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 Bletchley, Alexander Ryan, NG, POE|18|professor
 Posted on: Jan 24 2014, 09:29 PM
Alexander Bletchley
Full Name: Alexander Ryan Bletchley
Eras: Next Generation, Post Oppression
Usergroup: Professor
Played by: Emily
Era’s: Next Generation, Post Oppression Character name: Alexander Ryan Bletchley Nicknames: Alex Age: 18 Birthday: November 23, 2004 Blood Status: pureblood Gender: male Sexuality: heterosexual Occupation: Astronomy Professor – in training
wizarding specifics
If your character is a muggle put none or n/a in each section that does not apply to them, if an alumni fill out any former information for when they attended Hogwarts House: Slytherin Year: Alumni Taint: n/a Wand: Alex’s wand is crafted with Apple wood, perhaps because of his uncanny skills in Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures. Its core is that of a Pegasus’ wings feather. The wand is ten and one half inches long, with a crescent moon carved into its wood there are small stars scattered across it. He believes it chose him because of his love of astronomy. The wand itself is painted black, the moon and the stars are silver and gold. Boggart: Vampires Patronus: Panther – protection, hidden emotions, introspection, caution, careful decisions Animagus: Panther
Face Claim: Alex Pettyfer Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde Height/Weight: 6’3, 155lbs Build: Athletic, Average, Tall, Lanky Physical/Mental health problems: none. Habits: grooming himself in one way or another, looking in the mirror a lot, checking his pants to make sure of no wrinkles as habits Style: Alex generally wears nice pants, button up shirt and a tie when he is working. But if he is at home or off work, or out and about he can be found in jeans and a tee-shirt. Alex's hair is naturally a dark brown color but he often changes it blonde streaks or highlights. His eyes are a light blue almost gray color, depending on the lighting of the room. He is not the tallest boy in his year but he isn't the shortest either, he wishes he was taller. As for his build he is average compared to most guys but he does have a nicely defined chest that can easily make girls swoon over him if caught without a shirt on.
family & residence
Parents: Miles and Calliope Siblings: Alexandria Evanna Bletchley, twin sister – vampire (staked) Wealth Status: Old Wealth. Significant Other: Theadora Derek Children: None Current Residence: London, England
Alex is your typical pretty boy, but he has a good heart. His parents brought him up to be respectful and honest to everyone. He is very old fashioned when it comes to relationships He's guy that opens doors, buys you flowers for no reason. He can't stand girls that are heavy party goers and are not very lady like. He's not an easy guy to describe. Alex's most prominent personality trait is his vicious demand for respect. He has a sort of aura around him that makes people step on their toes just to word their sentences correctly and not anger him. Once you get to know him, he's not that strict of a guy. He thirsts for fun and adventure, so he won't pin you to the ground and punch you until you're a bloody pulp if you call him a dick for taking some dangerous risk or whatever. People just do it naturally. Past that, you can see that he's quick to wrath. If you're friends with him, you learn very quickly to stay away from the things that anger him. He has an unhealthy amount of pride in his soul; he thinks he's the best at everything and all things and if you challenge him, he'll kick your ass. Truthfully, he does kick people's ass in competitions 90% of the time because he knows how to pick his fights and quarrels.He seems to be a very shallow, demanding, frightening guy, but he's not really all that bad if you find the key to his true, raw personality. He will sacrifice his life for those he cares about if he has to; he will protect them until he can't possibly do it any longer.
Alex says he is an only child, but he was born with a Twin sister. She was killed (turned into a Vampire, he sees her as dead) when they were twelve years old. Well, she is dead to him at least. When they were playing in an alley way behind their families house the two were attacked by a Vampire. He got scared and ran home. He later found out his sister had bee turned and would forever be twelve years old. She came to him several times at night and warned him to watch his back, because once he wasn't looking she would appear and seek revenge on him. She wouldn't have been turned if he had tried to save her. He carries the guilt with him everyday. He constantly is watching over his shoulders, he has developed a small sense of paranoia about things. He freaks out anytime he finds himself in a dark place. In his first year at Hogwarts he decided that he wanted to become an Auror, that way he could eventually hunt down the coven that attacked his sister and kill them all, including his sister if he had to. He has not gotten along with his parents since the accident either, they blame him for his sisters appearance. So once he turned seventeen he moved out into his own flat in London. After graduation Alex started training to be the Astronomy professor at Hogwarts. He also began taking courses to become an auror. He has been trying to maintain his relationship with Thea despite it being looked down upon since he's teaching and she is still a seventh year. He often talks to Devon and Zara, since they too are back at the castle training to be professors. Not a whole lot of anything important has happened since he finished school. ----------------- Alex and Aexandria were running down the alley way behind their families estate, laughing and screaming as they tagged each other back and forth. Alex had always liked playing tag and hide and seek with his sister. She was really good at hiding. But this time it was his turn to hide. He crawled underneath the dumpster as he heard her could reach fifty and she said, "Ready or not, here I come." Alex held his breathe as his sisters feet past his hiding place. He laughed as she cried out, "Where are you!" "You'll never find me!" He laughed. Alex suddenly froze when he spotted another pair of feet just a few paces behind his sisters, 'Alexia!" He yelled as the person lunged forward knocking Alexandria to the ground. Alex rolled out from under the dumpster and yelled, "Get off of her you creep!" He ran forward and attempted to pull the attacker off of his sister. The man move his arm so quickly Alex didn't know what had just happened until his back slammed into the dumpster. He stared in horror as the man sunk his teeth into his sisters throat. Oh my god! He's a vampire! He thought, he jumped up and ran from the alley leaving his sister in her attackers arms. He knew he should go back to safe her but what chance did he have against a vampire? Alex bolted straight up in his four poster bed and gasped, he was tired of having nightmares about his sisters accident. When would they finally stop? He would never get any sleep if he kept slipping into that memory while he was dreaming. He inhaled deeply as he rolled over and kept telling himself that it would be okay she wasn't really going to creep up on him in his sleep and kill him, would she? He hated living his life in paranoia but he had reason to didn't he? He had watched his sister get murdered and become undead right in front of his eyes. He remembered the night she came to him and told him it was all his fault and he would pay for what he did to her.
thanks dottie

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 Posted on: Jan 25 2014, 06:08 PM
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