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 Flint, Sirena Karen, NG|18|alumni
 Posted on: Jan 25 2014, 04:22 PM
sirena flint
Full Name: sirena karen flint
Age: 18
Eras: next generation
Usergroup: alumni
Played by: cat
Era’s: Next Generation Character name: sirena karen flint Nicknames: rena Age: 18 Birthday: 04/03/2004 Blood Status: tainted - vampire (bitten) Gender: female Sexuality: heterosexual Occupation: none
wizarding specifics
If your character is a muggle put none or n/a in each section that does not apply to them, if an alumni fill out any former information for when they attended Hogwarts House: slytherin Year: dropped out Taint: vampire - bitten by Jeramiah Bludd. In Rena's sixth year, she and Miah decided to start dating. However, problems began to arise when Miah's sister Lacy found out about the relationship. The end of Rena's time at hogwarts came when she was attacked and tortured by Lacy. Miah found her just in time but the only way to save her life was to bite and turn her. Wand:13 inches (unlucky for some), slim without ridges, Cherry wood with a unicorn tail hair core Broom: none Boggart: her brother deserting her because their is no such thing as unconditional love and she has done nothing to deserve his love Patronus: snow fox Animagus:
Face Claim: Norah Jones Eyes: big and dark brown, with long lashes Hair: black and wavy Height/Weight: 5”6, 125lbs Build: Small, slim but with curves - a body she's proud to flaunt. Physical/Mental health problems: Rena has problem with addiction and certain paranoid delusions. in the past she has had problems with drugs, alcohol and sleeping around. This was all initiated by the fear of her brother leaving her - a paranoia which still lives in her today. Habits: -Touching her tattoo on her back before and after sex -Twirling her hair around her finger when someone makes her nervous -Switching off the lights before having sex Style: She tends to wear dresses and pumps or dark coloured shirts with jeans, she varies her style with the weather and so it's difficult to assign her a particular dress sense. As often as she can though she wears pretty dresses, about knee length. Lingerie is also a big part of her life, pretty bras and frilly panties are her forte. She has a tattoo on her lower back, signifying the Greek letters alpha and omega - the end and the beginning. She also has multiple scars from an attack by Lacy Bludd and the bite mark from her boyfriend, Miah Bludd, which turned her into a vampire. If people who didn't know her were asked they would probably describe Sirena as innocent, her large doe eyes usually seeling the impression that she is. Her tanned skin and well-shaped body attract plenty of boys her way and when it comes to them she is anything but innocent. Black, wavy hair falls past her shoulders and frames her high, naturally rosy cheekbones. The people who know her best, when they look close enough, can see something hidden in her eyes, something that she is not willing to let anyone see. Sirena isn't short for her age but no exactly tall either, she tends to see her average height as perfect since she can usually kiss most boys without reaching up too much. She has a small tattoo, which she created herself, near the base of spine in the shape of a the Greek letters Alpha and Omega (beginning and end).
family & residence
Parents: Marcus and Tracey Flint Siblings: Samuel Flint (brother) Wealth Status: Middle class Significant Other: Jeramiah Bludd Children: None Current Residence: Florida, USA
Sirena is quiet and shy to everyone except for the boys she gets into bed, this is probably the reason so many people think they can walk all over her. Unfortunately she tends to let them, despite the fact that she could stop them, she has no desire for control and won't turn down any boys advances no matter how violent or uncaring they may seem. She doesn't believe she is worth anything and has long since given up trying to prove to anyone that she is. As she doesn't believe in unconditional love Sirena is terrified that her beloved older brother will desert her if she doesn't constantly put herself in danger and so having sex has become an addiction in attempts to keep his attention. It isn't as though she tells him what she is doing and instead relies on the gossip to reach him. She always switches the lights off before having sex with a boy as often she cries and if they see that they tend to stop what they are doing. The tattoo on the small of her back signifies her longing and addiction to the beginning of a relationship and her need for it to end just as quickly - she doesn't trust boys who insist they love her and is very closed off when it comes to emotionally close relationships. Rena has a sarcasm which is endearing to those who know her well but can be intimidating to those who have only just met her. That, of course, is the point of it. With the people she is close to she is bubbly and funny, however with people she doesn't know she can be suspicious and blunt when she's talking to them. She doesn't trust easily but she is very good and faking friendliness.
Sirena had a wonderful childhood with her family, following her older brother to the end of the earth if that’s where he went, she idolised him and always looked for him for advice. As she matured, the attention from the boys around her also grew and Sirena found out that she fell in love too easily - after having her heart broken on several occasions she gave up and stayed even closer to her brother. She soon began to realise that even her brother might reject her and as the years went on she tried desperate measures to keep him protecting her and at the age of sixteen settled on one. It quickly became an addiction, although she would never admit it, nor would she admit her past addictions - drugs, alcohol both playing a part in her teenage years. Noticing the changes in her, the whole Flint family tried to help but Sirena, disgusted with herself, pushed them away, all except her brother. Her life at Hogwarts isn't very different from her one at home, her friend's probably suspect what she does but they never talk about it and she never tells them - an uneasy agreement. Plenty of rumours fly round about her spread by the boys she leaves while they are still asleep, but usually the gossip dies out quickly, with too many people not believing that she would be capable of doing anything like that. Hogwarts History: In her first few years at Hogwarts Rena had a bit of a wild time, she lived for drugs and alcohol and soon after she became comfortable with her surroundings she started sleeping around with different boys. she became friends with a vampire named Miah Bludd but ensured it would never go any further than that. however, as the years progressed the two best friends became closer and Rena realised that he might have been one of the only people who wasn't going to betray her. in Rena's sixth year, she and Miah decided to start dating and Rena had to admit that she had never been happier. However, problems began to arise when Miah's sister Lacy found out about the relationship. the end of Rena's time at hogwarts came when she was attacked and tortured by Lacy. Miah found her just in time but the only way to save her life was to bite and turn her. The next day Rena and Miah left school and moved to Florida.
thanks dottie

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 Posted on: Jan 25 2014, 04:52 PM
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