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 Macnair, Damon Matthew
 Posted on: Jan 24 2014, 09:39 PM
Your subtleties, they strangle me. I can’t explain myself at all
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
user posted image
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"This is gospel for the fallen ones Locked away in permanent slumber
Assembling their philosophies From pieces of broken memories
Oh, this is the beat of my heart, The gnashing teeth and
criminal tongues conspire against the odds But they haven't seen the best of us yet
If you love me let me go 'Cause these words are knives that often leave scars
The fear of falling apart And truth be told, I never was yours
The fear, the fear of falling apart Oh, this is the beat of my heart,
This is gospel for the vagabonds, Ne'er-do-wells, insufferable bastards
Confessing their apostasies Led away by imperfect impostors
Oh, this is the beat of my heart Don't try to sleep through the end of the world
Bury me alive 'Cause I won't give up without a fight
If you love me let me go 'Cause these words are knives that often leave scars
And truth be told, I never was yours The fear, the fear of falling apart
Oh, the fear, the fear of falling apart"

Era’s:Next Generation, Post Oppression
Character’s Full Name: Damon Matthew Macnair
Nicknames: None
Age/Birth Date: Seventeen, April 29, 2004
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Occupation: currently unemployed
Former House: Slytherin
Blood: Pureblood taint: Hybrid Vampire
Wand: A hard-wearing alderwood wand. It is just shy of eleven inches long. The core consists of hippogriff bone.

And all that wants, and all that needs. All I don’t want to need at all.

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Height: 5’ 10 ½
Weight: 165 lbs
Build: Athletic/Average
Other bodily features: deep and large scars on his chest from fights with Katherine leading up to their divorce
Distinguishable Features: none
Physical/Mental health problems: Prior to being turned into a Hybrid, then making the painful transition back to a vampire, he was once human. In his human days Damon was your normal guy with normal teen angst issues. But after losing Katherine when she tried to get turned into a vampire he broke mentally and resorted to drugs and alcohol. When she returned as a hybrid and continuously made him feel like it was his fault she vanished it messed with his already damaged mental state. Being turned into a hybrid and claimed by Katherine made things a little better until she started cheating on him shortly after getting married. This hurt Damon so badly that he ended up leaving her and breaking their claim. He knew the toll it would take on him mentally but he knew with time it would be worth it. While he doesn't have any actual diagnosed problems, any psychiatrist would have a field say with Damon's damaged mind.
Mannerism: Damon while sober holds himself with confidence, arrogance and pride.
Style: He will wear a variety of different things, he isn't picky about his style he tends to dabble in each different one. If he had to choose one specific style he would probably lean towards the skater look.
In Depth: Damon has light blue eyes that give away his feelings even if he doesn't want people to know what they are. His hair is brown, it isn't short but it isn't long either. He is fairly tall for his age but there are several others that are taller than he is.

As for his body type he is very well sculpted. If he were to take his shirt off in a room full of people everyone would probably start drooling.
Play-by: Zac Efron

The wall start breathing, my minds un-weaving. Maybe it’s best you leave me alone.

Likes: Fire Whiskey, Dark Arts, Girls, parties, sex, making out, cuddling, potions, flirting
Dislikes: Dishonesty, being told what to do, divination, herbology, care of magical creatures
- Running his hands through his hair
- flirting with every girl he passes
- biting his lip
-He had an arranged marriage set up in his childhood to preserve his and the other families pure blood, he hated the whole idea of it from day one, married her now hates her (this was Katherine)
- he tends to cheat on the girls he's with but manages not to ever get caught (or so he thinks)
- He's tired of getting hurt and losing the ones he cares most about
- Everything about Katherine <3 Stupid psycho bitch, he wishes her dead.
- Blood (it smells intoxicating to him)
- Breaking the rules
- that after smut smell
- Ariel Corner's innocence (even though she isn't as innocent as he thinks she is) He misses her and values his friendship with her wishes he'd had the chance for more with her before she left again
- Liars
- Cheaters (even though he has a history of cheating)
- Being rejected
- overly emotional people
- Become a better person
- Make up for his mistakes
- Treat Katherine the way she deserves, kill her
- Earn the forgiveness of those he's hurt in the past
- Actually find happiness for himself
Best Traits:
- Flirting
- Loyal to friends
- Kissing
- Sweet Talking
- Persuasion
Worst Traits:
- He's a jerk
- Cares only about himself
- Hot headed
- Mean
- Lies
- Cheating on girlfriends (he's trying to stop, really, he just can't help it he loves sex)
Boggart: Dementor, he isn't afraid of anything but fear itself.
Patronus: Dragon: Longevity, richness, prosperity, infinity, wisdom, power, and fiery
Mirror of Erised: Finding true happiness, not the fake one that he's used to.
Special talent? n/a
Strengths: Having the upper hand in a fight, manipulation, talking his way out of things, charismatic/charming
Weaknesses: Girls, his temper, not having things go his way, when something unexpected happens and he doesn't know how to react

