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 Baddock, Skylar Renee, NG, POE|18|alumni
 Posted on: Jan 24 2014, 09:28 PM
skylar baddock
Full Name: skylar renee baddock
Age: 18
Eras:next generation, post oppression
Usergroup: alumni
Played by: Emily
Era’s: next generation, post oppression Character name: skylar renee baddock Nicknames: sky Age: 8 Birthday: 29/04/2005 Blood Status: pureblood Gender: female Sexuality: bisexual (prefers boys) Occupation: dancer
wizarding specifics
If your character is a muggle put none or n/a in each section that does not apply to them, if an alumni fill out any former information for when they attended Hogwarts House: ravenclaw Year: alumni Taint: none Wand:Skylar’s wand is made with holly wood. It’s core is a Unicorn Hair. It is seven and one half inches in length. It is white in color and has pink spirals carved into it. Broom: none Boggart: Being Alone, never finding true love. Patronus: unicorn Animagus:
Face Claim: Avril Lavigne Eyes:Deep blue, like the ocean Hair: Blonde, she will dye it on occasion Height/Weight: 5”3’, 106lbs Build: She is very slender, but curvy Physical/Mental health problems: She has a history of self harm and suicide attempts. She has really bad anxiety and depression Habits: Flipping her hair when a cute boy/girl walks past her, Talking really fast when she is nervous, spacing out when she is bored with a conversation, talking before thinking things through Style:Skylar changes up her style so often it's hard to really pin point anything specific for her. She wears what she wants when she wants. And doesn't give a shit what people think of it. Skylar is extremely attractive almost as if she were a veela. She has dabbled in modeling and dance her whole life. Her long blonde hair is always pulled up in various hair styles; you can rarely find her with the same style twice. Her deep blue eyes always show her emotion. She may be short but she is feisty for her size. Even though she is a decent 106 lbs she always feels that she needs to lose a pound or two. Perhaps that is the model within her. She has scars up and down her arms
family & residence
Parents: Malcolm and Circe Siblings: Triston Baddock - older Wealth Status: She has enough to get by comfortably Significant Other: Seth Thomas, Vladimir Derek Children: none Current Residence: (pending decision)
Sky is extremely out going, she can often be found at the hottest parties with the hottest people. She could easily be considered one of the pretty people. She has a tendency to drink too much fire whiskey and get very friendly with people. She is very flirtatious and has a bad habit of talking really fast when she gets nervous. She also has a tendency to gossip and spread a lot of rumors. She doesn't have many friends because of it. She never means to spread the rumors or gossip, her inability to control her words from falling out of her mouth before thinking gets her into a lot of trouble. She may be a party animal but when she is in a serious relationship she is loyal and does anything they ask of her. She has a hard time trusting people after everything that happened when she was fourteen. Behind her bitchy and stuck up exterior she is an extremely troubled and sensitive girl. Not may see her true side, her partying and bitchy ways are a shield to protect herself from getting hurt again. Sky walks and talks like she is on top of the world Likes: The beach, Summer, Sunshine, Roses, Parties, Flirting with everyone, Bad boys, Fire Whiskey, Butter Beer, Stay out after hours, Making out, The thrill of getting caught, dancing (when no one is watching), her iPod (even if it's not allowed) Dislikes: Jealous girls/boys, Winter, Being Cold, Liars, Dishonesty, Potions, Disloyalty, Getting dirty, Her brother, Writing (she likes reading things but hates to write), Darkness, Being Alone Veritaserum: She's actually a very shy person, she totally hates gossiping Turn-ons: Being accepted for who she is unconditionally, flirting, roses, loyalty, honesty Turn-offs: liars, cheaters, disrespect, haters, backstabbers Ambitions: Find someone who won't hurt her, die or choose another over her, let go of her past, stop having nightmares, forgive those who have wrong'd her, life a happy life Best Traits: Flirtatious, kind, loving, compassionate, shy Worst Traits: gossiping, teasing others, hiding her true self, low self-esteem, assuming the worst in people Mirror of Erised: find her happy ever after. Special talent? nSky is a very talented dancer, dancing is the one thing she can do that she feels completely free during. Strengths: Loyal, Outgoing, Couragous, Flirty, Astronomy, Talking, Herbology Weaknesses: Potions, Easily distracted, untrusting of others (she’s been hurt a lot), holding grudges, talking too fast, talking without thinking, rambling
Skylar grew up in the spot light and she has always loved being the center of attention. She has always partied and often woke up in strange places. When she was she woke up in an alley. Her dress had been torn and she couldn’t remember anything. Her clothes were covered in blood and she had bruises all over her body. She never did find out what had happened that night but she knew someone had to of slipped something into her drink. At that time she trusted her brother and told him everything but when she told him what had happened that night and where she woke up he told her parents and she had gotten grounded for the rest of the summer. Since then, she doesn’t talk to her brother. More recently she was dating a Seventh year Gryffindor named Seth, he was everything to her but he destroyed her and completely crushed her after she gave him everything she had. Since then she fell victim to several illegal substances mainly marijuana. But one shouldn't put it past her to be easily influenced or persuaded into other things, losing Seth really hurt her and she feels no one could ever make her as happy as he did again. She would do anything to find that happiness once more. In Depth History: Skylar had a rough time in school. She hopes to use her future with Vlad to get her life back together. She knows she made some terrible choices while attending Hogwarts. But she is determined to learn from them and thrive. She got a job with a group of dancers right out of school, her and Vlad got a place together. Things were looking bright, but suddenly Vlad got back into drugs really bad and over dosed. Sky was devastated to lose him. He was everything to her.
thanks dottie

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 Posted on: Jan 25 2014, 05:34 PM
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