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 Bludd, Lacy Anita, NG|17|alumni
 Posted on: Jan 25 2014, 04:16 PM
lacy bludd
Full Name: lacy anita bludd
Age: 17
Eras: next generation
Usergroup: alumni
Played by: cat
Era’s:next generation Character name: lacy anita bludd Nicknames: none Age: 17 Birthday: 17/09/2020 Blood Status: vampire Gender: female Sexuality: bi-sexual Occupation: currently not working
wizarding specifics
If your character is a muggle put none or n/a in each section that does not apply to them, if an alumni fill out any former information for when they attended Hogwarts House: gryffindor Year: expelled in 7th Taint: vampire Wand: 13", Willow, Pheonix feather, very slim Broom: none Boggart:Deep water, especially lakes and the sea Patronus: Komodo dragon Animagus:
Face Claim: olivua wilde Eyes: Bluey-green Hair: Dark brown, worn anyway from curly to straight - she likes to change it! Height/Weight: 5"8', 135lbs Build: Slim, tall, good curves Physical/Mental health problems: None Habits:-Fidgeting and shifting from foot to foot if forced to stand for any amount of time, not because she's nervous - more like bored -She's a excessive drug user and can go for days without sleeping in her own bed, instead passed out somewhere in the Forest -Hunting at night, when there is no chance of anyone else stealing her prize Style: Her style involves delicate, skimpy clothes that show of her perfect body. Her clothes are always pristine as she hates to ruin them in any way. Her breasts are always on show, it tends to lure her prey even more effectively than just her natural charm. With long, shaped legs and curves in all the right places Lacy doesn't have any trouble attracting the people she wants but some might find her eyes a little too intense - the icy blue colour mixed with the green sometimes appearing sharp and glaring. Her hair reaches just past her shoulders but isn't particularly long, Lacy manages to change its style three or four times a week, whether curly, straight but it never usually stays sensible and boring. She tends to wear clothes that are most likely to increase her chances of luring the boys she wants and with no morals or cares those clothes can sometimes get a little out of control. Her nails are one of her prize features, long and shaped, usually painted but few people know that they can actually be quite sinister if you are in her way when she loses her temper. She wishes she could wear floor length colourful dresses or skirts and have something of a bohemian, hippy thing going on. Lighter colours are what she prefers but always seems to end up wearing darker clothes as she feels able to be more confident when she doesn't stand out in a crowd.
family & residence
Parents: BLODWYN and SOPHIA [nee DEVEREAUX] Siblings: Jeramiah, eighteen; two younger brothers, seventeen and sixteen; Sadie, sixteen; two younger sisters, one sixteen and one fifteen Wealth Status: upper class Significant Other: none Children: none Current Residence: London, England
Lacy is a crazy, there are no two ways about it - becoming obsessed with something she wants and not backing down until she gets it her way. She would kill if it pleasured her and the more she obsesses the more dangerous she becomes. Lacy is a bitch. Plain and simple. Manipulative and slippery would be two more words to describe her - Lacy has a very individual way with people and those who don't know her well enough are in danger of falling into her trickery. Her only agenda is her own and if she doesn't get her own way then there is going to be trouble. That would be another side to her personality - she can be pretty sinister when she wants to be and won't hesitate before coaxing out people's deepest secrets, fears and emotions if it helps her in her goal. Her temper is something about her which will snap in a moments notice and also something she enjoys and if it brings a look of panic into the eyes of the receiver then even better. Her weaknesses are things that are kept under lock and key even in her own mind and Lacy would be ready to rip the throat out of any family member that spoke her secrets to another living soul. She has known about her allergies since the age of five, also around that time she discovered she couldn't swim (and hasn't tried again since), despite being under the impression that vampire skills were supposedly to make you stronger, they seemed to fail in that department. Despite how she might come off in person - family is actually something really important to Lacy, in her mind family is loyal and trusting, and traitors... well they have to be punished. Simple. Anyone who takes away the image of family life from Lacy is in for a pretty rough ride when she gets to them (not talking about anyone in particular of course!). She isn't one of those people that doesn't understand other people's viewpoints and opinion she just doesn't care about them - in her mind whatever she thinks, and occasionally what her family thinks as well, is the right way to go.
Lacy has been close to her family her whole life, growing up as a vampire when everyone in your family is in the same position is, to be honest, pretty fun. Some of her happiest memories are of hunting with her brothers and sisters, when she was younger her older brother, Jeramiah, was someone Lacy thought she should be looking up to, who should fit into the stereotypical big brother persona. And she did try to place Jeramiah in that position for much of her younger years, always wanting to be around him as she thought this was the way siblings were supposed to behave. However, as she grew older and began to take in Miah's opinions about their way of life and understand what he really thought at around the age of eight, Lacy began to dislike his views more and more, believing their gifts were something to be embraced and Miah was betraying his own family in thinking any different. By the time Jeramiah left their home when Lacy was sixteen she had taken a serious disliking to him and was almost glad to see him go, or at least would have been if it hadn't been so disrespectful to her parents and their traditions. During the period when Miah was still at home, when Lacy was about the age of ten, she went down to a local lake with a couple of friends from other vampire families. In the water the girls hadn't realised what creatures lived in its depths and while sitting on a low wall with her feet dangling into the water, Lacy was grabbed by something she never managed to identify. Despite Lacy managing to use her naturally enhanced strength to escape the creature and sent it back into the murky silt, after never having swam any distance in her life Lacy found herself struggling to return to the surface. Her two friends pulled her out within moments but the embarrassment that they had to do that still lives with her to this day and never once has she been back into the water. Recent History Lacy has recently been expelled from Hogwarts school due to her savage attack on Sirena Flint (her brother's human pet girlfriend), which led to her death and subsequent biting by Miah. She was lucky it hadn't been taken further but Lacy had managed to convince them she hadn't had any control at the time, due to drugs. Seeing as Rena was alive(?) the ministry let the school deal with the incident and Lacy was free to go, as long as she never returned to the school grounds. Unfortunately ( for some), a telling off isn't enough to keep Lacy away from her perfect hunting ground. She returns on an almost nightly basis to hunt unsuspecting students in the forbidden forest. However she now always ensures they don't die so as not to draw attention to herself. Other than hunting dirty humans Lacy isn't doing much else, she steals what she can't intimidate out of people and is living quite comfortably without working. She has been thinking about hunting down Rena and Miah and finishing what she started but first she has to recover her strength...
thanks dottie

user posted image

text created by taper jean girl ! of CAUTION 2.0
 Posted on: Jan 26 2014, 11:30 AM
Agh I love her. Accepted, do the claims.

user posted image
^Not my art
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