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 Relashio, A History, the story of how Relashio came to be
 Posted on: Apr 9 2014, 10:23 PM
Welcome welcome on and all to Relashio! What exactly is Relashio? Well, it is a Harry Potter based forum role play that was founded and started on Neopets. Originally we were not a role play, we were just your typical semi-traditional guild with activities, houses and all the usual things that neoguilds always had. We began our journey to awesomeness in June 2010. Emily worked hard to build Relashio as a friendly, close-knit family kind of guild. She was determined to create an environment for all sorts of Potterverse fans to come together and have fun, make friends and have that escape from the real world. Once she had the perfect guild put together she started advertising on the neoboards and soon met Cat and Aria. Together they built Relashio to perfection and on September 30, 2010 they created the role play site on Invision Free. Soon after, Emily had a friend who desperately needed help with her guild. So Emily, Cat, Aria and a handful of other members who were already in Relashio disassembled the guild and joined the one of the friend. It was awesome, several of those members joined the role play. But then, a lot of drama that shall not be mentioned for fear of memories that make a lot of us cringe now, we left and rebuilt Relashio as a guild on May 6, 2011. Relashio 2.0 was built with a massive following, due to the drama with the other guild more than half of its members followed us. We ended up with seven founding members; Emily, Cat, and Aria (of course) but also, Jessica, Alex, Del and Kae. Del and Kae later joined in on the role play, both becoming admins. To save you from a long explanation, Relashio 2.0 was deleted numerous times by TNT (The Neopets Team) for various reasons, most didn’t even make sense. The guild was deleted at least 10 times but we fought hard and kept rebuilding over and over again.

Sure, that seems like a lot to go through and keep picking up and starting again. But that’s just it, our members have always been dedicated and determined to make the guild last no matter what happened. It’s been one heck of a journey and we are all looking forward to this rebuild being our last, and best yet. We won’t give up on our Relashio! The guild may be gone, but the core values remain here on the role play.

Now to you our dear reader, welcome! How you stumbled here may be a mystery. You may have stumbled upon one of our port keys that we hide everywhere across the world wide web, or have been introduced to us through a friend, or found a little book mark inside a HP book you picked up at a store or library. Whatever the reason may be little do you know that you have found much more than just a role play within Relashio. We are a close knit group started by three friends who all displayed a common interest; J.K. Rowling's magical world, and the desire to create something based around it that anyone could enjoy. We say close knit but that doesn't mean we are just another clique. No, we are much more than that, we strived never to give off that feel to anyone. We still uphold that as one of our deepest valued core morals for the site. Relashio has, and always will have, a safe friendly and welcoming atmosphere to all members and guests. We are family.

We are a very well established and strong stable forum. We have crossed a big milestone, we are over 5 years old now! For a role play forum that's a big step! We are now among the group of the oldest, long standing Harry Potter forums. We are very proud of that! We are also very proud to say that after 5+ years we are still the only Potterverse role play offering members more than one era to role play in! A few have popped up over the years, but they all died. Not us. We are still here, standing proud and tall!

We guarantee that no matter what happens we will not allow the role play to fall apart! We know many role plays say that but we will do whatever it takes to keep Relashio as strong and stable as it is and always has been! It is our mission to be the best we can be and consistently provide new and creative things for our members to participate in! Relashio is friendly, goofy, fun loving, chat based community with a mature nature. We do not tolerate ooc drama and are set upon promoting a friendly and fun atmosphere for all our members. Within our family we help our own and are more than willing to assist members with anything they may need. No member is ever left out or ignored, we always welcome new members with a warm welcome and quite often a lovely "tackle glomp". That my dear’s is Relashio's way of saying hello!

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us through everything that we have gone through as a guild and also as a role play. We love all of our members, former members and each of you out there of frequently lurked on our ad boards on neopets and also lurk our cbox here on the role play! Once a Relashian, always a Relashian! Without any of you we would never had made it this far! Relashio is strong, proud and here to stay!

We're strong, we're proud, yeah that's right we're Relashio! And we're AWESOME, totally freaking awesome! Can't shake us! Can't damage our pride. We know where we stand and we are going to shine at the top! (:

Anyone is welcome to join, and all members are extended the offer to take part in role playing and many other activities based on the Harry Potter series as well to help run them.

Relashio has a rough history, especially on Neopets. But despite our struggle in the beginning we have made it work in all of the best ways! We all brought something unique and special to Relashio and we are really excited to share Relashio with everyone! We have seen many members come and go over the years, but all are still part of Relashio in one way or another.

Got questions for us? We are always happy to answer them! Head on over to our cbox or to our suggestions/comments area and ask away!

Our best & a *tackle glomp*
Relashio’s awesome Admins & amazing members

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