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 You Are My Oxygen, Without You I Can’t Live, or Breathe {D&Z}
 Posted on: May 29 2015, 01:56 PM
Zara watched as the crowd engulfed Devon and waited until he was completely out of site before turning back to look at Fenrir. Her father now had one hand on her waist and the other held hers tightly as he swayed to the melody coming from the enchanted speakers. Although his movements were surprisingly graceful for his size and stature his eyes were fixed directly on hers and Zara met them now as she let him move her to the music. "What do you want?" Zara spoke quietly so as not to draw attention to them - they were still at the edge of the tent and so far it seemed no one else had noticed the unwanted visitor. Fenrir didn't look surprised at her sharp tone and simply smirked and stayed silent for a moment longer than necessary. Zara's patience was waning but she knew if she made a move to get away he would only grip her harder and if she made a scene who knew what he might do. Not knowing if the twins were safely out of the way was the only thing that was forcing Zara to keep her cool so she waited for his response, glaring up at him.

Finally her father seemed to remember that she had asked a question and he sighed, looking around the room, "I simply heard through the grape vine that one of my daughters was marrying the son of an old friend of mine and naturally I thought I should attend. Alas I missed the service and therefore my chance to give you away." He looked back and her and grinned, revealing his rotting, pointed teeth, "I am so disappointed that you didn't invite me of your own accord, Zara, it would have been so nice to hear from you." The sarcasm dripping from his words was making Zara more and more tense, she couldn't tell whether he was angry or simply playing one of his twisted mind games with her. Zara knew asking him or telling him to leave would be futile and she glanced behind her to see if Devon was returning with Apollo yet. As she searched the crowd however Fenrir suddenly yanked her hand so she was forced closer to him, his eyes narrowing as he hissed through his teeth, "What's that?" Zara struggled to free herself from his grip and snapped back in frustration, "What's what?!" Fenrir smirked and bared his teeth, chuckling under his breath before speaking in a low voice, "I can smell it y'know." Zara stared up at him utterly confused but just as she started to question his statement she felt Devon's hand on her arm pulling her gently.

She turned to look at him, praying he had found Apollo, just as Fenrir barked at him that he wasn't finished with her yet. Zara let out a sigh of relief as she glanced over Devon's shoulder and saw Apollo appear out of the crowd and start making his way towards them looking concerned. Before Apollo could say anything however Fenrir turned towards him and Devon, letting go of Zara's waist but moving his hand up to keep a firm grip on her upper arm, holding her close to his side. "Ah, Apollo, I thought you might show up sooner or later." Fenrir's voice was laced with malice as he spoke to Apollo and gestured to Zara as he continued, "My daughter and I were just discussing her little predicament." Zara still had no idea what Fenrir was talking about and she could see her confusion reflected on Apollo and Devon's faces. Apollo finally spoke, "What on earth are you talking about, Greyback? You better have a very good reason for being here, I will not hesitate to use force if I need to, now let go of Zara." Fenrir paused for a moment, looking between Zara and Devon and Apollo and then suddenly burst into laughter, shaking Zara by his grip on her arm before speaking to her, "You haven't told them? They don't know about your little surprise? Oh Zara, what a naughty girl you have been." It suddenly clicked for Zara what her father was talking about and she felt her insides go cold - it wasn't possible surely, Fenrir couldn't know like that, could he? Zara didn't even know for sure. "You don't-- I don't know--" Zara started to speak but Fenrir cut her off as he practically howled with laughed, "Apollo, don't be so dense. She's pregnant! I can smell it's wolf blood already!"

user posted image
 Posted on: Jul 10 2015, 03:46 PM
Devon not being able to touch Zara because of Fenrir’s grip on her was pissing him off more and more by the second, he stood there playing through escape routes to get her away from him. Luckily though her sigh of relief, made him look around and saw his father appear out of the crowd and start making his way towards them looking concerned. Devon smirked, they would be safe shortly. Before Apollo could say anything however Fenrir turned towards him and Devon, letting go of Zara's waist, Devon instantly reached out to grab her away from him, but again Fenrir prevented it by moving his hand up to keep a firm grip on her upper arm, holding her close to his side. Devon glared at Fenrir and clenched his jaw shut to keep himself from saying anything incredibly stupid. "Ah, Apollo, I thought you might show up sooner or later." Fenrir's voice was laced with malice as he spoke to Apollo and gestured to Zara as he continued, "My daughter and I were just discussing her little predicament." Devon raised an eyebrow and glanced at Zara, noting the obvious confusion on her face before looking back at Fenrir. Apollo finally spoke, "What on earth are you talking about, Greyback? You better have a very good reason for being here, I will not hesitate to use force if I need to, now let go of Zara." Fenrir paused for a moment, looking between Zara and Devon and Apollo and then suddenly burst into laughter, shaking Zara by his grip on her arm before speaking to her, "You haven't told them? They don't know about your little surprise? Oh Zara, what a naughty girl you have been.”

Devon stared between Zara and her father, what the hell was he going on about? What had Zara done? He frowned and started to say something but Zara spoke before he could, "You don't-- I don't know--" Zara started to speak but Fenrir cut her off as he practically howled with laughed, "Apollo, don't be so dense. She's pregnant! I can smell it's wolf blood already!" Any color left in Devon’s face instantly drained. His eyes flicked to Apollo, seeing the look of pure fury on his face made him instantly look away. He looked at Zara and shook his head. How the hell could she not have told him. “I…just… how could you not… I thought… I-I… are you?” He stuttered, he knew his words didn’t make sense. Then the sudden pressure of a hand on his shoulder made him nearly jump out of his skin. But Apollo’s voice next to him made him smirk, despite his disappointment in Zara for not saying anything to him about her being pregnant, again. “Fenrir, you are not welcome here and I hardly think it is your business to blurt out that information.” Apollo, squeezed Devon’s shoulder then moved his hand to his pocket and withdrew his wand. He poked Fenrir in his chest and spoke, his voice laced with venom, “Now, let my daughter-in-law go before I end you once and for all Fenrir!” Apollo nearly shouted the words. Anger bubbled inside of him, the last he’d seen Fenrir he had nearly killed Adora. That had been years ago, and here he was again, threatening his family. Seeing his opportunity Devon grabbed Zara and jerked her away from Fenrir and tugged her behind Apollo with him. He didn’t look at her or say anything. He was mad at her, but he wasn’t about to let her be near Fenrir, in any immediate danger. Who knew what her psychopath of a father would do to her.

Devon glanced around when he heard another person approaching, and smiled seeing his mother standing behind him and Zara. She returned the smile then moved beside Apollo, she whispered something to him that Devon didn’t catch, but Apollo immediately lowered his wand. Adora smiled at him and squeezed his arm and turned to Fenrir, “Please if you have any respect for your daughter you will leave here.” Fenrir glanced at her and raised her wand in her direction. Alarmed both Apollo and Devon aimed their wands at Fenrir. Apollo snarled, “Don’t you even dare!” Devon on the other hand muttered, “Expelliarmus.” Sending Fenrir’s wand from his hand, Devon grabbed it and moved back behind Apollo. Smirking at Fenrir who looked shocked that Devon had gotten his wand from him. Apollo stepped closer to Fenrir, “Get off my property Greyback!” Fenrir glanced at Zara and growled, “This isn’t over Zara Isola.” He turned and stalked off into the crowd and disappeared. Devon let go of Zara and walked away from her leaving her there with his parents. He didn’t care what they said to her at this point about her pregnancy. He should have been the first to know, how could she have kept it from him.

