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 Avery, Ryan Michael, Son of Devon and Zara
 Posted on: Jan 24 2014, 09:35 PM
Give me a second I, need to get my story straight
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
user posted image
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"I really want to be the best I can
But I'm always fighting
It's like I almost got to prove myself
Sometimes I wish I was somebody else
Now I don't want to sound like I'm complaining
This is everything I asked for
But I get tired of everyone's expectations
And I wanna be left alone
Everybody always got an opinion
Somebody always got something to say
I'm getting pulled in a million directions
Sometimes you got to find your own lane
I know you're trying to stand in my corner
I know you only want what's best for me
But when the pressure starts to choke me
You gotta stand back and let me breathe"

Character name: Ryan Michael Avery
{Nicknames} Ry, Devy Jr (his grandmother Adora started it, he hates it so does his father but it stuck now his whole family except his sister calls him this - No one else is allowed)
Age: Sixteen
Year: Sixth year
{Date of Birth}November 13, 2021

House: Ravenclaw
Taint: None - however his family does have a history of werewolves on his mother's side. His twin sister is a werewolf. He has the animagus of a wolf.
Affiliates: Following closely in his father's foot steps Ryan is a Prefect. He got his first prefect badge in fifth year.
Wand: Ryan’s wand is crafted with Eucalyptus wood. Making it one that channels liveliness to be both willing and powerful. Ryan always being willing to learn anything and everything has a slight crave for power making this wand very ideal for him. The wand has two cores, the first being unicorn hair perhaps chosen for him because he is gentler and more cerebral than others around him. Plus, the core favors those who are destined for Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff house. He is a Ravenclaw. The second core is a Billywig stinger. For his prankster and slightly chaotic personality traits. All around it is a great wand good for charms and spells. It is great for healing too. In length it is just over seven inches long. It’s length mirrors his small size. In color it is dark brown with small spiraled patterns caved into the bottom of it.
Broom: Ryan's broom is the Silver Arrow he got it for his 11th birthday. He used to play Quidditch on the Ravenclaw team but dropped it to become a Prefect in fifth year.
Items: The Marauder's Map (given to him by Alexander Blechtley when he was nine, shares with his sister, Kora), He also has a very old guitar that was his father's
Blood Status: Pureblood
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Played By: Paul Butcher

Tonight. We are Young. So let's set the world on fire. We can burn brighter than the sun!


Eyes: He has his mother's eye. Dark brown. Though they often shift to a lighter caramel color of brown.
Hair: Ryan's hair is blondis brown. Falling in his face, very much like his father's used to when he was younger.
Other facial features: His skin is somewhere between a lovely causation color and olive. It makes it look like he always has a good tan, even thought that isn't always the case. His lips are very thin, but also full in certain places.
Height: Ryan seems to have inherited his Father's lack of height, he stands a mere 5 feet and 5 inches from the floor. He hopes he will be taller when he's older but he has doubts about it since his parents aren't super tall. He's shorter than the rest of the boys his age. He hates it but deals with it.
Weight: 118 lbs. Being small in his weight is a given with his shorter height.
Build: Ryan is very thin, but don't let his small frame fool you he is toned and muscular.He is very skinny which allows him to move quickly when he's running away from trouble with Kora.
Other bodily features: n/a
Distinguishable Features: He has a small scar on his left shoulder from Kora accidentally scratching him in her wolf form.
Physical/Mental health problems: None. -However, his shyness can be very crippling at times.
Mannerism: Ryan is shy. He often avoids eye contact when he is nervous or upset. He also stutters when he is lying, nervous or uncomfortable. Ryan, may be shy but he is prideful he holds his head high and makes sure everyone knows he's a prefect and is in charge.
- Biting his bottom when concentrating or nervous
- Stutters when he lies or is nervous/uncomfortable
- Playing with his hair or chewing on the ends when it’s long enough
- Freaks out when his stuff is out of place

Style During school hours Ryan always has on his Ravenclaw school robes. His prefect badge perfectly centered opposite of his house crest. His tie is always tied perfectly. Ryan's shirt is always wrinkle free. He makes sure he looks professional for all his classes and patrols when he is assigned to areas of the school. He wears his uniform with pride.

