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Welcome to Relashio! A multi-era Harry Potter role playing forum! Relashio acknowledges and allows members to included Cursed Child in its lore, and any canon threads following the lore may contain spoilers! Relashio is Jcink Premium and has a 3-3-3 content rating. Which means, 18+. No members will be accepted under the 18 due to our mature content rating, no exceptions. All types of players are welcome here. Our role play is character driven and most canon plots are alternate universe, however canon is allowed too. How you play is up to you! If you need any help at all please feel free to use our cbox!

Awards Relashio has won:
MC#75: No Word Count 3/2015
MC#93: Slow But Steady 12/2015
MC#111: Pottermania 08/2016
MC#125: No Word Count 03/2017

Founded: September 30, 2010
Jcink Switch: January 21, 2014


Marauders Era Setting: 1977, Spring.
Potter Trio Era Setting: 1996, Fall.
Next Generation Era Setting: 2022, Fall.
Post Oppression Era Setting:2037, Fall.

All eras accepting Original!
Canon accepted all eras!
Play your favorite canons as you want! AU plots are accepted! Did your favorite die in the books? Guess what, they don't have to here! Play them in eras other wise unable to play them!

Please add to your email contacts!
August 7, 2017: Welcome to our newest member: Junkrat! We are super excited to have you here with us! Just a reminder everyone Relashio is turning 7 at the end of September! It's crazy thinking we have been around for so long! The Staff team has some new and exciting things up our sleeves that we can not wait to release on Relashio's birthday!

April 3, 2017: Welcome to our newest members: Havoc, Ellie and Stef! We look forward to seeing your characters and plots develop!

March 19, 2017: We have updated out application template! We went from 7 apps down to 1! Check it out, here! Be sure to read all the instructions!


 Relashio Rules & Guidelines, Revised 05/26/2017
 Posted: Jan 24 2014, 07:25 PM

The Rules!
- - Section One: Registering - -
  • Rating: Relashio is a Jcink Premium site and has a 3-3-3 content rating. No members under the age of 18 will be accepted due to our mature content rating..
    Parent (OOC) Account:[/b] Your first account should have the same name as your Cbox nickname. It should be one word, with no numbers or special characters. This account will be your “parent” (OOC) account; all your character accounts will be linked to it.
  • Account Per Character: We are an Account Per Character site, meaning you should create a new account for each character.
  • Character Account Names: When registering a character account, use the following format for the name: “First name Last name”. Please check the name isn’t in use before registering with it.
  • Canon Surnames: Original characters with canon surnames must be approved by an admin before the account is registered. To request approval, ask in the Cbox or PM an admin and provide a brief explanation of the character’s affiliation with the family name.
  • Account Validation: Admins manually validate accounts. If you register a new account and it has not been validated within 72 hours (3 days), please post in the cbox or PM an admin. Accounts found in the validation process of potential members that have not posted in the cbox or PMed a staff member will be deleted after 7 days without notice.

- - Section Two: Characters - -
  • Character Limits: We do not have any character limits. However, please do not take on more characters than you can handle.
  • Special Abilities and Powers: You will need admin permission if you would like to give your characters extra special abilities and powers. If you are unsure about whether something requires admin approval, ask.

- - Section Three: Posting - -
  • Word Count: We do not have a word count. The length of each post can be whatever you and your partner are comfortable with.
  • Third Person: All RP posts must be written in the third person point-of-view.
  • Thread Warnings: Tag all needed warnings in the thread title or place them at the top of the first post in bolded text.
  • Double Posting: You may not post twice in a row with the same account. You may post twice in a row with two different characters, but you must switch accounts.
  • doHTML: doHTML is not allowed in RP threads, but it can be used in OOC areas. BB code is allowed anywhere.
  • God Modding: You are NOT allowed to God mod or powerplay without permission from the player(s) of the other character(s). If the other players give permission, they should post an OOC note within their post.
  • Font Colors: You may change your font color in your posts, but please choose colors that are not harmful to the eyes of readers.
  • Curses: Unforgivable Curses are unforgivable here as well. They may be used, within reason. The Killing Curse may not be used unless you are given permission by the person who you are casting it on.
  • Apparition: Only witches and wizards of age (seventeen and above) can Apparate; otherwise, they need another student or adult to help them. No Apparition is allowed on Hogwarts grounds except during Apparition class.

- - Section Four: Activity - -
  • General Activity: You are expected to make at least two posts a month with at least one of your character accounts.
  • Canon Activity: Canons must be active! If you play a canon and do not actively post with them, and another, more active member wants to play the canon in the era you play them on, you will lose the character to the more active member. You will also lose your character if you have not posted with your canon character for two months if you have not notified an admin or used the absence forum.
  • Absences: You are required to have a thread in Relashio's Family Clock. Please keep us as up-to-date as possible on your activity on the site. This can keep you safe from any activity checks. Non-canon activity checks are random and at staff discretion.

- - Section Five: Graphics - -
  • Signatures: Signatures are not required, but they are preferred. All signatures can be no bigger than 500 pixels by 400 pixels.
  • Avatars: Avatars/Icons must be 250 pixels by 350 pixels or smaller.
  • Rating: No images may have explicit content.
  • Animations: Keep animations to a minimum.
  • Avoid Plagiarism: Do not steal any graphics from any artist.

- - Section Six: Warnings - -
  • Respect: Everyone, from guests to admins, deserves respect. Always be nice to other members; just because your characters are enemies shouldn’t mean that you are.
  • Three Strikes: Members will receive three warnings before they are banned. However, the following behavior will result in an immediate ban, without a warning: OOC racism, OOC sexism, OOC disrespect, OOC threats, OOC Harassment, or lying to the admins.
  • Issues with Members:
  • If you're having a problem with another member, save all PMs and threads. Screenshots are your friend.
  • If you have an issue with another player, always try to talk to that person via personal message first. If that doesn’t work, then talk to an admin.
  • If you have an issue with an admin or a mod, talk to another admin.[/list

- - Section Seven: CBOX - -
  • Names: In the Cbox, use a one word name without letters or symbols.
  • Advertising: No advertising is allowed in the Cbox.
  • Chat Speak: Chat speak is allowed, but please keep it to a minimum.
  • Welcoming Guests: Please welcome guests to the site, but don’t pester them. When a new member asks questions about the role play, try to answer them as quickly as possible.
  • Guest Questions: Guests are more than welcome to use our Cbox to ask questions and to get to know us. If no one is on, feel free to contact an admin by posting in the guest-friendly questions section.

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