Devon didn’t stop until he reached the tree house. He sat down at the base of the trunk and watched the party he was supposed to be enjoying with Zara, celebrating their marriage but no; that was ruined. He crossed his arms over his chest and watched as their family and friends continued dancing, laughing and celebrating as if nothing had just happened with Zara’s father. How had no one heard all that commotion over the music? Hadn’t their shouting been loud enough to hear? Devon watched as Zara made her way through the group of people and out to where he was. He couldn’t keep the smile off his face as she made her way towards him, clearly picking her path carefully so not to trip or ruin her dress. Once she was standing in front of him he looked up at her and said, “Why didn’t you tell me? Is this why you’ve been so sick lately?” He stood and took her hands in his and kissed each one. Devon looked into her eyes and spoke softly, “We are supposed to share everything with each other Zara, especially now that we’re married. How long have you known?” He let go of her hands and moved his hands to her stomach, pulling his gaze from her as his mind wandered off to the pregnancy with the twins. Would this one be just as strange? Would it go as quickly? Would she need the potion again? How many this time? Would it be a werewolf like Kora and Zara? Or animagus like him and Ryan? So many questions flashed across his mind at once that he didn’t even realize Zara had been speaking until she touched his arm. He looked up, “What? Sorry… I was… thinking.” He smiled, “What were you saying?”
 Posted on: Jul 12 2015, 12:09 PM
Her father's words turned Zara's blood to ice as she stared at him. The announcement was as much news to her as it was to Devon and Apollo seeing as she had convinced herself that the muggle pregnancy test had been a false positive. As she looked at Devon now however she could see the hurt and disappointment in his eyes and it made her want to crawl up into a ball and cry. Did he really think that she would have kept news like this from him if she had known for sure? Even if she had thought the matter was a cause for concern when was she supposed to have broken this news to him? They hadn't been alone all day, in fact they'd barely been together for most of the morning. It was their wedding for crying out loud, this wasn't what Zara had ever imagined happening. However, no matter how much she disliked the look on Devon's face, the look on Apollo's face was much worse. It looked as if Fenrir's words had hit him like a ton of bricks and the anger that was burning in his eyes made Zara want to shrink away from the whole situation. Maybe she should just make a run for it now while she still could.

Zara looks at the floor as Devon tried to speak to her, she couldn't bring herself to look at him - this was all her fault, she'd ruined their day and she was pregnant, what were they supposed to do now? She only looked up when she heard Apollo speak and watched as he raised his wand. Her father still had a firm grip on her arm and she didn't feel it loosen even when Apollo threatened him. However, when Apollo told Fenrir to release her, her father laughed out loud and this seemed to be enough. Zara quickly pulled her arm out of his slackened hold just as Devon grabbed her and pulled her behind him. Stumbling slightly over the folds of her dress Zara kept well behind Devon, wanting desperately to take his hand but too scared of being rejected. Before anything else could unfold though Zara heard someone approach behind her. Turning, she saw Adora, calmly walking to Apollo's side and reaching up to whisper in his ear. Zara's heightened senses meant she could pick up the soft words, "Apollo. Not here. Not now. There are too many people and the twins are not far away, you know he will kill them if he gets a chance." Zara's panic increased as she realised Adora was right but thankfully Apollo instantly lowered his wand and Fenrir appeared to relax somewhat.

Zara looked away for a second into the crowd, wanting to make sure that Whitney wasn't about to approach with the twins to see what was going on. Before she could have a proper look however Devon was yelling and Zara jumped at the sudden loud noise. It appeared that Fenrir had aimed his wand at Adora in the split second that Zara had turned away, however now Devon held it triumphantly in his hand. It didn't take long for Fenrir to realise he was outnumbered but before he turned to go he spoke directly to Zara, his words sending chills down her spine. Somehow she just knew that this wouldn't be the last time she saw him, he would come for the baby sooner or later after it was born, or worse - before.

The four of them watched as Fenrir disappeared into the night but Devon didn't stick around for long. The moment Fenrir was out of sight he walked away towards the forest. Zara watched him go with a tight knot in her stomach, she could feel Apollo and Adora's eyes on her face but didn't dare turn to meet their gaze. "I'm going to go talk to him." Her voice was barely above a whisper but Adora nodded and rested a hand briefly on her shoulder and saying, "We'll talk to you both later on." Her voice wasn't angry or upset, it was calm and firm as it ever was and right at that moment Zara felt a flood of affection for the woman. Adora took Apollo's hand and led him away as Zara followed Devon in the direction he had gone. She lifted her dress slightly so it wouldn't drag along the floor as she made her way over the grass and towards the tree that Devon was sitting against. She reached him, expecting to have to coax him into talking to her but to her surprise Devon spoke immediately. She didn't say anything as he asked her questions, wanting to let him get everything out of his system before she explained what had happened. Devon had stood while he spoke and now he moved his hand to her stomach, Zara smiled as he went quiet and decided it was time to explain. "Devon, you know I tell you everything. Especially something as important as this. I didn't know... I suspected but I thought I was being paranoid, I didn't want to ruin our day by telling you of my worries if there wasn't any truth to them. And I didn't think there was. I was convinced that nothing was wrong." She noticed that he wasn't paying any attention to what she was saying so she paused, waiting for him to realise she had been talking.

Zara smiled as he came to his senses and repeated herself more slowly and calmly, "I didn't know. I took a muggle pregnancy test yesterday but I didn't think it worked. Of course I would have told you but I didn't think there was anything to tell you." Zara placed her hand on his cheek and lent forward to kiss him gently on the lips, "How could you ever think that I would keep something like this from you?" She paused and looked down at the ground, her hand dropping from his cheek as the full weight of their situation hit her. Zara closed her eyes and sighed, "Of course the problem is now - how on earth are we going to have another baby? We don't even live in our own house. Your dad is going to kill us and we have our hands full enough with the twins." The whole situation suddenly seemed very hopeless and Zara looked away towards the party where people were singing and dancing with no clue as to what she and Devon were going through right now.

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 Posted on: Aug 31 2015, 06:59 PM
Devon kept his hands on her stomach a she slowly and calmly repeated herself, "I didn't know. I took a muggle pregnancy test yesterday but I didn't think it worked. Of course I would have told you but I didn't think there was anything to tell you." Zara placed her hand on his cheek and lent forward to kiss him gently on the lips, "How could you ever think that I would keep something like this from you?" She paused and looked down at the ground, her hand dropping from his cheek as the full weight of their situation hit her. Zara closed her eyes and sighed, "Of course the problem is now - how on earth are we going to have another baby? We don't even live in our own house. Your dad is going to kill us and we have our hands full enough with the twins." Devon instantly sensing her worry wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into a tight hug.

He kissed her forehead and whispered, “It’s okay, we will figure it out, we always do.” He stood there holding her to him for a long time before he finally pulled away slightly, his hands on her hips. “Come on, let’s get back to our party. We still have a dance to finish together since we were interrupted.” He let go of her waist with one hand and pulled her to his side, keeping one arm tightly around her as he reached across with his other hand and gently lifted up her dress off the ground and then without even giving her a warning hooked his arm around her legs and pulled her up against his chest. He smirked at the look she gave him. Without hesitation he said, “Do you want to ruin your dress?” He winked at her and started back towards the party.

He walked silently picking his path carefully. As soon as they reached the stone path he gently set Zara on her feet, steading her until she had her balance. He laced his fingers with hers and led her back up the path into the crowd onto the dance floor; their reentrance seemed to go unnoticed by their guests. He pulled her into his arms, holding her closer to him and placed one hand gently on her stomach and repeated his earlier comment through their connection, ”We will figure this out Zara. Don’t worry.” He met her gaze and smiled, “Let’s just enjoy the rest of the night.” He kept his focus on her, allowing everything around them to melt away until it was only them moving in time with the music around the floor.

The music stopped suddenly causing Devon to look around; he half expected to see Fenrir back but relaxed when he saw his mother rushing over to them. As soon as she reached them she smiled at Zara then at him, “Cake time you two. Come on.” She grabbed Zara’s hand and tugged her towards the front of the crowd, Devon having been holding her hand was forced to follow. His anxiety growing as he noticed more and more people turning their attention to him and Zara again. Adora ushered them to a table where a ridiculously large cake sat on a table. It like everything else was themed perfectly. Devon resisted rolling his eyes at the amount of perfection his mother had put into this day. His mother rushed off to stand beside Apollo, who wrapped his arms around her and kissed the side of her head. He seemed to be cautiously looking around the property. Devon knew he was still on high alert for Fenrir. He looked around uneasily then back at Apollo who met Devon’s gaze and smiled reassuringly. Devon half smiled then looked over at Zara.

