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 Krum, Elena Sylvia, NG|16|gryffindor
 Posted on: Jan 25 2014, 04:25 PM
elena krum
Full Name: elena sylvia krum
Age: 16
Eras: next generation
Usergroup: gryffindor
Played by: cat
Era’s: Next Generation Character name: elena sylvia krum Nicknames: lena Age: 16 Birthday: 13/04/2004 Blood Status: pureblood Gender: female Sexuality: heterosexual Occupation: student
wizarding specifics
If your character is a muggle put none or n/a in each section that does not apply to them, if an alumni fill out any former information for when they attended Hogwarts House: gryffindor Year: 6th Taint: none Wand: A walnut wand. The length is ten and one-half inches long. Core is salamander claw. Broom: cleansweep Boggart:Lena is terrified of sentimental situations because she simply just doesn’t know how to react in them and she is scared that this will affect a relationship with someone she holds close. Apologies and great confessions of love just aren’t her thing but that doesn’t mean she’ll let guys treat her like crap. Patronus: tiger shark Animagus:
Face Claim: Dido Armstrong Eyes: greyish blue, almond shape and large Hair: shoulder length, thin, straight and dirty blonde Height/Weight: 5”4, 120lbs Build: small and slim, but with pronounced hips and breasts. Physical/Mental health problems: none Habits: During sex she tends to use some of her dance moves, it usually works to her advantage as well. - Conjuring roses when she is upset so she can stare at them for hours on end. - Diving into the Black Lake no matter what the weather just because she can. Style: Lena isn’t really one of those typically pretty girls but the longer you look at her the more beautiful she becomes. An elfin face, framed by dirty blonde hair, would make someone look twice at Lena and when she smiles even the darkest room could light up. Even in some of her scarier moods Lena can manage to smile, it is just something about her personality – she still has faith in life. Well-worked and slim, Lena’s body is fluid in all her movements, in fact again elfin would be a good way to describe her, perhaps she has some Vela blood somewhere in her past. With the amount of dancing she does her body has become toned but not so much so that it is unpleasant to touch and look at, Lena would never let that happen. Her eyes are a murky blue, almost grey and they often appear alluring and mysterious even if Lena doesn’t intend for them to be that way, although it is certainly an advantage in her line of work. Some may say she is short and too thin but Lena likes her shape and size, she uses it every day and has never wished she was any taller or curvier. She has managed to disguise her accent very well since leaving Sweden, as she was only young when her family moved and now the slight lilt to her words that remains manages to make her voice alluring and sexy, even in her worst moments.
family & residence
Parents: VIKTOR and BELLADONA [nee HASTINGS] Siblings: One older brother Wealth Status: Middle class Significant Other: none Children: None Current Residence: A tiny little village with an unmemorable name in the middle of the Yorkshire moors.
What is there to say about Elena Krum? Well, she is a lot like her father – she strives to get what she wants and she will fight for it to the end. Both a weakness and a strength depending on the situation. She keeps secrets and she knows people keep things from her, which she accepts because that is how life works. Her secret life as a strip club dancer means she often has a lot more to hide from her family but Lena wouldn’t give it up for the world – it has given her confidence and pride in who she is and most of all it has made her realize exactly what she wants in life – not the guys who ogle and gape at her from the side lines. Lena wants a man who can take a chance with her, but not a guy that treats her badly, unless she asks for it of course, for example during sex. He must be sweet and kind, charming and loving but not gooey and over-sensitive and he must above all have a mysterious and dangerous side. This side has to excite her every moment, basically she just doesn’t want to be bored. Oh yeah, a little scary, huh? How she knows exactly what she wants? Sport isn’t a massive part of her life, Lena doesn’t let it run everything she does. Although yes, she is in shape, she knows her limits and she pushes them but if she didn’t enjoy her dancing so much Lena probably wouldn’t do much exercise at all. However, she does swim rather well. Never competitively, that would be too much effort but of an evening she can often be found diving in and out of the Black Lake, simply enjoying the feel of the water flowing over her skin and the way she can move so fluidly through it. Lena hasn’t let anything become her whole life yet because she knows when she find that perfect man he will take up that position instantly.
Well say hello to a girl who has a pretty normal history and yet turned out just a little odd. Despite being born in a typical Swedish house in the very centre of the country Elena doesn’t see her father’s home country as her own, England has always been the place she calls home and it is doubtful she will ever go back to Sweden as her father intended. At the tender age of fifteen Lena began a part-time career as a pole dancer in the nearest vaguely decent strip club she could find and she still has to be careful, it is far from being free from sleazy men. She has made it a rule never to strip - her dancing is strictly in clothing, even if the outfits are skimpy and she doesn’t have sex with anyone she meets at the club. No, she is very professional and is only in it for the money, well and the enjoyment of dancing in sparkly underwear. During her time at Hogwarts Elena has been far from celibate but no yet has she found that particular guy who fits all her strict criteria’s – wanting a guy that can excite her leaves dangerous room for bastards. Ever been in love? She doesn’t think so, no, not yet but when she does finally find Him she knows she will fall hard and fast. Drink has played quite a big part in her life so far but Lena isn’t stupid and knows when to stop herself before she becomes so far gone that anyone could take advantage and as of yet no one ever has. She is strong even through all her weaknesses and men often sense that about her. This girl means business. Enjoying her sixth year in Hogwarts School, yes, Lena would probably say that – she is a fast learner and has always done well in lessons and exams (taking after her mother rather than her father in that area). It wouldn’t be long, in fact, before she decides to move out of her parent’s house, Lena believes that she has proven, to herself if no one else, that she is fully capable of looking after herself. Now she’s ready to go off into the wide world in search of that guy and a life that she can’t lead under the not-so-watchful eye of her parents.
thanks dottie

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 Posted on: Jan 25 2014, 04:50 PM
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