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 Granger, Hermione Jean, PTE, NG, POE|30|auror
 Posted on: Jul 4 2014, 06:59 PM
hermione granger
Full Name: hermione jean granger
Age: 30
Eras:potter trio, next generation, post oppression
Usergroup: auror
Played by:hatty
Era’s: potter trio, next generation, post oppression Character name: hermione jean granger Nicknames: mione Age:30 Birthday: 19/09/1979 Blood Status: muggleborn Gender: female Sexuality: heterosexual Occupation: auror for the department of magical law enforcement
wizarding specifics
If your character is a muggle put none or n/a in each section that does not apply to them, if an alumni fill out any former information for when they attended Hogwarts House: Gryffindor Year: n/a Taint: none Wand: 10 3/4, Vinewood, Dragon heartstring Broom: none Boggart: Bellatrix Lestrange Patronus: otter Animagus:
Face Claim: Emma Watson Eyes: cinammon brown Hair: caramel brown Height/Weight: 5”5’, 115lbs Build: Curvy and sleek. Hermione grew into her body and filled out in all the areas that a girl hopes one will fill out in. Physical/Mental health problems: Not so much a mental problem as much as she still has a deep seeded fear of all things Bellatrix. Every now and then, especially around the anniversary of events…she’ll have nightmares. Habits: Walking while reading a book, comes across a bit authoritive, and still has a habit of correcting people The word mudblood is a scar on her arm; she keeps a charmed bracelet on almost all the time to hide it. Style: Simple and elegant best sum up Mione’s style. Now an woman and adult she picks up the things that she likes the most. Slim cigarette pants, blouses and jackets with flats to wear at work. Often times she’ll only wear the jacket if she goes to a meeting, a hearing, or to see her boss. Casually, she’ll prefer jeans or shorts when the weather allows and t-shirts. During the cooler months of fall, she’ll often put on shorts and a t-shirt with a sweater that is too big over it. Especially when she is just hanging out at her house and relaxing. Mione isn’t someone that walks around the way others do (hello Lavender) and flashes/flaunts her body or ‘assets’ to anyone that wants to see or to remind those that she is sexually attracted to that she has them. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t know when to use what she has. She doesn’t hide her body under robes but chooses to walk a nice middle line. The one thing she does enjoy but would never admit to is when she gets to get all dressed up for balls or charity events or things like that. She likes to put on the gowns and fancy robes and feel like a princess in the fairy tale books that her mother use to read to her as a child. When she’s home or just working on the little garden behind her small house, other than in winter, she’ll be in shorts and a simple tank top. Loving to feel the heat of the sun baking into her skin and the dirt on her hands as she plants flowers and vegetables. She still has to tame her hair but thank goodness for hair potions that she can use now. No more friz ball on her head.
family & residence
Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Granger (Muggle Dentists) Siblings: None Wealth Status: Wealthy, after the War….she gained quite a bit. Significant Other: none Children: none Current Residence: Beverley, East Yorkshire, UK
She is not the person that she was back during her years in Hogwarts. War changes a person and as such, Hermione is changed because of it. She’s learned to perfect the wall that protects her from allowing others to so easily get to her, like they had been able to when she was a child. Her total disgust for the pureblood purest’s has reached a level that she didn’t even think. She’s not nasty but hearing someone around her preaching about that will set her off on a tangent that she will have a hard time keeping herself in check with. She has realized that a person needs to take time to enjoy and relish in the free time, where a person can just do nothing. She never thought she would ever be like that but the war and all of the non-stop running and fighting had her enjoying the moments where she could just disappear in her garden and enjoy the peace and nothing to do. She won’t bother with people that she dislikes anymore, where as back in school she would appear to challenge or try to be better than them, no she just eliminates them from her life by not wasting time on them. She still has her own fears and troubles that linger from the war but she hasn’t discussed them with anyone, not even Harry. Choosing instead to keep them inside and allowing others to see what she wants them to see. She still likes having intellectual debates and discussions with people that are able to stand toe to toe with her. She likes that cause it keeps her at her best and she actually enjoys it. For her those aren’t about the end result but rather about the actual event. She is still very much the bookworm and walks around reading a book When she gets angry, god save you from the wrath of Hermione Granger Still looking to protect those that are weaker or being abused. She is still fiercely protective of those that she cares about, even it that means that she has to go on odds with people she loves. Likes: Reading, Learning, Mysteries, Puzzles, Cats, Being around her family and friends, Libraries, Gardening, Arguments, Nut Brtitle Dislikes: Bigots, Rude People, Bullies, Bloodline Pushers, Liars, People who are ignorant and careless