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 Harrison, Storm Meredith, NG|17|slytherin
 Posted on: Jan 25 2014, 04:24 PM
storm harrison
Full Name: storm meredith harrison
Age: 17
Eras: next generation
Usergroup: slytherin
Played by: cat
Era’s: Next Generation Character name: storm meredith harrison Nicknames: none Age: 17 Birthday: 04/04/2004 Blood Status: pureblood Gender: female Sexuality: bi-curious Occupation: student
wizarding specifics
If your character is a muggle put none or n/a in each section that does not apply to them, if an alumni fill out any former information for when they attended Hogwarts House: slytherin Year: 7th Taint: none Wand: a holly wand. In length, it is twelve inches long. The core consists of kraken beak. Broom: nimbus 2000 Boggart:Her smaller fear consist of such things as gaining too much weight or finding herself in a cushy, comfortable relationship where she feels trapped, but what Storm really fears, what really keeps her up at night is herself. Her own dark mind is what terrifies her. Her need and want to hurt people, to see them in pain, is almost overwhelming some times and this is exactly what terrifies her the most - she is in a constant battle with the monster that is she. Patronus: wasp Animagus:
Face Claim: Mia Wasikowska Eyes: Chocolately brown eyes, which are a dark contrast to her pale skin but match her hair colour almost perfectly Hair: Naturally, it is a rich brown colour, thick and wavy, the type that when you run your fingers through it almost feels like velvet, its usually about shoulder length but Storm likes to change it around some times depending on her mood lately. Height/Weight: 5”8, 130lbs Build: Tall and slim, but with pronounced hips and breasts. Physical/Mental health problems: she has an obsessive personality Habits: -Falling for the bad boys, Storm has quite a reputation, gained from dating a selection of boys, also with a reputation, usually a reputation as players or jerks, but sometimes worse. Storm finds she enjoys the drama, the arguments and the adrenaline, that is until she's left all alone again. -Watching people - she has a habit of just sitting somewhere out of the way and watching people as they walk past, making up little stories for them in her head or judging them as they go about their daily routine. -Inspecting her naked body in the mirror every night before she goes to sleep, she insists to herself that she isn't obsessing but she does it every night without fail and is constantly worried about that little bit of weight she seems to have gained. Style: With her perfect oval face and porceilin skin Storm is certainly a site for sore eyes and can turn more than a few heads when she is making her way to classes or is out in Hogsmeade. Its not exactly attention that she wants but Storm doesn't reject it, simply letting those who wish to look and letting those who don't get on with their lives. She never makes a great deal of effort, wearing very little makeup if any, usually only when she is getting dressed up. The only feature she spends a particularly long time on is her hair, which she changed depending on her mood, the weather, what classes she has, which boys she is seeing, it varies. She stands at a healthy 5"8, taller than a lot of girls her age but not so much so that she stands out, perhaps a little underweight for what she should be Storm feels like she struggles to keep her figure the way it is, noticing when she puts weight on but rarely when she loses it. As a result, although she doesn't make a big deal out of it, Storm loses more weight than necessary or healthy as she tries to keep her curves and figure the way she wants it. Her skin is naturally slightly tanned, which is only really noticeable in some lights, but apparently the colouring stems from somewhere way back in her family history, some Italian relative or other, Storm never really paid attention. Her skin is strange in that respect - in some lights she can look so pale she is almost doll-like in appearance, while in the natural light of the morning sun her tan is very obvious, it varies, like her and like her moods.