When Ryan is not in class or carrying out his prefect duties he wears jeans and a flannel button up. If he doesn't have the button up he typically just wears a tee shirt. He also wears a lot of zip up hooded jackets. He has several pairs of converse shows that he wears all the time. They are the one thing that isn't perfect when he wears his school uniform. He hates dress shoes so he wears his converse.

Now I know that, I'm not. All that you got. I guess that I just thought. Make we could find new ways to fall apart.

Likes: music, storms, reading, learning, writing, sneaking around the castle with Kora, climbing and hiding in trees, causing mischief and mayhem, potions class, charms, care of magical creatures, runnning in the forest with his sister in wolf form, sitting in the library studing and/or researching, organization and perfection, girls, flirting
{Amorentia} Fresh parchment, pine trees, strawberries, chocolate and shampoo
Dislikes: Yelling, being told what to do, arguing, fighting, people making fun of his sister or mother for being werewolfs, things being out of place and unorganized, disrespect, lying (when it's someone lying to him), being called Devy Jr, not getting top marks on his assignments and exams, cheaters, stuttering, tripping and falling causing his belongings to scatter on the floor, misuse of books and literature, alcohol, drugs
Turn-ons: Intelligence, Honesty, Loyalty, respect, kindness
Turn-offs: Liars, Cheating, girls who have been with lots of people, drinking, smoking, drugs, alcohol
- Spiders
- Failing at anything
- Disappointing his father and mother
- Losing Kora
- Making Mistakes

{Boggart} His boggart is spiders.
-Become Head Boy in seventh year
- Learn everything he can before he graduates.
- Find the girl of his dreams.
- Write a book series.
- Succeed in a musical career -living out his Fathers failed dream.

Best Traits: His eyes, intelligence, kindness, intuitiveness, dedication and loyalty to family and friends
Worst Traits: His temper, stuttering, freaking when things aren't totally perfect, being too dependent on his sister, his height
{Erised} Following in his Father’s footsteps and becoming Head Boy and the top of his year. And later after school he wants to become a teacher. He would also like to have a side career in music to make his Father proud.

Overall: Ryan to say the least is very much like his father, Devon. He has a passion for music and writing. He has a certain crave for knowledge just like his father as well. He is an extreme perfectionist and gets very upset when things are unorganized or misplaced. He strives to be the best in all of his classes which often leads to him getting made fun of. But people don't dare to make fun of him to his face. He is known for his temper. That temper that has been passed down through the males in his family. Starting with his grandfather Apollo, then his father Devon and finally to Ryan. He however has learned ways to keep in under control. He's less likely to blow up than his father or grandfather would in certain situations.

He is very loyal and intuitive. He tends to be very calm when things get chaotic Even with being a perfectionist he still likes to cause mayhem and destruction with his sister whenever possible. He enjoys pulling pranks and causing trouble. His sister Kora, is quite possibly one of if not his favorite person in the world. He shares a special telekinetic connection with her that is very much like a werewolf (or vampire) claim only they are twins not star-crossed lovers.

Ryan is often described as a very shy and reserved person. He tends to keep to himself a lot. He would rather listen to someone talking than talk himself. He is most often found listening to some far out, crazy story that his sister is telling. He could listen to her for hours and never get bored. He tends to be very romantic when he is in a relationship, but getting into a relationship is very hard for him since he gets extremely nervous around people he likes. He is a private person, which means huge displays of affection in public are not really his thing. He would much rather be with his lovers in private. He hates being caught in the center of attention and he avoids being part of gossip and rumors as much as he possibly can.

