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 Black, Narcissa Eustella, ME, PTE, NG, POE|17|slytherin
 Posted on: Jan 18 2015, 03:09 PM
narcissa black
Full Name: narcissa eustella black
Age: 17
Eras: marauders, potter trio, next generation, post oppression
Usergroup: slytherin
Played by:hatty
Era’s: marauders, potter trio, next generation, post oppression Character name: narcissa eustella black Nicknames: cissy Age: 17 Birthday: 08/09/1959 Blood Status: pureblood Gender: female Sexuality: heterosexual Occupation: student
wizarding specifics
If your character is a muggle put none or n/a in each section that does not apply to them, if an alumni fill out any former information for when they attended Hogwarts House: Slytherin Year: 6th Taint: none Wand: 12 3/4', Elmwood, Dragon Heartstring. Broom: none Boggart: her father Patronus: silver fox Animagus:
Face Claim: Chloe Grace Moretz Eyes: blue Hair: blonde Height/Weight: 5”7’, 115lbs Build: Tall and lean, more of a gymnast build Physical/Mental health problems: none Habits: wears her hair down when she is alone or thinks she is by herself, keeps a journal that she writes her thoughts in nightly, watches lucius when she thinks he can't see her Style: Narcissa is tall and always carries with her an air of opulence and regality. She really does walk into a room like she does own it.
family & residence
Parents:Cygnus III and Druella Black Siblings: Bellatrix Black, Andromeda Black Wealth Status: Upper class Significant Other: Lucius Malfoy Children: Draco Malfoy, slytherin Current Residence: Somerset - Parents Home (when not at Hogwarts)
Narcissa is a very proud girl who frequently displays a snobby and cold attitude, looking down upon others. Something that has been built into her from her parents and older sister Bellatrix. She believes strongly in the importance of blood purity and values her family's wealth, she is disdainful towards Muggle-borns and so-called "blood traitors". Narcissa is close to her older sisters, especially Bella and her sister knows that she holds a lot of influence over the youngest sibling in their family. Narcissa isn't the 'nicest' one of the threesome, that would go to her sister Andromeda , but she is much nicer that Bella. She is devoted to her family and those people that she loves and cares about. The sharp streak of her only really shows when it comes to those that, has been bred into her, are beneath her. Filfthy mudbloods and blood traitors who have no regard for the purity of their society. The air of importance and regality is always carried with her, for as far as she is concerned - as as her father likes to remind his daughters - they are the princesses of Pureblood society. Likes: Purebloods, her sisters, chocolate frogs, potions class, shopping, books, the outdoors, gardening, slytherins, and a good cup of tea Dislikes: blood traitors, hufflepuffs, her sister bella a lot of the time, her father, butterbeer, winter, the cold, muggle studies, practical jokes, and coffee Veritaserum: Has feelings for Lucius Malfoy and wishes that she could be just a little more like Andromeda and a little less like Bellatrix. Mirror of Erised: To be married to Lucius Malfoy, have a family of their own, and living together as the most respected and admired family in all of the wizarding world. Strengths: never shows her weakness, never shows her fear, smart, understands the need to play 'the game', devoted to family Weaknesses: devotion to her family makes her a bit blind, struggles with following the path she should go down, which sister should she follow, fear of her father, Lucius Malfoy
Narcissa is the youngest of the black daughters and she is the one that struggles the most with which path she should go down. Narcissa was very much her mother's daughter and tended to want to be closer and nearer to her. She was always frightened of the man her father was and saw the relationship her parents had - him being the dominant, overbearing, aggressive man and swore she would NEVER have that with her husband. It was the ever growing aggressiveness of her father that pushed her more and more away from him. Her sister Bella was very much like him and part of her as a child is why Narcissa was very, very careful around her. Narcissa loved her sister of course but it was seeing how much she was like her father that she always guarded herself around her older sister. Narcissa was more inclined to be out and about, meeting people, learning more about society, her magical skills, and spending time in the gardens of her family home. She loved the gardens and it was one of the few times that she felt her mother could be totally at ease, was when they spent time together in the gardens. Seeing her father and mothers relationship drove her to remember that she would be different. The man that she would be with would be one that loved and respected her....and she him. Narcissa was bound and determined to have love in her marriage, with her pure blood husband.
thanks dottie
 Posted on: Mar 14 2015, 06:26 PM
Congrats! Narcissia has been accepted!
Please go fill out your claims and all that stuff.
You know the drill!

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