He kept his focus on her; she seemed to be the only person he could look at right now without feeling extremely nervous. He placed his hand over hers and helped her cut into the cake. They placed a piece on a plate. He looked at Zara waiting for her to make the next move when she didn’t he smirked and reached down and put his finger in the frosting of the piece they’d cut off. He grinned mischievously and nodded as she protested against his plan, knowing she saw it flash across his mind. He reached up and smeared the frosting on her nose, lips and chin. He laughed at her expression and bit his bottom lip watching her as she glared at him. He leaned forward and kissed her, flicking his tongue across her bottom lip removing some of the frosting. He pulled away and whispered, “Now what baby?” His tone teasing as he nipped her bottom lip playfully not really caring that everyone was watching them. He was caught in this moment with her, he’d drowned everyone else out again.
 Posted on: Sep 23 2015, 08:53 AM
As Devon released her from the embrace Zara sighed, she knew that they would have to return to the party now and pretend like nothing was wrong . In reality however they were expecting another child, her father had just appeared to threaten her and her unborn baby and they were both undoubtedly going to have to face the wrath of Apollo when the celebrations were over. Zara closed her eyes at the thought as Devon wrapped an arm around her, but before she could dwell on it any longer she felt her legs pulled from beneath her and gasped as Devon swept her off her feet and into his arms. Zara glared at him as he chuckled but didn't struggle to be put down - he was right, she didn't want to ruin her dress and anyway it felt good to be held by him.

Devon picked his way carefully back along the path with Zara's arms around his neck. She watched the people in the marque just ahead of them, dancing and enjoying themselves with obviously no clue as to what had just been happening. She hadn't realised they had reached the stone path until Devon set her back on her feet. She managed to give him a nervous smile before he led her back into the marque and onto the dance floor. Thankfully no one appeared to have noticed they had been gone nor indeed that they were now back. Zara relaxed a little and settled into the sway of the music as she and Devon began to dance. She closed her eyes and rested her head against his shoulder so that she wouldn't have to catch any of the guests eyes and make small talk. To her relief it seemed that everyone was going to leave them be and for a few perfect minutes it was as if no one else existed and it was just she and Devon dancing alone to the music.

It was only a few minutes of perfection that Zara managed to snatch however before the music suddenly halted and everyone on the dance floor paused to look around for a reason. Zara spotted Adora hurrying towards them with a beaming grin on her face, Zara tried to smile back at her and appear as excited as Adora obviously was but she was still very on edge and really just wanted to be left alone. It didn't look like she had much choice in the matter however because Adora had already grabbed her hand and was dragging her towards a table upon which lay a massive four tier. Zara bit her lip and held on tight to Devon's hand so that he wouldn't manage to sneak off and hide somewhere, which she knew he would want to greatly at this rate. By the time they were stood behind the table with the cake in front of them nearly everyone's eyes were on them and Zara gripped Devon's hand tighter even though she knew he wasn't going to be much help to her at the moment.

There only seemed to be one thing they could really do, the one thing that everyone was expecting of them. Zara picked up the cake knife and waited for Devon to place his hand over hers. Carefully and without looking at anyone the two of them cut a slice of cake and placed it on a white plate. Zara's stomach rumbled slightly at the sight of the freshly cut cake and she was busy wondering when she would be able to eat some when Devon scooped off a finger full of frosting. Zara looked up at him, confused but as she saw the glint in his eye realised what he was doing. She barely had time to move away or stammer out "No" before Devon had smeared the frosting over her nose and lips. Zara stood quite stunned at what had just happened until Devon leaned forward and kissed her, removing the frosting from her lips with his tongue. Zara could feel heat creeping up her cheeks knowing that everyone was watching this intimate moment between them. Despite her embarrassment Zara couldn't help but smirk at his teasing tone as he bit her lip but thankfully before Devon could say anything more Adora approached them and cleared her throat. Zara sprang away from Devon and bit her lip as Adora turned to the crowd of guests, "Please, everyone help themselves to cake and I think I speak for both Devon and Zara when I say thank you all for being here today to celebrate this union." The crowd clapped and Zara forced herself to smile at them, while holding tight to Devon's hand. The guests dispersed, some coming for a slice of cake and some heading back t the dance floor. Zara managed to steal a slice before they all got taken and she hurried away from the commotion to an empty table to eat it. Somehow when she had made her bid for cake she had lost sight of Devon and now sitting at the table she kept her eye out for him but was far too hungry to worry about his whereabouts too much.

She was still spooning frosting into her mouth when Hayden passed with a sleeping Kora in her arms. Zara called over to her and carefully took Kora from her, "You should go and dance, thank you for taking such good care of them." Hayden smiled and explained that Ryan was with Whitney before hurrying off to join her friends on the dance floor. Zara cradled Kora in her arms, suddenly back to the perfect feeling that she and the little baby in her arms were the only people in the room. Kora had no worries or regrets yet, she was so innocent and Zara stroked her hair gently, hoping that as a parent she would always be able to protect her daughter from all the hardships of life. Zara only pulled herself away from staring at Kora's face to take another spoonful of cake and glance around the room once more for Devon. She assumed he was probably talking to Alex or his father so she tried not to worry and anyway she had quite enough to occupy her with Kora sleeping in her arms.

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 Posted on: Oct 6 2015, 05:19 PM
Devon was about to pull Zara closer to him, having totally forgotten the crowd watching them, but to his dismay his mother approached them and cleared her throat. Zara sprang away from Devon, he frowned, slightly annoyed he’d had to move away from Zara yet again. He watched as she bit her lip as Adora turned to the crowd of guests, "Please, everyone help themselves to cake and I think I speak for both Devon and Zara when I say thank you all for being here today to celebrate this union." The crowd clapped and Zara forced herself to smile at them, while holding tight to Devon's hand. Devon didn’t bother forcing a smile; he didn’t even look away from Zara towards the crowd. The guests dispersed, some coming for a slice of cake and some heading back to the dance floor. Just as Devon was about to grab cake for himself, Alex appeared and tugged him away from Zara just as she managed to steal a slice before they all got taken and she hurried away from the commotion to an empty table to eat it.
Alex apparently wanted him to meet his date; she was a sixth year Gryffindor. Devon was glad he’d found someone but he really just wanted to be near Zara right now. Not making small talk with the girl Alex fancied. Devon swore he saw her stash a few random items into her bag, but chose not to say anything about it. It wasn’t like anyone would notice, whatever she’d taken missing. Devon smiled at Alex, “I’m going to go find Zara now.” He glanced at the girl, “It was nice meeting you Thea.” He turned away and started walking away from his best friend.

After a bit of crowd scanning Devon located Zara sitting by herself with Kora in her arms. He smiled and looked around for his sister so he could take Ryan from her. When he located her he gently took Ryan from her arms without a word and made his way over to where Zara and Kora sat. He carefully, so not to jostle Ryan in his arms sat down next to Zara, he leaned over and kissed her cheek. “Hey sweetheart, are you alright? You look upset.” He asked as he reached up with his hand to tuck a strand of her hair behind her ear that must have fallen loose from her up-do. He knew Fenrir was on her mind, he was on his too. They had been through so much already because of her father. Devon feared for the safety of the twins and now the new baby. He let his hand that had just tucked her hair away rest on her cheek as he spoke again, “We will figure all of this out Zara. I won’t let him hurt our family, I promise.” He offered her a smile as he leaned closer and kissed her lips lightly. He fell silent after that, not wanting to force her to talk if she didn’t want to. He moved his chair closer to hers so that their legs and shoulders touched while they say silently with the twins in their arms. Ryan had fallen asleep and was snoring softly against Devon’s chest. He looked out towards the crowd grateful to see that his parents were slowly bidding guests farewell, which meant that this whole ordeal was almost over. Devon was happy to be married to Zara now, but he couldn’t wait for the day to be over with. He didn’t like being the center of attention, and he had been along with Zara all day. His nerves were shot and his anxiety was through the roof. He wanted some peace and quiet alone with Zara away from everyone to really enjoy their new relationship status, whatever that held for them.