In depth Personality:
Damon on the outside seems hard and somewhat of a bad boy. He likes to make people think he doesn't care about anything or anyone but really he's extremely sweet and charming. In order to even get a glimpse of his natural side he would have to trust you a lot. He is not one to easily trust people.

He tends to get himself into a lot of trouble around the school, he has ruined countless relationships by being 'the other guy'. He doesn't ever mean for it to happen but it's always the easiest way to avoid attachments. He isn't one for commitment. The arranged marriage his parents set up with the Zabini families daughter ruined that for him.

He constantly feels like he is cheating even though he technically isn't. He avoids getting into any serious relationship because he hates to actually have to break a girls heart when she finds out about the arranged marriage.

Even after Katherine is long gone he still fears getting close to anyone because he always messes up or they turn out to be insane and hurt him.

A weight is lifted, on this evening, I give the final blow
- - HISTORY - -

Parents: Loki and Nirvana
Siblings: fifteen year old brother, Slytherin.
Wealth Status: unknown
Significant Other: Katherine Zabini Ariel Corner Dear god give this poor man someone to love!
Children: None.

Hometown: Surrey, England
Current Residence: Surrey, England

Hogwarts History: Damon was born on July 15th, in Surrey, England to Loki and Nirvana Macnair. He grew up like any other child would until he was nine and his parents were called to the Zabini household. He was set to marry their daughter Katherine to save their Pureblood line because their son had been changed to a vampire. At first Damon didn't understand what was going on with the whole thing, he was after all only nine when it too place.

Once he was old enough to actually understand what it meant he was furious, he avoided the girl as much as possible. He hated the whole idea of never being able to choose who he wanted to be with because of how he felt about the person. His parents constantly told him you will fall for her eventually then you will thank us. He usually just laughed in their face and told them to go to hell. When he started Hogwarts h was able to stay away from her. He was sorted into Slytherin just like his father and father's father. It went back for generations so Slytherin was no surprise for him. When he began his second year she started school, she was also placed in Slytherin, so he really had no way to avoid her anymore.... So he started finding ways to make her hate him but apparently it backfired because she wouldn't go away.
In Depth History:
Damon for the longest time thought that Katherine had been killed when she was getting turned into a vampire. When she finally came back into his life he made it his mission to show her that he still loved her, and that he hadn't cheated on her purposefully. He thought she was DEAD!

He took her to Paris to get married and they have since been traveling all over the world. He dropped out of Hogwarts with her. They told their parents that they were hybrids thus, destroying their pureblood lines.

All was going well, until Katherine started cheating on Damon. Karma right for everything he had done to her? Well, with their claim it hurt Damon more than it had hurt her when they were human. He couldn't take the pain, after a huge fight about her disappearing all the time Damon divorced her and vowed if he ever saw her again he would kill her himself. Even though he was still deeply hurt by her actions, he hated her, but part of him loved her so god damned much. He slipped back into drinking and doing drugs again. He figured he would eventually die of some overdose, if he could even die. God damned hybrid shit. He hated being a hybrid. Oh he hated it so much. He had to find a way to end it.

Ariel made her way back into his life, she too had been heart broken, in other ways. But Damon needed her and she needed him... once again though, Damon and Ariel parted ways leaving him once again alone, confused and buried in a bottle of Fire Whiskey.


Here’s my role play sample:
sample here

When darkness turns to light, it ends tonight.
- - OOC - -

Hey guys I’m Emily; I’m 28 years old and have been role playing for 4 years. The other characters I have here at Relashio are a lot.

A falling star, I can’t explain what you can’t explain.
- -CREDIT- -

Application created by Relashio's own Emily! I worked hard on this. Please do not change any of the lyrics or colors or any of the coding for that matter. I am very proud of this application. It has been made exclusively for Relashio! Happy Role Playing everyone!

user posted image
 Posted on: Jan 25 2014, 06:20 PM
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