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 Avery, Adora Michelle, PTE, NG|18|alumni
 Posted on: Jan 25 2014, 04:33 PM
adora avery
Full Name: adora michelle avery (nee white)
Age: 18
Eras: Potter Trio Era, Next Generation
Usergroup: alumni
Played by: cat
Era’s: Potter Trio, Next Generation, Post Oppression Character name: adora michelle avery (nee white) Nicknames: none Age: 18 Birthday: 16/05/1978 Blood Status: pureblood Gender: female Sexuality: heterosexual Occupation: nurse at St Mungo’s (NG)
wizarding specifics
If your character is a muggle put none or n/a in each section that does not apply to them, if an alumni fill out any former information for when they attended Hogwarts House: gryffindor Year: 7th Taint: none Wand: A willow wand. The length is just a bit over seven and three quarters inches long. This wand's core is unicorn tail hair Broom: none Boggart: Losing what is hers, losing the love of her loved ones (later on her husband Apollo and her children) to another and being the only one holding a family/relationship together. Patronus: Quail: Group-work, team play, creator of harmony and group tolerance, protectiveness (especially toward children) Animagus:
Face Claim: Ellen Pompeo Eyes: Her eyes are a beautiful crystal sky blue, oval-shaped so her cheek bones stand out even more defined, framed by long, thick lashes.. Hair: Adora's hair is a very light brown color, almost blond. It flows past her shoulders to about the middle of her back. She often pulls it up into a tight bun on the back of her head to keep it out of her face when she is working. Height/Weight: 5”6, 125lbs Build: Slim with fewer curves than she would like but a decent height she thinks Physical/Mental health problems: None Habits: Twirling her hair around her finger, singing to herself when she is concentrating, stroking Apollo's cheek when she need comfort Style: Although not particularly sporty, Adora manages to keep her slim physique easily enough and all round she has a beautiful body. Smooth contours and full lips are the most prominent features of Adora's face, her skin is pale in colour, more so than she would like and quite often in the summer her nose and cheeks are covered with freckles. Her ears are hidden neatly by her hair, which she always tries to wear down unless she's working as she hates the way her ears stick out when its up in a pony-tail or tucked behind her ears. Adora has been through all the phases and has finally settled with the simple, stylish and pretty clothing, she doesn't do lace and ribbons, just light coloured blouses, jeans or tight black pants and flat ballet shoes. She'll wear skirts, usually pleated and shorts in the summer as she loves to show off her legs, the same as many girls do, even if they don't admit to it.
family & residence
Parents: Jennifer White (nee Robinson), 49, Teacher/Order of the Pheonix member, Order of the Pheonix, Gryffindor Rupert White, 54, Doctor, Order of the Pheonix, Gryffindor Siblings: none Wealth Status: A sustatial amount of money, enough to be more well-off than most other people and own a large country house in the depths of England Significant Other: Apollo Avery Children: (In NG) Devon Avery, seventeen, Slytherin Whitney Avery, sixteen, Slytherin Hayden Avery, fifteen, Slytherin Zara Greyback, seventeen, Slytherin (daughter in law) Grandchildren: (In NG) Kora Avery Ryan Avery Noah Avery Current Residence: Avery Manor, England
Adora is a sensitive soul but also extremely passionate and can be a little overbearing, she is part of the Order of the Pheonix and is passionate about what they fight for. She has a strong temper but often keeps it under wraps and hidden until she needs it in an argument then it comes out full force and raging. She quite often thinks she right... well who's kidding - she is always right in her mind and can be very controlling if she thinks something is being done wrong. However, that doesn't mean she isn't kind underneath the hard shell and Adora has the most caring and loving heart you'll ever find. Adora quiet possibly looks like your typical blonde airhead, but she's far from that. Adora is the type of girl who has ideas and opinions on everything. She's the type who'll think on a problem for several days before coming to a proper solution on it. She doesn't let many people control or talk down to her either. She is a fun loving and outgoing girl. She tries to make herself easy to talk to and easy to get along with, though nobody's perfect. She has a temper, but it takes either a lot of annoying people or one major problem to make her blow a fuse like that. On these occasions, she has no respect for authority and tends to seriously maim people. She's always eager to learn. She craves knowledge, especially in the art of healing and helping others. She loved helping others so much when she was younger that she joined