Devon found himself wondering where his parents would be shipping them off to for their honeymoon. His mother had been pretty hush-hush about it, and would just grin at him whenever he asked during all the wedding preparations. Knowing his mother, it was something over the top, just like the wedding had been. As the last few guests wandered off to leave the property Apollo made his way over to where Devon and Zara sat. He didn’t say anything; he just stood there with a disapproving look on his face, his arms crossed over his chest. Adora soon joined him and placed her arm gently on his and whispered to him. Apollo relaxed a bit but still looked intensely at Devon. It was his mother who spoke first, “You two have gotten yourselves into a lot of trouble with this new pregnancy. You’re still babies. We—, “Apollo cut her off, “How could you be such an idiot Devon? Didn’t you learn your lesson the first time? Do I need to curse your genitals to keep you from getting her pregnant over and over? You are being irresponsible. Neither of you have jobs; you are barely out of school. How do either of you expect to support a family?” Adora squeezed his arm and looked at him sternly, “What your father means sweetheart is that you two really need to figure out what you are going to do now. You are married with children, it’s not easy growing up and you are doing it so quickly. Slow down and enjoy yourselves.” Devon looked down at Ryan in his arms; he didn’t know what to say. It wasn’t like they planned on having a third child, let alone the first two. But Devon loved the twins, Zara and this new baby – even though he hadn’t met it yet – and would do anything to figure out a way to support them even if it meant they would have to work extra hard to make ends meet.

Adora suddenly smiled at them and spoke again, “Now my loves, it’s time we got you two off for your honeymoon. But first why don’t you go change clothes and pack your bags. I’ll get the little ones ready for bed so that you two can get them into their cribs before parting.” She stepped forward and stood beside Zara. Devon looked over at her; she looked very unwilling to let Kora go so he spoke. “Mum might we just take them into the house and get them ready for bed ourselves? We haven’t had much time with them today and we both really would like to get them ready ourselves.” Adora nodded, “Of course love. Go on then.” She turned and grabbed Apollo’s arm and pulled him away. Devon stood up and waited for Zara to stand too before leading the way back up to the house.

As soon as they reached the porch Devon pulled the door open and let Zara go inside first. He then led her upstairs into his room. He pulled a blanket off his bed and placed it on the floor. He knelt down and placed Ryan on to it. He knew Zara would want some time with them so he said, “I’m going to go grab something for you to change into.” He didn’t wait for her to answer and hurried off down the stairs to the other end of the house and made his way up to where Zara had been staying. He pulled his wand from his pocket and sent all of her belongings into her school trunk. Once it was latched shut he charmed it to move on its own and headed back to his room. As he stepped in he smiled at Zara as she sat on the floor with the twins – they were both all ready for bed - her dress fanned out all around her. He sent her trunk into an empty corner and sat down next to her. He reached down and brushed his fingers across Ryan’s face, “Lets get them to bed.” He gently picked up Ryan and offered Zara his hand, he pulled her to her feet and lead the way into the twins room. He set Ryan into the crib and pulled the blanket over him and his sister once Zara had laid Kora next to him. Devon grabbed the baby monitor off the dresser, then thread his fingers with Zara’s and pulled her back to his room, pushing the door shut behind him and setting the monitor down on his desk. He stood in front of Zara and spoke softly, “Ready to get out of that dress?” He moved behind her and very slowly unzipped it. He then shrugged out of his jacket and hung it on a chair. He stood in front of her and helped her step out of the dress. He laid it carefully on top of his jacket then pulled off his tie, and unbuttoned his shirt. He wanted to crawl into bed with her but he knew they’d be leaving shortly and wouldn’t have time to do anything so he pulled on a tee-shirt and then put on a pair of jeans. Once Zara was dressed he took her hand and pulled her back into the twins room, “Stay with them, I’ll pack everything we need.” He returned to his room and used his wand to send things from her trunk into a suit case, then filled a second with his own stuff. Once finished he sent both suit cases down the stairs to the entry way.

He then joined Zara in the twins room and wrapped his arms around her, resting his hands on her stomach. Devon lightly kissed her neck, not to start anything, more of just to be affectionate. Besides, Adora walked in before he could even think to do anything more intimate. “You two ready to go?” Devon nodded without moving from behind Zara. “Alright, there’s a portkey sitting on top of your suit cases downstairs. When you get there, you’ll find a note for you in the kitchen.” Devon raised an eyebrow but didn’t ask. He instead moved around Zara and kissed both the sleeping babies on the forehead then moved to the doorway, waiting for Zara. As soon as she was at his side, he lead her down stairs. Once both of them had hold of one of the suit cases he spoke, “On three love…” He kissed her then said, “One, two….three.” The grabbed the portkey and it yanked them from the manor. He closed his eyes, he hated traveling by portkey. As soon as he felt his feet touch ground he opened them and smiled, realizing where they were. He looked over at Zara and said, “This is the summer home I told you about.” He charmed the suitcases to follow them and without warning her, lifted her off the ground. At her protest he said, “Hush, we’ve done everything else backwards. I’m doing this right.” He carried her up the porch steps and into the house. Once they were inside he kissed her deeply for quite a long time before finally setting her on her feet.

Devon made his way into the kitchen and picked up the note his mother had mentioned. He read it out loud.

Devon & Zara,
Welcome home loves! While you two stay here for your honeymoon I would like for you to rearrange, repaint and redecorate the entire summer house to your likeling. Your father and I are giving you this house to live in. Once you are ready to end your honeymoon please send us an owl and we will bring the twins and their things to you. Enjoy yourselves! We love you! Welcome to the family Zara dear!

He smiled, he had always wanted to change this house up, and it would be really fun to do that with Zara. “So, what would you like to do first? Are you hungry? Do you want a tour? Did you want to just go straight to bed?” He asked as he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her cheek.
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It wasn't long before Devon found her at her secluded table, Zara looked up at him as he sat down and smiled as she realised he held a sleeping Ryan in his arms. She treasured moments like these when it was just their little family all together. As much as she appreciated how much Devon's parents had done for them Zara couldn't help but wish they could leave and start their life independently. Zara had never really had the big family life with her father being the way he was and she had felt for a long time that she would happily make her way in the world by herself as soon as she could. Therefore, suddenly living with Devon's parents and sisters, being told what to do and where to go all the time, not even being able to sleep in the same bed as the father of her children... well, it had been difficult for her to say the least. It wasn’t as if Zara had the audacity to ever stand up to Adora and Apollo or even say much about her feelings to Devon - she always reminded herself how grateful she had to be. However the point still stood that Zara was more than ready to leave this house. Devon seemed to have noticed her mood but assumed it was regarding Fenrir, which was only partly true but Zara didn't elaborate. She simply smiled as he kissed her and then went back to stroking Kora's cheek gently. Fenrir's threat was all the more reason to leave the Avery manor - he knew they were here now with the twins and in Zara's eyes it would be foolish to stay where they could be found. Maybe she would bring up that point with Devon in a day or two. She daydreamed briefly of going somewhere far away with Devon and the twins, somewhere where Fenrir could never find them and where (hopefully) Adora wouldn't be able to interfere.

Of course their quiet time together didn't last long and as Zara heard someone approaching she looked up to see Apollo with a sour look on his face and his arms crossed. It took a lot for Zara not to roll her eyes - she really didn't need another rant about her getting pregnant, it wasn't like they had meant for it to happen. Adora wasn't long behind Apollo and as she joined him Zara's enhanced senses picked up her whispered plea in her husband's ear, "Please don't shout, that isn't the way to handle this." Zara looked back down at Kora and barely listened to what Devon's parents were saying, she didn't want to look rude but at the same time she was worried that her temper would get the better of her if she listened to the same tired rant one more time. Her attention was only brought back to the conversation when Devon spoke, asking if they might put the twins to bed before they leave. For a moment Zara was confused, having not listened to anything Adora had said, and she held Kora a little closer. Where were they going? And why were they leaving the twins? Zara let Devon lead her back towards the house and was about to ask what was going on when a thought struck her. The honeymoon. She had completely forgotten that they were even a thing and had just assumed that she and Devon would be skipping that part out. Her mood improved slightly at the thought of finally getting some alone time with Devon somewhere far away. She wished the twins could come but at the same time she knew that a little time just she and her husband would do them a great deal of good. It helped as well that, despite all her qualms with Apollo and Adora, she knew the twins would be safe with them no matter what.

