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 Derek, Theadora Joy, NG|17|gryffindor
 Posted on: Jan 25 2014, 04:19 PM
theadora derek
Full Name: theadora joy derek
Age: 17
Eras: next generation
Usergroup: gryffindor
Played by:cat
Era’s: next generation Character name: theadora joy derek Nicknames: thea Age:17 Birthday: 25/01/2005 Blood Status: half-blood Gender: female Sexuality: Heterosexual but happy to experiment... Occupation: student
wizarding specifics
If your character is a muggle put none or n/a in each section that does not apply to them, if an alumni fill out any former information for when they attended Hogwarts House: Gryffindor Year: 7th Taint: None Wand: White birch wood at twelve and one-half inches long with a core of merfolk hair Broom: Nimbus 2001 Boggart: Being shouted at, Thea hates it - she would rather be hit or something, anything but people raising their voices at her Patronus: A magpie: the animal hoarder, taking shiny objects just because it likes them despite the fact the items are useless Animagus:
Face Claim: Hannah Shitz-Jones Eyes: Stormy grey,, large and almond in shape Hair: Natural blonde, sometimes straight, sometimes wavy, depending how she feels. Past shoulder length with a parting that tends to change position daily. Height/Weight: 5”7’, 170lbs Build: Slim but not particularly small, she has got nice length legs but she always keeps an eye on her weight, knowing that she can put on quite a bit all at once if she isn't careful. Physical/Mental health problems: Thea has Kleptomania, which is an irresistible urge to steal items of trivial value. People with this disorder are generally compelled to steal, but not limited to, objects of little or no significant value, such as pens, paper clips, paper and tape. She is also a hoarder. Habits: -biting the inside skin of her lips and the skin around her nails, until they bleed -robbing the boys and girls she sleeps with of everything they have on them (money, trinkets, diaries, anything really) -hoarding: she has close to five suitcases under her bed filled with other people's possessions Style: Thea's eyes are probably the most startling feature of hers - wide and a beautiful angry grey colour, they always tend to look vaguely surprised no matter how she is feeling but also when she is sad or upset they turn into massive orbs of sorrow that would soften anyone. Her lips are full and have plenty of experience and unfortunately are often what get her all the unwanted attention, that and her curves. Thea's body is nicely shaped, with curves where she wants them and a few where she doesn't but hey, you can't have it all. She's not too thin and her body shape suits her, she knows how to work it and what clothes she looks best in. Her hair falls plenty past her shoulders, often in golden waves but occasionally she straightens in just to try out a new look - it is her pride and joy, however vain that sounds, it is very much a part of her. Although subtle features of her appearance touch at her true personality - her hair, always kept long so it will fall in front of her face when she is embarrassed or feeling particularly shy, also when she is upset - she hides behind it. Also the skin around her nails is rough because of the way she bites at the skin when she is nervous or afraid - is sounds gross but it’s comforting to her, she does the same on the skin of the inside of her lips, sometimes until they bleed.
family & residence
Parents: SEAN and ATHENA [nee AESELON] Siblings: One sister (14) Wealth Status: Middle class Significant Other: Alexander Bletchley Children: None Current Residence: Newcastle, England
Thea has Kleptomania, which is an irresistible urge to steal items of trivial value. However, Thea finds that she would much rather take items of personal value to the person, such as pictures from their purses and wallets, pocket diaries, reminder notes and such items. She also steals money, but not to use it, just because she likes to have it stashed away. She keeps her stolen items beneath her bed in several different suitcases that no one knows about. Thea has quite an array of items in her possession, all stolen, and a small fortune in cash but she treasures every single item and knows each one by its true owner and the year she was in when she acquired it. Generally however, Thea is a very nice girl, on the outside no one would believe that she could be so deceiving - she works hard in school and mostly gets her homework in on time. She worries about her weight but is mostly happy with the way she looks and dresses, she experiments with different things, enjoying the change every now and again. Just a normal girl. But a normal girl with a dark side. When that dark side decides to come out Thea will find a guy or a girl and convince them to sleep with her (this isn't hard seeing as Hogwarts is practically brimming with sluts and whores) and after the sex, when the person is asleep or is otherwise preoccupied Thea will search through their clothing and bags, emptying wallets and grabbing any small personal items she can find. She will be gone before the person wakes up or realizes what has happened. More than a few times this has backfired and the person has either woken up and realized what she is doing or they have approached her the day after. Most of the time Thea just denies any knowledge and as of yet she has not been forced to return a single stolen item - her great big doe eyes doing their job in convincing the person. She's not a vain person but Thea takes pride in her appearance - she doesn't mind too much when boys pass a comment in a corridor she just tends to look at them and smile and wonder how she can get them into bed so she can rob them blind. That is probably the most satisfying thing about her condition and she loves to see the anger in the people's eyes when they confront her about the missing, unfortunately that often comes with a lot of shouting at which point Thea walks away - the fun is over as soon as a person starts shouting.
Thea has had no real trauma in her life that jump-started her Kleptomania, it just kind of increased over the years. When she was younger, before her teenage years, Thea used to like taking things from her mother's purse or bag and then pretend she didn't have them by hiding them behind her back. Her parents always thought it was cute but when she didn't grow out of it and she started taking things that were more valuable that a pack of tissues or a set of keys, like her father's wedding ring and her auntie's gold bracelet at the age of twelve, that was when he parents started to worry. At the age of thirteen Thea was diagnosed with Kleptomania and ever since her parents insist on searching her room every night when she is at home in all the places that they know she hides things. The problem is Thea is smart enough so that she no longer hides the things she steals in her room - oh no, but the suitcases at the back of the dusty garage come in very useful. When she started at school at first Thea had to sneak around the dorms at night or when everyone was in lessons or out at Hogsmeade to satisfy her urge, stealing petty items out of bedside draws and using magic to open locked trunks. She was too young back then to seduce men into bed and steal from them that way. However, her old ways were much less obvious as long as she wasn't seen and she was never suspected as the thief in the first year dorm rooms - another girl was expelled for it. As she grew older however, Thea started experimenting with new ways to go about collecting the items she desired and found that seducing boys and occasionally boys into her bed was a very satisfying way of going about it. Thea would sleep with them and then while they slept or went to the bathroom she ransacked their belongings and stole anything that she saw as valuable. Of course this method brought her much more trouble than the first, much more confrontations and much more lies. It was probably a good thing therefore that Thea is pretty experienced with lying since she had been doing it since she was little and had proved now that she can get herself out of more than a few tight situations. Currently Thea's parents are attempting to get her into some sort of therapy, thinking it would help even the slightest bit but the problem is therapy and shrinks only help people that want to stop what they are doing. Thea on the other hand enjoys what she does, loves it, lives for it, it’s her life and she never ever wants to stop. She thinks about her future and she doesn't think of a family, a house, children, she thinks of all the precious items she could have acquired by that time. She needs someone to pull her out of the rut she has found herself in before she sinks so deep that she can never climb back out.
thanks dottie

user posted image
 Posted on: Jan 26 2014, 11:26 AM
Accepted. Awesome. tongue.gif Claims.

user posted image
^Not my art
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