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 Avery, Devon Jacob, NG, POE|18|professor
 Posted on: Jan 24 2014, 09:25 PM
Devon Avery
Full Name: Devon Jacob Avery
Eras: Next Generation, Post Oppression
Usergroup: Professor
Played by: Emily
Era’s: Next Generation and Post Oppression Character name: Devon Jacob Avery Nicknames: His Mother calls him Devy, call him that and be prepared to get a fist in the face. His best friend Alex calls him Dev. He doesn't mind that one as long as he is relatively close to the person calling him that. Age: 18 Birthday: May 23, 2004 Blood Status:Pureblood Gender: male Sexuality: heterosexual Occupation: Potions Professor at Hogwarts, Head of Slytherin House
wizarding specifics
If your character is a muggle put none or n/a in each section that does not apply to them, if an alumni fill out any former information for when they attended Hogwarts House: Slytherin Year: Alumni - graduated in 2021 Taint: n/a Wand: Devon’s wand is very delicate and ridged, 10 1/3 inches in length hand crafted with the rarely used and very powerful Alder wood. It has the core of a Doxy Wing, perhaps because of his ill temper and natural abilities in the dark arts. It has a spiraled pattern resembling vines throughout its wood work. The vines are a dark shade of emerald green, a color very rare to wands of such a dark wood color. Devon’s wand is, in fact, unique and very powerful. Broom: He hates flying, never owned a broom, never wants to Boggart: Losing Zara or his kids. Formerly, he was dead set on being less shy. But as he got older he accepted it and realized his family was the most important thing and he can't lose them. Patronus: Lynx: Keeper of secrets, guardian, listener, and guide Animagus: Devon was originally a Lynx when he shifted, but it changed to a Wolf. He's still unsure of how his form changed, but he doesn't complain about it because it gives him the ability to be with Zara more when she turns.
Face Claim: Jesse McCartney Eyes: His eyes are a light green color, but it would appear that they change color according to his mood. People have sworn they had seen his eyes turn into an emerald green before. Regardless of what color they appear to be his eyes tend to be irresistible when you look deeply into them. Hair:His hair is blond, it is long enough to cover his eyes. He often hides behind his hair to conceal his emotions. He never styles it, even though he often tries to. It just has a mind of it's own and lies flat on his head. Height/Weight: 5'9, 135lbs Build: His build is average for his age. He isn't the athletic type but he does have a nice muscle tone in the right place. He gets his muscle tone from running outside and climbing trees Physical/Mental health problems: n/a. Habits: -bites his lower lip when he is nervous, usually happens most around a girl he likes -Easy going, sometimes a little too much - Freaks out when someone touches his musical instruments - Stuttering when he is upset, nervous or anxious Style: Devon walks with his head held high, even though he is extremely shy. He talks with a stutter when he is nervous. Otherwise he is just soft spoken. He tends to act like a know-it-all. Style: Most often he has a tee shirt on with a button up over it, usually left unbuttoned. He wears jeans and converse shows. Devon is not the tallest guy out there but he's not exactly short either. His friends make fun of him because he is shorter than them, but he doesn't mind it. Being smaller gives him an advantage in a fight. His small body allows him to be very agile an quick often giving him the upper hand in a fight with someone. His emerald eyes can often change different shades of green according to his mood. One would easily say his eyes are his most distinguishing feature about him. His blond hair falls into his face on a regular basis. You can often catch him blowing or sweeping it out of his face. Too the admiring eye his isn't the most athletic person but his body type can make a passing girl or in some cases guy swoon.
family & residence
Parents: Apollo and Adora Avery Siblings: Whitney Avery, seventeen years old, seventh year. and Hayden Avery sixteen years old, sixth year. Wealth Status: His family doesn't falunt their wealth, but they are pretty well off. Significant Other: Zara Avery (Greyback) She is his entire world and he would do anything to defend her, even if it means getting himself into trouble. He may be very shy but in regards to her he becomes very outspoken very quickly and will go from calm and collected to pissed off and ready to murder someone in less that a second if someone messes with her. Children: Kora (6th year Hufflepuff -POE) and Ryan (6th year Ravenclaw- POE), Zara is currently pregnant and they may have one more after that. Current Residence: Between their home in Orlando, Florida and their personal quarters on the 6th floor of Hogwarts
Devon is a very shy and reserved person. He tends to keep to himself a lot. He would rather listen to someone talking than talk himself. He is happiest when playing his guitar or writing music. He tends to be very romantic when he is in a relationship, but getting into a relationship is very hard for him since he gets extremely nervous around girls. He used to be very nervous and stutter constantly around Zara. But over the years he has gotten over this with her. His stuttering only presents itself around other people that he doesn't know or when he is really anxious or nervous about something. He is often mistaken for being weird or creepy since he is so quiet. But he really doesn’t mind. It allows him to be by himself. He can often be found hiding up in trees taking a nap at all hours of the day. He is also prone to sneaking out on to the grounds at night. He has always disregarded rules even if he knows they can get him in trouble, he feels a good portion of them shouldn't really apply to him. He found the Marauder's Map in first year with his best friend Alexander Bletchley and now that he is in his seventh year he has become known as the Head Boy who doesn't miss anything because of the map. He won't hesitate to give other students detentions when he catches them during his patrols. Devon is generally very easy going unless you get on his bad side. When he is mad at you it's almost as if he his a different person, almost like he has a darkness inside just waiting to be released. His temper is not one to be taken lightly. He becomes very unreasonable and is quick to throw a punch when pushed too far. Perhaps, the sorting hat could see this well hidden yet important quality in him. Though he has a temper he also has also a highly developed sense of self-preservation. He tends to hesitate before acting, he will weigh all possible outcomes of a decision (and how these outcomes would personally impact himself) before acting on anything. Going into his adult life, Devon has managed to be less shy and much more outspoken. He still stutters from time to time but not nearly as often as he once did. His music is still his passion but he realised that in order to support his wife and family he would need to persue something else, so he applied for a teaching position at Hogwarts.
Devon was born in London. His parents were always giving him more attention than he wanted. Even though he has two younger sisters, his parents still annoyed him with questions about what he was going to do with his life. He wished they would leave him alone so he could do his own thing. He never had many friends growing up, he didn’t fit into any of the crowds. He spent most of his time climbing trees and walking alone outside. Everyone thought he was weird because he was often quiet. It wasn't because he was shy, which he was, he just didn't really like anyone in his schools. He first got into music in elementary school when he joined the schools choir. He teacher felt he would be a great musician so he gave Devon one of his old guitars. Devon showed a natural talent for it. When he was ten his father was infuriated by the thought of his son playing music rather than expressing interest in sports. Devon ran away from home after his father smashed his guitar, he didn’t return for several months. Finally when he received his letter he was thrilled to be able to leave home for nine months of the year but irritated at the fact that it was so top secret. When he arrived at Hogwarts he was sorted into Slytherin, although he truly felt he belonged in Ravenclaw. Even though he knew he possessed nearly all of the typical Slytherin qualities. He just didn't want to have that label. Devon's life changed in ways he never thought would be possible that very first train ride to Hogwarts, he met Zara Greyback. If you had asked his first year self if he had just met his future wife he would have turned into a stuttering and blushing mess. But that's exactly what happened. Over their years at Hogwarts the two became best friends, Devon very early on fell head over heels for her but didn't have the courage to tell her until the begining of their sixth year. From there, everything became a wirl wind of events. Devon never pictured himself living the married with children life, but he couldn't be happier.
thanks dottie
 Posted on: Jan 26 2014, 01:10 PM
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