They reached the twins room and as Devon laid Ryan on a blanket on the floor he mentioned he was going to fetch her things. Zara smiled slightly as he left, knowing exactly what he was doing and thankful for it. She knelt down besides Ryan and placed his sister beside him, speaking softly to each of them, "Now, my darlings, mummy and daddy are going away for a little while but we will be back with you before you know it. We love you so much." Zara carefully began to undress them as she spoke, grabbing their sleeping clothes from the drawers as she did so. "Everything is going to be just fine." She kissed both their bellies, which made Kora giggle and Ryan reach up for her. Zara gently pulled on their rompers and buttoned them up, smiling as Kora caught her hand and pulled it up to her mouth. Devon returned and they put the twins carefully into the crib, kissing them both before going through to the next room to get ready.

Zara hadn't realised quite how uncomfortable her dress was until she was out of it and in her old, comfy jeans and light, black top. For one it just felt good to be back in colours that were more her style. Once they were dressed Zara went back to check on the twins while Devon packed up some more of their things. It wasn't long before Devon joined her and she smiled as he wrapped his arms around her waist. Kora had already fallen asleep, obviously exhausted from the day's events, however Ryan was still awake and looking up at them intently as they watched over him. They stayed like that for a few minutes before Adora appeared. Zara said her goodbyes to the twins then followed Devon down the stairs to where their suitcases were waiting for them, the portkey sitting on top. Zara was surprised to find herself slightly nervous, probably because she still didn't know where they would be spending the next week or so. Devon kissed her one last time and then on the count of three they both grabbed the portkey. Zara's breath caught as she felt herself being yanked forward and away from the Avery manor.

She opened her eyes, not having meant to close them, when her feet landed on solid ground. Before her stood a beautifully ornate little house, with a decked veranda and white washed walls. She had already guessed that this was his family's summer house when Devon confirmed her suspicions. She was still taking it all in when Devon suddenly swept her off her feet and into his arms, "What are you doing?" She exclaimed loudly but Devon was quick to silence her protests and she settled for simply scowling at him as he carried her towards the house. Zara soon forgot her annoyance though as Devon stepped through the doorway. The interior of the house was almost as beautiful as the exterior, with polished wooden floors and granite worktops. Devon set her down and went off into the kitchen as Zara wandered around taking in the fresh flowers and crystal chandelier in the hallway. As Devon began to read out his parent's note Zara made her way into the kitchen where he was and stopped beside him as he read out the part about this being all theirs. Zara was pretty sure that if she had allowed it to her mouth would have dropped open - it was everything she could ever have wanted and now his parents had given it to them. She was still in a state of shock when Devon pulled her to him and kissed her cheek, asking what she would like to do now.

For a moment Zara stood, a little overwhelmed and then looked at Devon realising they were alone, finally, for the first time in months. There was only really one thing she wanted to do. Zara pressed her lips against Devon's, kissing him deeply and breathing him in as she wrapped her arms around him. His smell was suddenly the most intoxicating thing she could imagine and her kisses traveled from his lips, along his jaw line, to his ear lobe and then down his neck. It felt like they hadn't had an opportunity to be this intimate in ages and Zara wasn't about to let the opportunity slip away.

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Devon stood watching Zara with his arms still positioned around her waist; he knew the house much like the manor was pretty overwhelming and far more than she was used to. He did hope that she would get used to being part of his family, she’d have to learn to deal with the wealth his family had. It was an advantage of being one of the remaining pureblooded families in the wizarding world, granted with Zara part of the family now; it tainted the line a bit. But he knew neither of his parents had any issues with Zara being a werewolf. Hell, little Kora was too and his parents couldn’t get enough of her and her brother Ryan. He was pulled from his thoughts as Zara’s lips met his, her kiss was deep. He pulled her closer responding with an equal amount of eagerness. As her lips moved from his to his jaw line and down his neck he got a pretty good idea of where this was headed. He knew what she wanted; they were finally alone without having to worry about someone interrupting them for the first time in a very long time. He shifted his hands to hook around her thighs, carefully lifting her off of the floor. He turned around so that he could set her on the countertop.

He pulled his wand from his pocket as he looked up at her and smiled. “Wait here, I’ll be back.” He ignored her protest and kissed her lips briefly and left the kitchen. Devon hurried over to the back patio door; he locked it quickly, then made his way to the front door. He stepped outside pulling the door shut behind him and started making his way around the entire perimeter of the property putting up protection charms and cloaking spells. He wanted to make sure no one could interrupt their time together, not just so they could fool around but he truly wanted Zara to feel like she could relax. He knew she hadn’t been able to since the beginning of seventh year when they’d met up in the shrieking shack. As Devon came back to the front of the house he made his way back inside, locking the front door behind him. He made his way back to the kitchen and smiled at Zara as she stared at him. Before she could say anything he placed his wand down on the counter, then placed his arms around her waist again. He lifted her back off the countertop and set her gently down on the floor. He kept his arms around her and spoke softly, “No one, can interrupt us now.” He leaned in and kissed her deeply. He knew she wanted to go beyond kissing but he had no intention to let their first intimate moments as a married couple, happen in the kitchen. It was far from romantic, he wanted it to mean something, it had to be special. Granted all their times together were meaningful and special, but this time had to be above and beyond their normal romps.

Devon pulled away from the kiss, and laced his fingers with hers. “We aren’t doing this in the kitchen.” He lead her out of the kitchen towards the staircase. As they made their way up he pointed to the pictures of him, his siblings and parents on the wall. Many of them were your usual wizard photos capturing a few seconds of a memory. But some were still, “Mom had an old muggle camera. She always insisted we blend our wizard life with muggle technology and methods. She’s a big part of why I know as much as I do about muggle things.” He led her further up the stairs, intending to take her into what had always been his room. As he pushed open the door he laughed. The room had been packed up into boxes; the room’s walls mirrored the colors in his room back at the manor. “Well, this was my room.” Curious he pushed the door opposite of his open, as he expected it was boxed up, the walls in this room were purple. “Hayden’s,” He mumbled as he pushed the third door open, to no surprise, boxes again, the walls were white with pale green accents. “Whitney’s,” he informed. He stopped facing a staircase leading upwards. He was hesitant to venture up to a room he always got yelled at to stay out of as a child, his parent’s room. But if his room and his sisters were all boxed up, surely they were supposed to go upstairs right? Devon looked nervously over at Zara, “I guess we go up to my parents room…” He tightened his grip on her hand and led her up the stairs.

He opened the door to find that the entire room was different than he remembered. His parents had replaced all the furniture with brand new items. He sighed with relief as he lead her over to the bed. He motioned for her to sit down, “Wait here?” He knew she’d have rather had him sit with her and continue kissing, letting things lead where they led. But he had other plans in mind. He moved into the master bathroom and shut the door behind him. He reached for his wand and cursed under his breath. It was downstairs. “Muggle way it is.” He mumbled as he moved over to the oversized tub and turned on the tap, adjusting the temperature until it was perfectly balanced. He glanced around the bathroom biting his lower lip, pleased to find a vase with roses in it he pulled the flowers from it and quickly plucked the petals off of a few of them. He dropped the stems into the trash bin and placed the remaining roses back in the vase. He scattered the petals everywhere. He needed candles but there weren’t any. “Accio wand,” he whispered. He opened the door a crack just in time to catch his wand; before Zara could see inside or say anything to him he shut the door again. He conjured some candles; he lit them as he placed them around the room. He flipped the lights off and looked around, satisfied with his handiwork he switched off the tap, then opened the door just enough to squeeze out of it, shutting it behind him.