the Order of the Phoenix at the tender age of fourteen and was an avid participator in Dumbledore’s Army. She helped heal the injured during the war. Nursing and healing is a passion of hers that she holds close and dear to her heart. Adora is typically very easy to get along with but one should be cautious of her quick temper when things to not go her way. Her and Apollo have often fought endlessly over their opposing views in the war. She is a very confident and adventurous person. She does not really care what people think of her and does anything she likes. She's brave, sweet to certain people and beautiful. Her favorite subjects would be Herbology and Potions. Adora was very bright in school, quite possibly the brightest girl in her year. She flourished in classes that offered forms of healing such as potions, herbology and care of magical creatures. She often spent time in the hospital wing with the nurse. That was until their views and opinions began to clash in her seventh year. She loves learning about the creatures of the magical world and how to defeat them. Adora's favorite thing to do ever, would be to spend time with Apollo when he’s not grumpy and carrying on and on about the war and being depressing. Speaking of Apollo, despite their huge differences in opinions he means more to her than anyone else in the world, a love that is truly forbidden in so many ways. She likes to have things go her way. She is somewhat a control freak. Which is what ulimately lead to her clash with the school nurse. She's sensitive and protective of those that she holds dear to her heart. In the future her children especially her son Devon are her entire world. She fusses over him more than nessesary, it is possibly due to his speak issues and his extremely shy personality. She feels he needs more protection than her other two children.
Hogwarts History: She was born to a Rupert and Jennifer White in the city of bath and for the most part of her childhood she spent living the perfect city life, her parents were never secretive with her about the wizarding world and from a very early age she was taught that no one should have power or rights over anyone else and that blood status or parents shouldn't be taken into account. It was the person's heart that counted - that was what he father always used to tell her. Adora kept that knowledge close to her heart all the way through school and so when she met the dark and troubled boy that was Apollo Avery she looked past what he thought about himself and his opinions on the dark arts and instead slowly began to see him for who he was inside. After that the two began fast friends and soon they were practically inseparable and unbelievably close. They never really spoke about which side they were each on, mostly because it didn't matter in their day-to-day lives. However, when the first word of war reached their ears, a couple of years after they had both graduated, tensions began to rise. In Depth History: Adora tried not to let it affect their friendship but some of the arguements they had about the approaching war were enough to shake the walls of the house they shared together. They would go for days without speaking, Adora having begged and begged Apollo to give up his position in the Death Eaters and only suceeding in bringing out Apollo's darker side, his temper and his anger. No matter what was said during this period in their lives however, the underlining factor was always - both were afraid that in the upcoming war they would lose the other. With no changes, the war came and Adora fought on the opposite side to the boy she loved so dearly, she watched him kill her friends, innocent children and teachers. It took her a long time to get her head around what had happened and all her love for Apollo to stay by his side after the terrible things he had done. She did however, knowing that he regretted it more that she could understand herself. It took a while but once they were finally back on track Adora and Apollo began to fix up his parents house and not long after Apollo proposed. Today Adora still loves Apollo as much as she did the day they returned from the war and saw the regret in his eyes, that is not to say they don't have furious, raging arguments still but since the birth of their three children Adora has found other things to focus her attention on, rather than her frustration at Apollo. In the future, Apollo and Adora have three beautiful children, and to their surprise only seventeen years late they are introduced to their son’s twin babies, Ryan and Kora. Adora can’t say that she approves of her son’s poor planning but she loves her family more than anything and would do anything to protect them.
thanks dottie

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 Posted on: Jan 25 2014, 04:43 PM
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