He is often mistaken for being weird or creepy since he is so quiet. But he really doesn’t mind. It allows him to be by himself, though he would rather spend his time with someone else, usually his sister but often friends or the person he is dating. He is also prone to sneaking out on to the grounds at night. He has always disregarded rules even if he knows they can get him in trouble, he feels a good portion of them shouldn't really apply to him. This has gotten him and his sister Kora into a lot of trouble over the years, he spends a lot of time in detention. Which his father often requests to hold them himself much to Kora and Ryan's distaste. Spending detention in your fathers class room or office is never fun. It's embarrassing.

Ryan tends to hesitate before acting, he will weigh all possible outcomes of a decision (and how these outcomes would personally impact himself as well as others around him) before acting on anything. He is very sweet and quite the charmer when he opens up to a person. He looks up to his father as a role model and is an extreme mommy's boy when at home or in the families private quarters on the sixth floor.

He enjoys hanging out with his friends but he isn't the one to start a conversation, he would rather stand on the side lines watching things happen. He is very kind-hearted and will defend anyone who needs defending. Don't make the mistake of messing with his mother or sister, it will quickly lead to getting punched or hexed. They are the quickest way to see his temper in full swing. This also goes for anyone he cares deeply about.

But our friends are back! So let's raise a toast. 'Cause I found someone to carry me home tonight.

Strengths: Music, pranks, intelligent beyond his years, causing mischief and mayhem, persuasion, Loyalty, intuition, comforting to others, calm during chaos, Perfectionist, Herbology, Charms, Care of Magical Creatures, Astronomy, Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Muggle Studies, Transfiguration, Potions
Weaknesses: Defense Against the Dark Arts, Very shy, stuttering when he lies, easily distracted, lying, quick tempered, day-dreaming, Perfectionist, girls, new books
Special talent? none.
Patronus: Wolf – Loyalty, intuition, perseverance, success, and spirit. It suits him because he is very loyal, intuitive and strives for success.
Animagus: He is a wolf animagus.

The world is on my side. I have no reason to run tonight.
- - HISTORY - -

Family: Avery
{Mother} Zara Avery (Greyback) - Alive
{Father} Devon Avery - Alive
{Siblings} Kora Avery (twin sister) – Alive
{Pets & Familiar} None currently.
Significant Other: None currently.
Important Figures: Alexander Bletchley. His family.
Nationality: Caucasian - Just your typical Great Britain heritage.
Home Town: Orlando, Florida
Current residence: Orlando and Hogwarts.His family has private quarters within the school.
Wealth Status: Ryan personally is not wealthy or poor. But his family on the other hand, when his Father and Mother got married his grandparents set a side a very large sum of money for them to raise Kora and Ryan. His Father also had a large sum that accumulated in a vault in Gringotts from the time Devon was born until he graduated.So the family won't have any financial problems any time soon.


Childhood History: Unlike most children Ryan and his sister were not born in a hospital. They were born at Hogwarts on November 13, 2012. They are truely Hogwarts babies. From a very early age Ryan remembers running around the school with his sister playing in old classrooms, exploring new areas and causing the students and staff as much chaos as they possibly could. Long before they even started school everyone knew who they were.

Ryan, as well as his sister were homeschooled by their parents in their sixth floor quarters from the age of five up until age nine. At that point their schooling continued with their parents but also included teachings from a few of the schools staff. At the age of eleven they got their letters just as any other young witch or wizard would, though the letters were delivered personally by the head of the school rather than owled, since well they lived in the school the majority of the time.

Ryan was thrilled. Their first trip for school supplies was exciting. He loved everything about it. He had been to Diagon Alley before but something about getting all his school supplies and everything he would need for his first year at Hogwarts made it so much more special to him.

Hogwarts Years: Ryan was sorted appropriately into Ravenclaw house, which made his father happier than he could have ever been of Ryan. He liked that his house pleased his Dad. Ryan loved every second of all of his classes. He made sure to get top marks in everything. Potions was one of his favorites, because his father teaches it.