Devon leaned back against the door and smiled at Zara where she sat on the bed. Automatically he bit his bottom lip as he moved closer to her. Without a word he knelt in front of her lifting her foot and pulling off her shoe, he repeated this with her other shoe. He then moved to her pants, carefully unbuttoning them, as he pulled the zipper down, he said, “Stand up please.” Once she was standing he tugged her pants down to her ankles and lifted each of her feet to pull them out of the leg holes. He slowly folded the pants and placed them on a chair that was next to him. He stood slowly; lightly trailing his fingers up her legs, as his fingers reached her thighs he pressed his lips gently to her left thigh just centimeters from her panty line. He brushed his fingers across her underwear, and then moved his hands up to her stomach, under her shirt. He lifted the material up and gently tugged it over her head. He carefully folded her shirt and placed it with her pants. He turned back to her placing his hands on her waist, slowly moved them up her back to the clasp of her bra. He unhooked it and pulled the straps off her arms slowly. Once again he carefully, slowly folded the article of clothing and placed it on the pile. He now looked at Zara, meeting her eyes. He smiled at her as he pulled his button up off, folded it carefully, placing it on the pile. He repeated this process with his t-shirt. He then knelt down and took off his shoes and socks. He stood back up meeting her eyes again as he unbuttoned his pants. He didn’t pull them off just yet though; he closed the space between himself and Zara. He pulled her into a deep, passionate kiss, letting his fingers twist into her hair as he pressed against her as close as he could. He moved one hand from her hair slowly down her back then around to her stomach, it traveled further south, resting outside her panties he lightly brushed against her as he kissed her deeper. He pulled away from her lips kissing down her jaw, neck and shoulder blade. He moved his hands away from her and pulled his pants off, folding them with the same slow movements from before with the other clothing.

Standing before her in nothing but his boxers, and her in her panties he smirked at her as he moved closer to her again and gently pushed her back onto the bed. He leaned down and kissed her lips, her neck, her chest, stomach, and then he placed his hands on her hips, hooking his fingers around her panty line as he gently tugged them down. He again folded them slowly and placed them on the chair, following with his boxers. He moved back to her and planted a deliberate kiss between her thighs before standing and pulling her up with him. He took her hands in his and backed up slowly leading her to the bathroom door. When his back hit the door he dropped one of her hands so he could turn the knob, he pushed the door open and took her hand in his again, leading her into the bathroom. He dropped both of her hands and pushed the door shut again. He took her hand again and helped her step into the tub, joining her a moment later. He pulled her into his lap so she was facing him. He moved his hand to her thigh and slowly moved between her thighs, he gently pushed his fingers inside her as he kissed her. After a moment he broke from the kiss, leaving his fingers to their work inside of her he spoke, “Surely this is better than the kitchen.” He smirked at her, knowing he has spent the last hour or so teasing the living hell out of her, he could feel how worked up she was not just through their connection but also from his fingers within her. “We have all night to do anything you want love. I just wanted it to be different than our normal thing. Something we haven’t experienced.” He kissed her neck softly, “I love you.”
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There was something magical about being so intimate with Devon after having been apart for so long. It wasn't even the promise of sex which made it so but just the closeness which Zara had missed so much during the time they had been kept apart in preparation for the wedding. Being close to him now was the best wedding present Zara could have asked for; the spells she had watched Devon cast around the house from her seat in the kitchen meant she could fully relax for the first time in a long time; and finally Zara knew the twins were safe and in good hands. All her worries and responsibilities were taken care of and it gave Zara a light, weightless feeling which she didn't really recognise, and it made her strain to think of something she should be worrying about. Before she could concern herself with the alien feeling of relaxation however Devon focused her attention on something else. She was sat on the bed he had led her to and watching him intently, fully expecting their intimacy to continue here but instead Devon disappeared into the bathroom. Zara frowned at the door, knowing Devon would feel her annoyance either through the connection or through the hole in the door she would create with her fire gaze if he kept her waiting much longer.

Despite her annoyance Zara was only half concentrating on what Devon might be doing in the bathroom, the other part of her attention was enjoying the warm, tight tension in the lower part of her body from the anticipation of what was about to happen. When was the last time they had had sex? It felt like an age had gone by. Zara absentmindedly drew her hand across her belly - there was no sign of the pregnancy yet but the knowledge that there was a life growing inside her made her wonder if the foetus knew her hand was there. Once again Devon pulled her attention away as he re-entered the room, not allowing her to see inside the bathroom or at what he had been up to in there. She watched him intently as he looked at her and made his way over. The glimmer of a smile touched her face as Devon began to remove her clothes. The excitement building up inside her was almost too much to bear and she wanted to wiggle where she sat and kiss him ravenously. She refrained. Zara stood when asked to stand and without a word allowed Devon to continue removing her clothes until she was standing in nothing but her panties. Without her bra Zara suddenly felt a little self-conscious and was tempted to move her arms up to cover her exposed breasts. It wasn't often that Zara became shy about her body in front of Devon, especially not after all they'd been through together. However, it had been a while since he had seen her completely naked and it struck her that maybe she wasn't like he remembered.

Before she could act to cover herself though Devon had pulled her into a deep kiss and all her nervousness seemed to melt away in the arms of her husband. Zara kissed him back fiercely until Devon pulled away and pushed her back onto the bed. She couldn't help but grin happily to herself as Devon began showering her body with kisses. It felt ridiculously good to have skin-on-skin contact with him again and the anticipation was making her a little giddy. Before she knew it remaining items (her panties and Devon's boxers) had been added to the growing pile of discarded clothing. The kiss between her thighs was almost too much for Zara to bear but instead of continuing down there as she had hoped he would Devon retreated towards the bathroom, pulling her with him. On entering Zara saw now what Devon had been so secretive about earlier - the bathroom was decked out with candles and rose petals, making Zara smile and bite her lip at the sweet gesture. The bath was full and looked particularly inviting as Zara gripped Devon's hand a little harder, barely able to contain her happiness at finally being alone together.

Zara sighed a sigh of utter pleasure as Devon helped her into the bath and the hot water covered her skin. She sat down, feeling as if she could sink into the water quite happily and be at total peace. However at this moment in time there were other important matters which required her attention; the first and foremost being a naked Devon carefully joining her in the tub. Zara sensed that the moment was very close now - the moment in which they would both get what they were so longing for. Right on cue Zara felt Devon's fingers around her entrance and gasped softly as he pushed them inside her. She closed her eyes as they continued to kiss and Devon continued to make her glow on the inside. There was truly no better feeling than this. Zara smiled as Devon spoke, barely able to utter her reply to him through the waves of pleasure he was providing her with, "This is perfect, I love you too."

As Devon's fingers continued to move inside her Zara moved her own hand to grasp his already solid member. She played with it gently under the water for a few moments, letting herself get used to the feeling of having it in her hands again. It wasn't long before she held it a little tighter however and began to move her grip up and down its length. While she was doing this and Devon was pleasuring her Zara laid her head on her shoulder and carefully kissed his neck. The teasing continued and so the kisses transformed into tiny bites travelling up to his jaw line and down to his shoulder. Soon she was nibbling his ear and then soon moved on to his lips, kissing them first lightly and then taking his bottom lip between her teeth and tugging. Zara opened her eyes to meet Devon's and gave him a cheeky smirk which she was sure was reflected in her eyes, still with his lip between her teeth. She only released him when she felt his fingers twitch inside her in a new motion and her legs seemed to fail her so she sank back to leaning on his shoulder. Soft moans escaped her as Devon continued his teasing and finally sharp gasps as the tension inside her continued to build. Her grip on his cock loosened but she continued to hold on to it despite the relentlessness of Devon's fingering.

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Devon stilled for a moment as Zara’s fingers wrapped around his member, but he resumed quickly as she gripped tighter. He smiled as she started kissing and nipping at his neck. He kissed her back eagerly as her lips met his. He opened his eyes meeting hers, he’d have smiled back at her cheeky smirk but given as she had hold of his lip between her teeth it was a little difficult to do so. In order to get her to release his lip he changed his rhythm within her, smirking as she twitched against his hand. He didn’t care that her hand went slack on him; he honestly hadn’t even been paying attention to the fact that she had been touching him. With his free hand he moved to her hand and gently pulled it off of his arousal. He then placed her hand on his shoulder and his moved to her waist as he pulled her into a deep kiss letting her continue to build as his fingers continued to work inside her. When he knew she was teetering on the edge of her climax he slowed his fingers, and finally stilled them. He gently pulled them away and broke from their kiss.