family & residence
Parents: Jo and Peter Harrison Siblings: One older brother, who she attempts to avoid as he is over-bearing and protective Wealth Status: Middle class Significant Other: none Children: None Current Residence: London, England
Storm is an odd girl, even those who have decided that they know her well and are close friends of hers, don't actually know the real her at all. This isn't because Storm is putting on a front or hiding her true self she would just rather not try and get close to people and as a result no one really knows what she is truly like. Storm doesn't try to correct people who pretend to be close to her - she doesn't have the energy to deal with such insignificant people. Something she has found throughout her life, however, is that she is usually quite popular with certain types of people and this inevitably results in people attempting to be her friends. However, the thing is - Storm isn't looking for friends, she is looking for a lover, someone who she can truly be happy with. Unfortunately, this could be harder than it sounds - you see, Storm doesn't know what she wants and sometimes she can only be truly happy when she is in a relationship that makes her utterly unhappy, if you can get your head around that. You see, arguments and drama are what keeps her interested, she doesn't see them as a good thing, she sees it as something that proves just how much passion there is in the relationship. That has to be there or she will just walk away - she loves to be hated. However, this is not the end of the complicated tangle, which is how her mind works, Storm has an unnerving urge to see people in physical pain. She becomes intrigued with watching the way their face twists and sometimes even the way you can see the agony written all over their features. When she was younger, she was less able to control this urge and once it actually became so back that she pushed a boy off a jungle gym to watch him when he hit the ground. Of course, Storm hasn't done anything similar since and that day often haunts her in a way that she can't seem to shake but that doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy it in a deep and strangely twisted way when she sees someone gasp or cry out in pain. This does occasionally provoke fear within her but Storm rarely shows it - she rarely shows her emotions to anyone at all, fear least of all but never the less it is something about herself that disturbs her to the core. Strom also has an obsession with her weight, although she generally eats quite healthily if she discovers (and she will discover it) that she had gained one or two pounds then Strom will react violently and some times won't eat for days, be constantly exercising and taking slimming drugs until she has dropped far below what she was in the first place. She doesn't see this as unhealthy as long as she doesn't gain any weight. Storm has never quite grasped where this habit of constantly watching her weight stems from, to her knowledge there has been nothing in her past to set it off but she just tends to think - what the f**k that's life. She just can't seem to break the habit and she panics and becomes uncomfortable if she tries. There is no doubt that Storm is pretty messed up and is a very confused and twisted girl beneath her beautiful exterior, however, despite all that she is only looking for exactly what everyone else is - to be happy.... her happy might just look slightly different to everyone else's.
Storm was born into nice normal, middle-class wizarding family, nothing particually abnormal and nothing obvious that could be chosen as the aspect that would shape her into the person she became. Maybe there was something, just something small, that changed her but if there was Storm herself couldn't fathom it because to her and everyone else her unbringing was completely normal - if such a thing existed. At around the around of ten Storm first started showing signs that perhaps there was a darker side to her than what most people saw on the outside. While at the park one chilly autumn evening she pushed a young boy off the wooden climbing frame he was scaling, simply because she wanted to see what it felt like to hurt someone else and to watch someone in pain. The boy broke his arm in two places and his collar bone was shattered but Storm watched from above the pain on his face as he began to cry and she found, even at such a young age, that she enjoyed it, of course only she became aware of it for she never told anyone what happened that day and when his parents found the boy Storm was long gone and it was assumed he had slipped and fallen on a damp leaf or some such thing. Storm often has dreams of the moment she pushed the young boy, her mind filling in the gaps in her memory and often waking her in the middle of the night with dark thoughts and making her moody and brooding for the rest of that day. Through her childhood Storm and her older brother were practically inseperable, they went everywhere together, did everything together and defended one another if the other had found themselves in some sort of trouble. However, unlike what would be expected to happen as the two grew older, it was Storm who began to distance herself from her brother and although he found friends he preffered to hang out with Storm was always aware that he kept a closer eye on her than she would like. This only seemed to become more obvious and more apparent as they started school, some times getting to the point where Storm couldn't even talk to another boy in her brother's presense unless she wanted to feel him tense up beside her and practically hear the grinding of his teeth. It all became a bit too much for Storm, especially as she started finding herself wanting to dte guys that treated her badly more and more and so she distanced herself from her brother to the farest point possible and stopped speaking to him within the school walls, completely cutting herself off from him and her family to a certain extent as well. Her brother seemed to get the message somewhat but Storm still has the suspicion that he still keeps a beady eye on her but just in a more subtle way. Strom's relationships during her time in school have been brief, when she first started dating boys who would bring her flowers and do whatever she wanted Storm found herself getting bored pretty quickly and she was usually the one to end it. She quite quickly discovered her need for passion and drama and a certain level of hatred in a relationship however, and as soon as she began dating guys who had reputations as players or a history of a nasty temper she found herself much more interested and willing for the relationship to go further. She couldn't say she had truly fallen for any of them - it was more like a game to her, seeing how far she could push herself in a relationship and indeed also how far she could push them before they snapped. These relationships often didn't last much longer than the first few and were almost completely made up of furious arguments but Storm found that was what she liked... for the most part. However, it just seemed that none of them were able to keep her interested for long enough and Storm often found herself becoming bored yet again and the relationship would end.
thanks dottie

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 Posted on: Jan 25 2014, 04:51 PM
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