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 Davies, Aella Cho, NG|18|Ravenclaw
 Posted on: Jan 25 2014, 04:18 PM
aella davies
Full Name: aella cho davies
Age: 23
Eras: next generation and post oppression
Usergroup: alumni
Played by:cat
Era’s: next generation, post oppression Character name: aella cho davies Nicknames: ella Age: 23 Birthday: 25/12/2004 Blood Status: pureblood Gender: female Sexuality: bisexual Occupation: psychotherapist
wizarding specifics
If your character is a muggle put none or n/a in each section that does not apply to them, if an alumni fill out any former information for when they attended Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw Year: 7th Taint: None Wand: 12.5"; Birch; Dragon heart string Broom: Firebolt Boggart:Losing her eye-sight completely Patronus: A dove - the sign of life and purity but also a link to heaven and death. Animagus:
Face Claim: Jennifer Love-Hewitt Eyes: Chocolate Brown, large and almond in shape Hair:Also Chocolate Brown, wavy and long, reaching past her shoulders Height/Weight: 5”4’, 125lbs Build: Small and slim - much smaller than most and many people tower above her Physical/Mental health problems: None Habits: -Drifting off into a world of her own -Laughing at conversations she over-hears but isn't involved in -Staring at the sky Style: Aella is smaller than most girls her age but that has never bothered her, she is slim, not dumpy and she thinks her size suits her, which it does. She usually wears her hair loose and she tends not to straighten out the deep brown waves, which reach past her shoulders. Her hair is an identical colour to her eyes, which are big and easy to get lost in. As she was born and bred in Scotland she has a thick Scottish accent that she wears with pride. Her dark brown eyes are large and bright, or at least they used to be before her eye sight and blackouts got worse and worse now, more often than not they are clouded with grey and misty as if she is seeing something else rather than the reality in front of her. It saddens her that the bright eyes she used to have are now dull and lifeless most of the time.
family & residence
Parents: Roger and Cho Davies Siblings: Two brothers and a sister Wealth Status:Middle class Significant Other: None Children: None Current Residence: Aberdeen, Scotland
Aella strives to make her life as amazing as possible, after having a close brush with death when she was fourteen she realises how important it is just to be yourself and live the way you want to and she pities the people who don't see that yet and cover themselves in make-up or hide the real person inside them to please their friends. Her experiance, however, also left her intrigued in the afterlife and death, her darker side, often she likes to just dissapear like a ghost or lie down outside and stare at the sky - she will spend hours happily contemplating death and how she wants to die - an unhealthy habit perhaps but it has never affected her social skills. Aella is bisexual for the soul reason that she has nothing against being gay or straight, she enjoys the company of both girls and boys, finds both genders attractive and at the age of sixteen decided, to make sure she full-fills her life to it's fullest extent she might as well branch out. She wishes to find a person who will love both the laughing, joking, fun side of her and also the darker, thoughtful, solemn part as well. She is very clever and athletic, mature with a different way of thinking to most other people, she loves Transfiguration and Quidditch - enjoying the calm of magic to the contrast of the rust of adrenaline with Quidditch. All in all she is a person who loves life, loves death and can't wait to get started on both!
Aella Davies was born into a loving family and led a happy -- yet fickle, she know realises -- life until the age of fourteen, when she hit with a curse while out with friends, she was rushed to hospital and barely pulled through, spending nearly six months in St Mungos, even now her vision sometimes blacks out and she is left blind for a few moments - she has learned to accept this as the price to pay for being given a second chance at life. Aella and her family never did find out who cast the curse that nearly killed her and she secretly hopes they never will, this is because she thinks that in some ways her near-death experience did more good than bad and Aella wouldn't dream of going back to the way she was. Aella has a good relationship with her mother and father, brothers and sister - she loves every little thing about them, or has at least learnt to savour and be thankful for every little quirk they own. She especially loves her mother's traditions, being brought up half Japanese and half British was an experience enough and she adored it when her mother used to teach her the Chang family history and when her father spoke proudly of his grandfather - she loves to feel like she's a part of something so big. In her life Aella has had plenty of boyfriends and girlfriends, but they have never been her 'one' and she often ends them quickly so the other person doesn't get too emotionally evolved. Despite their hasty ending all her relationships have ended on a good note and she is still good friends with many of her 'X's. She tells herself she is savings herself for just the right person but truth be told she hasn't found anyone even close yet, who accepts everything about her - the good, the bad and the weird. Fourteen year old, Aella Davies was late and rushing round her room, trying to find various objects that she would need to the night ahead. She grabbed a small, sparkly bag from atop her dressing table and shoved a comb and some lip gloss inside before checking her appearance for the hundredth time in the mirror, fluffing her hair and brushing it back from her face - perfect. Tonight was a big night for her, Ray Jones - her heart throb for nearly three years now - was meeting her and her friends in the park with some of his mates and Aella was hoping that tonight would be the night he kissed her - finally. She and Ray had been beating around the bush for a while now, flirting and touching but neither had made any big move yet, Aella hoped that tonight that would change. Finally ready, Aella took off down the stairs, leaping down them two at a time, 'Mum!' she yelled, 'I'm going!' and with that she hurried out of the door. Before she had even closed the door behind her a voice hailed her from across the street, 'Ella! Where've you been? We were thinking you weren't going to show up!' Turning, Aella saw her best friend, Rosie, waving and surrounded by an equally hyper group of about seven girls, she smiled as she made her was over to them, speaking as she walked, 'Sorry.' Despite Rosie being her best friend since they were little, she tended to annoy Aella no end now they were older so she didn't elaborate on why she was so late and the girls began to walk together, laughing and screaming when a shadow from a street lamp gave one of them a fright. As they walked Aella was pretending to listen to Rosie whine about the latest argument she'd had with her mother, but was really thinking about Ray and how good he was at kissing - she wondered if he had ever kissed a girl properly before, she hoped so, not wanting him to be sloppy and inexperienced when...if he kissed her tonight. Aella nodded automatically as Rosie came to the end of her rant, just as another girl in the group yelled out, excitedly, 'Look! There they are.' Her peers quickly shushed the over-excited girl as they approached the small group of boys that were loitering under a bright street lamp. Aella could see Ray from were they were, taller than the rest and leaning against the brick wall, to her delight she saw he was gazing right at her as they approached and she raised her hand in greeting, smiling. The words didn't even make it out of her mouth before there was a yell somewhere to her left and a flash of blinding orange light, Aella felt her body lift off the ground and fly through the air, hitting the solid wall to her right with a sickening crunch. There was a scream, another yell, someone calling her name, Ray's voice, Rosie's voice, confusion and panic. And then, darkness.
thanks dottie

user posted image
 Posted on: Jan 26 2014, 11:28 AM
Accepted, do the claims. smile.gif

user posted image
^Not my art
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