He placed his finger over her lips before she could protest. “Shh my love, don’t worry we aren’t done.” He gently lifted her and set her next to him. Devon grabbed a bar of soap and a sponge. He lathered up the sponge then returned the soap to the side of the tub. He turned to face her and studied her face, smiling at the annoyance on her face, “I promise you’ll get to finish.” He took her hand in his and gently covered her arm and shoulder with the soap. He moved to her other shoulder and down her other arm. He set the sponge down on the side of the tub and pulled her to stand. Devon then picked up the sponge again and carefully lathered up the rest of her body with soap. He then reached over and pulled the plug on the tub and quickly rubbed himself down with the sponge. Glancing at Zara, “Did you know you are cute when you are pouting?” He smirked at her and reached around her turning the tap back on and pulling the curtain around the tub. He then turned the shower head on and once the water was the right temperature he gently pushed her under the water and pulled her closer to him, pressing his arousal against her as he kissed her passionately, letting the stream of water wash the soap away as his hands moved freely over her body. He shifted his hips against hers causing himself to moan softly against her lips. He deepened their kiss, pushing her against the shower wall, and pressed his hips harder against hers.

Devon broke from the kiss and stepped back, steadying her so she didn’t slip. He didn’t want either of them to finish just yet. He knew he was teasing her, to the brink of explosion but that was exactly what he wanted. He wasn’t too far behind her in being ready to explode. But that had to wait a while longer. He cleared his throat and picked up the bottle of shampoo, he offered her some then placed some into his own hand. As he returned the bottle to its place he smiled at her, “Mad love?” He lathered up his hair without looking away from her, stepping around her to rinse. He waited for her to finish with the shampoo and had rinsed it out, before pouring some conditioner into her hand. At that moment he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her to him. Devon gently nipped at her neck for a moment before releasing her and grabbing a towel. He wrapped it tightly around her, then took a second and wrapped it around his waist. He stepped out of the tub and offered his hand to help her out. Wasting no move time he laced his fingers with hers and pulled her back into the bedroom. He pulled her towel off and pushed her back onto the bed. He let his fall onto the floor as he climbed up with her. Devon leaned down and gently pecked her lips, trailing once again to her jaw, down her neck shoulders and chest. He moved further past her breasts to her stomach and finally to her opening. He kissed her inner thighs a few times biting gently just to the side of her sensitive area. He then put his lips against her and pushed her legs further apart as he let his tongue move freely. As he continued he moved his hand so that he could slip his fingers inside of her once more. His movements slow at first, gradually increasing as she responded to his touch. He let her build again, only this time he didn’t stop. He continued with his fingers deep within her and his lips and tongue working along with his fingers.

He waited until she went over the edge to slow his movement; he finally started kissing back up her body, keeping his fingers in place, slowly moving them, keeping her on that edge. As he reached her neck he gently pulled his fingers away and slowly pushed himself into her. Each time he pulled out he pushed back in deeper than the thrust before until her was as deep within her as he could be. He stilled, still deep within her and looked at her, his voice shaking as he spoke, “I’m really glad you said yes, Zara. No one in the world could ever make me as happy as you do. You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I love you. I’m so glad to have you as my wife.” He leaned down and kissed her, resuming a slow rocking rhythm in and out of her. He was in no rush to finish. He was simply enjoying being this close to her, at this moment he was closer to her than he ever could be. That meant more than the sex, it was the intimacy between them that he loved. The chemistry they always had together. Nothing compared to the way she made him feel physically, mentally and emotionally. She was his entire world, his love, his wife. He smiled against her lips knowing she could see his thoughts. He didn’t care, it was true. Every thought, Zara was everything to him.

 Posted on: Aug 1 2016, 05:21 AM
They had made it from the bathroom to the bed and now as Devon pushed himself inside her Zara felt the familiar but much needed wave of relief and pleasure wash over her. She sighed heavily, savouring the feeling of being filled by him, and closed her eyes. Devon began to move inside her and Zara gasped every time he pushed a little deeper, the movement sending shock waves throughout her body and making her toes curl with pleasure. Her hands were gripping his arms as her whole body tensed and relaxed and tensed again in time with his thrusts. After all the teasing she was very close to her climax and she wasn't entirely sure how much longer she would last. Zara could feel her orgasm building within her and it had almost reached its peak when Devon's movements stilled.

Frustrated by the sudden halt Zara whimpered and moaned, opening her eyes and glaring at Devon, assuming he was doing this to tease her more. As he spoke her gaze softened and she smiled at him, feeling happier than she had done in a long time. Zara kissed him back gasping slightly as he started moving inside her again. It was slower this time, more rhythmic and less rushed. It was a wonderful feeling and Zara smiled as she saw Devon's thoughts were mirroring her own. There was really nothing like being as they were now, this closeness, this intimacy, it was amazing and Zara had almost forgotten how much she missed it.

It wasn't long before the beat of Devon's thrusts brought Zara over the edge. Her whole body convulsed and she screamed with the pleasure that Devon was providing her. Several profanities escaped her mouth as her mind was overcome with her orgasm. Somewhere along the way she felt the warmth of his cum inside her as he reached his orgasm himself. When Devon finally slowed and stilled Zara breathed one last moan before she went limp, panting slightly and looking up at him. As her body and mind started to drift into the happy, sleepy aftermath of their sex Zara laughed softly and kissed Devon, "I love you."

Sometime after they had settled down in each other’s arms they must have fallen asleep because Zara awoke to darkness outside the window. She was still swaddled in Devon's arms but just as she was about to close her eyes again Zara felt her stomach twinge. Knowing the signs she quickly and carefully de-tangled herself from Devon, doing her best not to wake him, and hurried to the bathroom. She made it just in time and was bent over the toilet bowl as she threw up. With one hand still holding her hair back Zara reached for the toilet flush and then sat back against the cold tiles of the wall. Her stomach still felt tender, as if she would throw up again at any second, so she didn't feel confident enough to head back to bed. Instead Zara stretched her legs out and rubbed her belly in smooth, small circles as she lent her head back on the wall. Slowly the churning settled and Zara felt her eyes droop. She knew she should return to bed but the bathroom floor was cool and inviting and before she could stop herself her eyes closed and she fell asleep.

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 Posted on: Oct 22 2016, 01:06 PM
Devon rolled over in his sleep to snuggle back into Zara, only to find her side of the bed empty. He stretched and sat up as his eyes adjusted to the darkness in the room, upon glancing out the window he could see the sky slowly turning color as the sun began to rise. He glanced around as he stretched and yawned. Just as he was about to ask her where she was he noticed the light coming from the bathroom. He moved off the bed and headed over to the door. He knocked softly, “Zara? Are you okay love?” When he didn’t get an answer he quietly opened the door, smiling as he found her passed out on the floor. He knelt down beside her and gently tucked her hair behind her ear. “Come on; let’s get you back to bed.” He carefully tucked his arm under her legs and his other under her arm. Devon lifted her off the floor slowly so not to jostle her or make her nauseous. Devon laid her onto the bed and pulled the blanket up to her chin, leaning forward he kissed her forehead.

He turned leaving the room, grabbed his wand off the bedside table, pulling the door behind him, but left it cracked open so he could hear her if she called out to him. Devon made his way down the stairs and into the kitchen. He set his wand on the counter as he began pulling utensils from cabinets and drawers to start working on something for breakfast. He hadn’t taken the time since he and Zara had begun sharing a dorm at school to actually make a meal for them without using magic. He didn’t know if she knew that he had actually grown up learning to cook meals using muggle methods. He preferred it this way, but often didn’t have the time to prepare it this way. He turned towards the fridge and pulled it open; smiling at the fact that it had been fully stocked. He shook his head seeing that his mother had even made sure to include vegetarian alternatives for Zara. He pulled out what appeared to be bacon and noticed that it was labeled “vegan bacon” Whatever that meant. He shrugged assuming it was some sort of non-meat based bacon that she would be able to enjoy without actually eating the real thing. He dropped a few slices onto the pan. He then pulled out some eggs, cracking them into a second pan. As the bacon and eggs cooked he dropped some slices of bread into the toaster. Devon grabbed his wand and flicked it at a cabinet containing plates and cups sending them to the table, he did the same to the silverware drawer.

