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 Bludd, Jeramiah Evan, NG, POE|19|alumni
 Posted on: Jan 24 2014, 09:30 PM
Jeramian Bludd
Full Name: Jeramiah Evan Bludd
Age: Nineteen
Eras: Next Generation, Post Oppression
Usergroup: Alumni
Played by: Emily
Era’s: Next Generation, Post Oppression Character name: Jeramiah Evan Bludd Nicknames: Miah Age: 19 Birthday: August 30, 2003 Blood Status: tainted – vampire Gender: male Sexuality: heterosexual Occupation: unemployed
wizarding specifics
If your character is a muggle put none or n/a in each section that does not apply to them, if an alumni fill out any former information for when they attended Hogwarts House: Slytherin Year: Alumni Taint: Vampire - His entire family is vampires, he was born as a half vampire, due to refusing blood most of his life despite the pain it brought him he remained half-vampire for most of his life. Therefore he still aged. But this all changed when he attacked the small fourth year, he is now a full blooded, blood thirsty monster. He still resists the thirst though, he has morals after all. Wand: alderwood wand. In length, it is just shy of ten inches long. It has a core of dragon heartstring Boggart: Going into a fit of blood lust and not being able to control his actions, and not having control of his own mind. Rena's lifeless body lying limp in his lap after his sister Lacy brutally attacked and killed her, forcing him to have to turn or lose her Patronus: Miah can not produce a patronus Animagus: n/a
Face Claim: Paul Wesley Eyes: Miah's eyes are crystal blue in color, that if caught in the right light can almost seem to sparkle. Many are taken back by their kind, gentle appearance. After recent events with his sister lacy, leading to the turning of Rena , Miah's eyes often hold a slightly crazed and just shy of insanity gleam to them. Their former sparkle of kindness rarely shows. Hair: style? His hair is light sandy brown, he keeps it fairly short. It is just long enough to style whenever he sees fit. Height/Weight: 6’2, 162lbs Build: iah is very athletic and muscular. Mostly from running at full speed and jumping through the trees of the Forbidden forest and all the surfing he does Physical/Mental health problems: Miah has claimed Sirena Flint (Rena). She is his everything, his reason for existing. She keeps him sane, without her he would go insane. Habits: laughing when he is nervous, taking potions to dull his thirst obsessively, distancing himself when he's upset or mad Style: Miah can usually be found wearing Jeans and a tee shirt. If it's colder weather he will wear a hooded sweatshirt over a cloak any day. He likes to keep it simple. Miah often thinks he is nothing but a monster. He hates being a vampire and wishes more than anything that he and Rena could both live their lives out as humans. He hates that he took that luxury away from Rena, but he is also thankful that he has the chance to spend eternity with her. He hates hunting, he would much rather raid a blood bank than actually attack, drain and kill an innocent human or animal. He has always thought killing for blood was wrong ever since he was very young. Miah's manerisms really depend on his mood and the company he is with. If he is with Rena he is confident, proud and protective in everything he does. But around his family, he's silent, keeps a low profile and tries to avoid angering them or hunting with them.
family & residence
Parents: Blodwyn and Sophia (doesn't claim them, nor do they claim him) Siblings: Lacy, Sadie and seven other siblings. The two sisters are really the only ones he ever had a relationship with. He adores Sadie, always has. Him and Lacy have a very rocky relationship they used to be very close but things went downhill after he turned on the family to live the way he wanted to. Wealth Status: Middle Class, he gets by with little side jobs here and there between helping Rena Significant Other: Sirena Flint Children: n/a Current Residence: Los Angeles, California
Miah is a very easy going guy, he is usually very quiet, but he isn't shy, just not much of a talker. He most often can be found writing, listening to music or dancing. He enjoys hanging out with his friends but he isn't the one to start a conversation, he would rather stand on the side lines watching things happen. He is very kind hearted and will defend anyone who needs defending. He has broken up countless fights over the years between friends and even students he doesn't know. He is not your typical Slytherin, he often wonders why he was even sorted into Slytherin house, he had always seen himself as a Hufflepuff, but he doesn't question the hats choice. Perhaps it's his underlying dark side that only comes out when someone he cares deeply about is threatened, harmed or killed. If anyone mentions his family he shuts down and gets really agitated. He doesn't trust anyone in his family, except for his sister Sadie. He had always been close to her when he still lived at home. He hates that his family is cursed with tainted blood, vampires. He tends to avoid all the members of his family that are in Hogwarts, when asked about them he says he has no family. If anyone was to threaten, or bring harm to Rena he loses it and a whole different side of Miah comes out. One should be cautious when it comes to speaking of Rena around him in a undignified manor.
Jeramiah was born in London, England. He is the oldest of seven children. He hates his family and being a vampire. He feels that being a vampire is a curse rather than a blessing like the rest of his family. When he got his letter he was thrilled to be away from his family for the term, but when his siblings started school one by one his private heaven away from them became smaller and smaller. They constantly pestered him about the way he portrayed the family. He got so tired of his family pressuring him about embracing his "gift" and on his seventeenth birthday he packed all of his things and apparated to California. He got his own place in a small wizarding community in LA. He has been enjoying life without his family since. He avoids all of his siblings at Hogwarts whenever possible. His sister Lacy in a fit of blood lust and perhaps as a game attack and drained the blood from Miah’s human girlfriend forcing him to make the choice of turning her or losing her. He doesn’t regret turning her. But he regrets taking the choice from her to make on her own because of his selfish need to keep her in his life. Turning her, snapped something within him and he hasn’t ever really been able to be the same since. Turning Rena lead to him panicking and attacking an innocent that happened to stumble upon them at the wrong time. He was expelled for endangering the student’s life. Now that he has been expelled from school he has brought Rena to live with him at his house in California in hopes that they can live their existence out in peace without interruption, though he knows that will more than likely not happen.
thanks dottie

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 Posted on: Jan 26 2014, 01:07 PM
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