In his fifth year he was made a prefect. He passed his OWLS with tops marks in every subject. Now going into his sixth year, he is once again a prefect. Life for this sixteen year old boy is looking great. He has a very bright future ahead of him. What will unfold for him in trials of love, hate, sorrow and family? Only time will tell. Ryan is hopeful for all positive things.

So if by the time the bar closes. And you feel like falling down. I'll carry you home tonight.


Your sample must be of the character you are applying for so that we can better evaluate how you play your character.
How old is this sample? It's only a few months old! Not one of my best posts on Relashio! But, eh it works. You all know what I can do.
From a thread with Ryan and Kora at the age of nine:
Ryan rolled out of his bed careful not to wake his twin sister who had once again crawled into his bed. He didn't mind it, he knew their parents wouldn't let her sleep with them anymore. They always said the same thing, "Kora you're too big. Sleep in your own room." Every time she would come into Ryan's room and ask to sleep with him. This night was no different. He tip-toed across the room to the door and opened it, revealing the living room, dining room and kitchen of his families Hogwarts living space. He and Kora knew this place better than their home in Florida, and even their grandparents which they didn't see often. Their mum made sure of that, she said it had something to do with when they were babies. Neither of them ever bothered to ask about it, the story sounded boring.

He padded into the kitchen and climbed up on the kitchen counter, he opened the cabinet quietly as possible, it tended to creak no and then when you opened it which would always wake his parents. Once it was open he grabbed a cup from the shelf and closed the door just as carefully as he opened it. It creaked loudly, he froze and looked over at his parents door. He heard no movement and sighed with relief as he jumped off the counter and moved over to the sink filling it with water and downing it. He set the cup on the counter. He then made his way quietly to his parents room and peaked in through the cracked door, both of them were out cold. the cabinet door hadn't even phased them, it would be really easy to sneak out tonight. He grinned mischievously. He turned on his heels and ran back into his room.

He opened his dresser and threw a pair of jeans, a button up shirt and a white tee-shirt onto his chair. He tugged off his pajamas and pulled his clothes on. He grabbed his shoes from the floor and moved quietly over to the door, he set them down on the floor quietly. He then snuck into his sisters room and pulled out some clothes for her. He placed her shoes next to his. He then ran into his room and poked Kora in the face, "Wake up Kora! I want to go pester the prefects!" He proded her some more, "Kooorrraaa, wake up! Hurry before mummy and daddy wake up and catch us sneaking out again." He grabbed his blanket and pulled it off of her and poked her right in the ribs. "Get up Kora or I am leaving without you!" He stood next to his bed with his arms crossed over his chest glaring at his sleeping sister, who finally seemed to be stirring.

Tonight, we are young. So let's set the world on fire. We can burn brighter than the sun!

- - OOC - -

Your name: Emily
How long have you been role playing? Almost three years!
Your Age: -sigh- 25.
Other characters:
Devon Jacob Avery - NG/POE
Skylar Renee Baddock - NG
Alexander Ryan Bletchley - NG/POE
Jeramiah Evan Bludd - NG
Damon Matthew Macnair - NG
Kimberleigh Anne Delacour - NG
Alyssa Lynne Blake - NG
James Phillip Morgan - NG
Aaron Gregory Corner - NG
Ryan Michael Avery - NG/POE -this app is for him!
Alexzander Demetri Evans - NG
Brianna Rayne Cooper - NG
Christian Liam Grey-Johnson - NG
Apollo Jacob Avery - PTE/NG (shared)
Adora Michelle White - PTE/NG (shared)

Average Post length: My posts average between 500 and 3000 depending on the plot and the characters involved.

Tonight, we are young. So let's set the world on fire. We can burn brighter than the sun!

- -CREDIT- -

Application created by Relashio's own Emily! I worked hard on this. Please do not change any of the lyrics or colors or any of the coding for that matter. I am very proud of this application. It has been made exclusively for Relashio's New Next Generation Era! Happy Role Playing everyone!
 Posted on: Jan 25 2014, 06:23 PM
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