Devon finished up the bacon and eggs, moving both to a serving plate and sent the plate to the table with his wand. Turning back to the fridge he pulled out a carton of orange juice; that was also sent to the table. He glanced at the large grandfather clock in the dining room seeing it was well past eight in the morning he decided it was time to go wake up Zara. He made his way out of the kitchen, across the living room and finally up the stairs. He quietly pushed the bedroom door open, crossing over to the bed he gently shook her as he kissed her cheek. “Rise and shine Mrs Avery.” He smiled and waited for her to open her eyes. Zara's eyes blinked open slowly, looking up at him through bleary vision. When she eventually realised what he was saying she rolled over away from him and buried her face in the pillow, pulling the covers over her head. She grumbled something unintelligible. He laughed and clambered up on the bed, moving so that he was over her and nuzzled his face into her hair against her neck and nipped gently. “Come on babe get up.” He grabbed her hands and pulled her up into a sitting position. Ignoring her continued grumbling her he grabbed a nightgown and pulled it over her head. As he pulled her arms through the arm holes he said, “I have something for you downstairs.” He smiled at her and took her hands tugging her up onto her feet. “Come on then.” He led her from the bedroom to the stairs and headed down the steps and into the dining room. He pulled a chair out for her and waited for her to sit down before sitting next to her. “So, you’ll be surprised to know my mum stocked the kitchen with a bunch of vegan foods.” He smiled and waited for her to finish waking up and actually look at the food before them.
 Posted on: Dec 18 2016, 09:40 AM
When Zara next awoke it was to the soft sound of Devon's voice somewhere in the room. Confused for a moment Zara tried to open her eyes and look around. She only managed to peep through her heavy eyelids but was still able to ascertain that she was back in the bedroom. She half wondered if she had made her way back to bed herself but before she could dwell too much Devon was attempting to wake her again. Grumbling her dissatisfaction Zara rolled over and pulled the sheets over her head, refusing to move from the comfort of her warm nest. She attempted to hide from Devon as he jumped up onto the bed with her but it was no use and before she could argue he was pulling a night gown over her head. Zara made a half-hearted attempt to bat him away but missed and settled for a well placed scowl as he pulled her arms through the arm holes.

Once Devon had led her down to the kitchen Zara started to wake up a little more as the smell of breakfast teased the drowsiness away. She blinked her eyes a couple of times, barely taking in what Devon was saying. Eventually she looked down at the food that smelt so good beneath her nose. She smiled at the effort Devon had made - a glass of orange juice sat next to a plate full of eggs and bacon. Zara did a double take. Bacon? Inspecting it closer she realized it was not in fact pork but tofu. Zara realised what Devon must have meant when he was talking about his mother stocking the kitchen. She felt a twinge of guilt as she looked over at him, "That's so kind of her, she shouldn't have gone to so much effort." However the guilt didn't extend far enough to stop her eating the breakfast he had made her and she picked up her knife and fork and began to eat. She hummed her approval through a mouthful of bacon and eggs while smiling at Devon. Once she had finished her mouthful she said, "Thank you. I needed this after last night." Her cheeks flushed red at the thought of their late night activities.

Zara sipped her orange juice, running through the events of last night in her mind. It wasn't long before she remembered the sickness and the tenderness of her belly while sat on the bathroom floor. Automatically her hand went to caress her stomach, remembering what was growing inside. Zara half smiled and then remembered she needed to tell Devon about the sickness, "Looks like I'm going to have the same side-effects with this pregnancy as with Kora and Ryan. I was sick last night, although I don't think it was as bad as it was with them." She finished off the last piece of bacon and focused her attention on her remaining eggs as she waited for Devon to comment. When he didn't she glanced up at him wondering if he didn't want to talk about the pregnancy and decided to change the subject, "So... what are we going to do today?".

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 Posted on: Mar 24 2017, 12:42 PM
Devon met her gaze as she looked over at him, he could feel the twinge of guilt rush through her as she spoke, before he could reassure her that it was no trouble at all, she was family and his mother would do anything for Zara the guilt faded and she dug in. He turned to his own plate and began eating. The tofu stuff didn’t taste as awful as he had expected, it was certainly a change he would have to get used to but he was willing to do it for her. He smiled as she announced her approval through mouthfuls, letting a soft chuckle leave his lips. He grinned and winked at her as she commented about needing this meal after last night’s activities.

Devon’s gaze shifted to her stomach as her hands found their way to it, he heard what she was saying but as usual his thoughts were racing around what this pregnancy would be like in comparison to the twins. He hoped it wouldn’t be accelerated like the twins had been, Zara deserved a normal pregnancy to really experience it at the proper pace. He looked up as she asked what he wanted to do today. Rather than answering he stood, kissing her lips gently, then picked up her plate and his own. He made his way into the kitchen and set them in the sink. He returned to the table picking up the serving platters, moving into the kitchen and setting them on the counter. He returned to the table a third time, pulled his wand from his pocket and setting it down on the table in front of her. He kissed her again, longer this time. As he pulled away he said, “I think…today we are going to slow things down and just enjoy each other’s company.” He gave her another peck on her lips and continued, “Without magic. We are going to muggle it today.” He smiled at her as he turned, heading back into the kitchen.

He pulled a few Tupperware containers from the cabinet and started shifting the remaining eggs and bacon into them. As he put the lid on the bacon he said, “I didn’t use magic to cook your breakfast by the way.” He moved over to the fridge and placed the containers inside. Moving back to the counter he grabbed the serving plates and set them into the sink. He looked over at her, wondering if she had ever seen a muggle dishwasher. He opened it and started placing the dishes into it. He closed it after adding soap, turning then to wipe down the counters and stove. He returned to the table and sat back into his chair, propping his elbow on the table and placing his face in his hand he smiled at her. He reached over with his other hand and gently placed his hand on her stomach. “Do you think this pregnancy will be accelerated like the first?” He looked at her face, “It doesn’t appear that your stomach has changed at all yet. With the twins we noticed you showing within a day.”
 Posted on: Apr 17 2017, 09:26 AM
As Devon moved around the kitchen Zara watched him from where she was sat. She couldn't tell what he was thinking but he didn't seem annoyed that she'd brought up the pregnancy. Zara folded her arms on the table and lay her head down on them, still keeping her eyes on Devon as he spoke about wanting to do a day without magic. Zara raised her eyebrows, smiling to herself - she would never understand why anyone would want to live without magic, even for a day, but Devon seemed so excited that she couldn't help but play along. She tried not to laugh as she watched him fiddling with Tupperware and filling a dish washer by hand, there was something very comical about it to her. Despite her reservations Zara had to admit that slowing it down for a day sounded nice. Knowing that the twins were safe and well looked after had already set her mind at ease and Zara couldn't remember the last time she had Devon all to herself. Maybe having a slow muggle say wasn't such a bad idea.

When Devon finally joined her at the table Zara was slightly taken aback when he placed a hand on her stomach. She smiled, glad that he was okay to acknowledge it, she had been so worried that he would be mad or annoyed. What for she didn't know but she wasn't naive enough to think that another baby so soon after the twins was going to be easy for either of them. Her pregnancy had put enough strain on their relationship the first time and juggling two infants at the same time wasn't going to be a walk in the park. Despite this Zara wanted Devon to be on the same page as she was - scared but excited too. She had always wanted a big family and although it was slightly earlier than expected it was what it was. Devon pulled Zara out of her thoughts when he asked about the pregnancy. She was quiet for a few moments and then placed her hand over his on her stomach. "Something's different this time." She paused, trying to decipher what she felt, "Its not the same as with the twins, it doesn't feel the same... I don't feel the same." Zara shrugged, "I don't know, maybe we'll actually do something normally for once." She smiled and stood up, picking her glass off the table and kissing Devon on the head as she walked to the kitchen. Zara instinctively reached for her wand and then glanced at Devon, remembering. She rolled her eyes but grinned and turned on the tap.

Once she had rinsed out the glass and set it on the side to dry Zara returned to where Devon was sat and wrapped her arms around his waist, resting her head on his shoulder. "I fancy a walk, does that sound muggle enough for you?" She kissed his cheek and nuzzled his neck, waiting for him to respond.

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