her she wasn’t a squib. When Cordelia received her letter from Hogwarts she was elated. Once again, confirmation she was actually a magical being. Her brother eagerly took her under his wing, and the two had become closer than before- causing a riff between Cordelia and Becca. She was sorted into Slytherin, while her brother had been placed in Ravenclaw two years prior. She eventually went on to play Quidditch. During her summers between years, she plays volleyball in a recreation league.
thanks dottie
 Posted on: Aug 25 2017, 01:15 PM
She looks brilliant - its great to have you with us, Ramona! Now just go fill out your claims!
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