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 Avery, Zara Isola, NG, POE|18|alumni
 Posted on: Jan 25 2014, 04:23 PM
zara avery
Full Name: zara isola avery (nee greyback)
Age: 18
Eras: next generation, post oppression
Usergroup: alumni
Played by: cat
Era’s: Next Generation, Post Oppression Character name: zara isola avery (nee greyback) Nicknames: none Age: 18 Birthday: 26/05/2004 Blood Status: tainted - werewolf (born) Gender: female Sexuality: heterosexual Occupation: nurse in Hogwart’s hospital wing (POE)
wizarding specifics
If your character is a muggle put none or n/a in each section that does not apply to them, if an alumni fill out any former information for when they attended Hogwarts House: slytherin Year: 7th Taint: werewolf - born and raise with the infamous Fenrir Greyback as a father Wand: 10", Birch, core is were-wolf tail hair Broom: firebolt Boggart: her father Patronus: she-wolf Animagus:
Face Claim: Sandi Thom Eyes: Very dark brown, are often mistaken as black. Hair: Tatty, dark brown and most of the time all over the place and uncontrollable Height/Weight: 5”8, 122lbs Build: She is thin, very thin but tall and many people would call her lanky. Physical/Mental health problems: None really, unless you count anxiety over her father. Also, not a problem but, Devon and Zara have the claim - as a werewolf Zara claimed Devon, meaning that they can communicate through their minds without having to speak. They are much more attuned to the other's thoughts and feelings also. Habits: -Raising her eyebrows and pouting her lips -running her tongue over her teeth as they transform -biting her lips Style: Zara's straight brown hair, which was originally wavy, frames her pale skinned face and dark brown, oval eyes. She has a small tatoo of a full moon on her left ankle (which is identical to her other brothers and sisters, and courtesy of her manic father). The scars which cover her back tell the story of years growing up in the house of your uncontrollable were-wolf father. Over the years she has learnt that pouting lips and a raised eyebrow are the expressions that best suit her face. To look at her body, many girls would be jealous of her flat stomach and small breasts and perfectly defined thigh gap but what most of them don't know or understand is that it's from many years of malnutrition from forcing herself not to eat meat and therefore not getting the adequate amount of nutrients. Her hips are well defined, as are her cheek bones and she hates it all. Zara has long limbs, when she was younger she was skinny but as she has grown older, with a better lifestyle and family she has filled out a bit. Zara wears a lot of black, usually jeans and a plain t-shirt. Very rarely would she be caught wearing a dress or skirt of any kind. Her hair is usually left to it's own devices or swept back into a pony tail if the tendrils start to irritate her. She doesn't like showing off a lot of her body as she is very self-conscious and hates to be the center of attention for any reason, good or bad.
family & residence
Parents: Fenrir Grayback and a woman named Lowie Higgins (who, when Zara finally found her, told her daughter that she never wanted to see her filthy type near her house again.) Siblings: She has five half-brothers and two half-sisters Wealth Status: Upper class Significant Other: Devon Avery Children: Kora Avery and Ryan Avery (twins) Noah Avery (unborn) Current Residence: Avery Manor
Zara is a very withdrawn girl who doesn't enjoy talking to people who she hasn't formed a bond with, she loves to just sit by herself and think or read. Her hatred of seeing animals being killed means when she changes with the full moon she separates herself from her family especially her father. She has hated her father since she was old enough to realise what he was and what he had done to her mother. Since Zara met Devon and they finally became a family with their two baby twins, Zara has become a lot more open, a lot happier and trusting than she ever has before. She still keeps secrets and hides herself even when she knows she shouldn't but that's very possible to stay the same for the rest of her life - just another thing her father left her with.
Hogwarts History: Zara has lived with her father, brothers and sisters her whole life - not wanted by her mother and an outcast to society. With no where to go that was safer she was forced to stay with her father in the family manor, once Fenrir realised that he had a daughter whose hatred towards him was so great he made her the runt of the family, the outcast - when transformed he often attacks Zara, whether she is in wolf-form or not. At the age of thirteen she set out to find her mother but was viciously rebuked and cast back to her father, at the age of fourteen she became vegetarian, in the hope her father may give up on her and leave her alone (no such luck yet), when she and her family transform to hunt, Zara separates herself and waits in the forest by her favourite lake to change back. In Depth History: During her seventh year at Hogwarts School, Zara and Devon got engaged and she gave birth to their first two children, Kora and Ryan. Since then Devon and Zara have graduated early from school and moved in with Devon's parents. This would not have been Zara's first choice of course and she can't say she enjoys the time but she does it for Devon and the twins. Devon and Zara have just married and are currently enjoying a break from the hustle and bustle of family life on their honeymoon. One rather large surprise which they have just discovered however is that Zara is pregnant again. Having decided to keep it Zara and Devon now prepare for the new addition to their family, while still getting used to life as young parents.
thanks dottie

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 Posted on: Jan 25 2014, 04:46 PM
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