with others and things, Bellatrix, People who try to be bossy with her, People who think they’re better than her Veritaserum: Has secretly liked Draco Malfoy since her sixth year. She thought it was just pity at first but…soon realized that it wasn’t. Only dated Ron because she didn’t want to lose her sense of family with the rest of the weasley’s or her friendship with Harry Turn-ons: Intelligent conversation, someone who can go toe to toe with her, Brains, A person that knows what they're talking about, A nice butt Turn-offs: Cockiness, ignorance, people who talk with their mouth full, pureblood preachers, people who don't care about others Ambitions: To have a family of her own, To get her parents back, to get the person she has a crush on to see her for WHO she is not WHAT she is, to have all magical creatures be free and protected, to finally be rid of her nightmares Best Traits: Willing to fight, Will protect those weaker, Will defend those that need it, Can see things in multiple ways, Neve gives up when hits with an obstacle Worst Traits: Headstrong, Arrogant when it comes to her intelligence, Can be single minded sometimes, Forgets to give herself a break Mirror of Erised: Married, with her own children to a man that loves her wholly and fully. Strengths: Quick wit, Brains, Clever, Patience, Able to see things from multiple sides, Doesn’t get easily defeated when hit with an obstacle Weaknesses: Is very quick to challenge anything she doesn’t agree with, Her patience runs short with people she doesn’t all that much care for, Will point out mistakes and flaws in others and most of the times doesn’t see she is doing that, Very critical of others, Still has self doubts about her looks when she gets around other traditionally beautiful girls
Hogwarts History: Hermione started at Hogwarts in 1991, much to her parents apprehension. Once that had passed and it was revealed to be a real school, she settled in and enjoyed the world of magic. It was when she met her Harry and Ron her two best friends that her real adventures began. Over her years in Hogwarts she had helped Harry battle Voldermort and his Death Eaters. It all rose to a head during their sixth year when the battle for Hogwarts happened. People who had been pulled into sides were seeing that maybe that wasn’t the side they wanted to be on. Family and friends died. Hermione, to protect her parents – erased their memories of her and sent them off to Australia to be safe. The loss of all the friends, and there had been so many, had her at the end after they had won re-evaluating things in her life. They had won the war and beaten Voldermort but there were scars both physical and emotional. In Depth History: Hermione was born to Muggle parents who were dentist. She had never quite fit in with the kids of the muggle world and they loved to make sure that she knew that. So when she received the letter for Hogwarts, inside of her…Hermione felt like that thing that she had been looking for, that thing that would make her like everyone else had finally arrived. How foolish the youth are. All through out her years at Hogwarts she had been reminded constantly, specifically by one Draco Malfoy, that she was different. She was a mudblood, not pureblood, as those people believed that all witches should be. If it hadn’t been for her fighting nature and her best friends Harry and Ron…she probably would have wilted at school. Instead she rose to the challenge and vowed to help Harry with the battles that he was getting involved with. During the war she became a target because of her mudblood status and no one took more joy and pleasure in reminding her of that than Bellatrix. When she had been captured and tortured by her for hours, that was when she had the permanent marker burned into her skin. Mudblood was there on her arm for all to see. Bellatrix is the one thing that would linger and stay with her…years after the war. Not even Harry, her best friend knows. In the heat of the moment during the battle she made a mistake that she would regret and wish with all her being she could take back, Hermione kissed Ron. She had no feelings other than friendship for Ron and that one moment…. made things so bad. She tried to tell Ron right away that she didn’t mean that that she loved him like a brother but he wasn’t hearing it. So rather than risking the family she had found in the Weasley’s and scared she was going to lose Harry’s friendship. Hermione agreed to give them a chance. Soon after, it was obvious that there was nothing between Ron and Hermione other than Ron’s wanting to date her. Hermione needed someone who could go toe to toe with her, who didn’t berate her for her intelligence, who didn’t turn his head every time someone like Lavender walked by. Deciding to just end things, she went to Australia to try and get her parents back. That was when she found that….she couldn’t. So in her attempt to protect them, she had actually lost them. Coming back to London, Hermione bought a little house just outside of London and made a life for herself. She threw herself into work. She still had nightmares about Belltrix, always around the anniversary but still, she told no one. She hid them and the fears she had from them. So instead she let herself focus on work and trying to reconnect with herself once more.
thanks dottie
 Posted on: Jul 5 2014, 02:28 PM
Wow! You got this done fast! She looks great! (: Glad to have you here Hatty!
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