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Welcome to Relashio! A multi-era Harry Potter role playing forum! Relashio acknowledges and allows members to included Cursed Child in its lore, and any canon threads following the lore may contain spoilers! Relashio is Jcink Premium and has a 3-3-3 content rating. Which means, 18+. No members will be accepted under the 18 due to our mature content rating, no exceptions. All types of players are welcome here. Our role play is character driven and most canon plots are alternate universe, however canon is allowed too. How you play is up to you! If you need any help at all please feel free to use our cbox!

Awards Relashio has won:
MC#75: No Word Count 3/2015
MC#93: Slow But Steady 12/2015
MC#111: Pottermania 08/2016
MC#125: No Word Count 03/2017

Founded: September 30, 2010
Jcink Switch: January 21, 2014


Marauders Era Setting: 1977, Spring.
Potter Trio Era Setting: 1996, Fall.
Next Generation Era Setting: 2022, Fall.
Post Oppression Era Setting:2037, Fall.

All eras accepting Original!
Canon accepted all eras!
Play your favorite canons as you want! AU plots are accepted! Did your favorite die in the books? Guess what, they don't have to here! Play them in eras other wise unable to play them!

Please add to your email contacts!
August 7, 2017: Welcome to our newest member: Junkrat! We are super excited to have you here with us! Just a reminder everyone Relashio is turning 7 at the end of September! It's crazy thinking we have been around for so long! The Staff team has some new and exciting things up our sleeves that we can not wait to release on Relashio's birthday!

April 3, 2017: Welcome to our newest members: Havoc, Ellie and Stef! We look forward to seeing your characters and plots develop!

March 19, 2017: We have updated out application template! We went from 7 apps down to 1! Check it out, here! Be sure to read all the instructions!


 Quick Start Guide, Revised 05/07/2017
 Posted: Jan 25 2014, 06:29 PM

First Year Guide!
- - Guide to getting started on Relashio! - -

Greetings! Welcome to Relashio! We are so happy to have you here! This is the complete guide to getting started in Relashio, right from registering your character to getting into a thread with another roleplayer!

Relashio acknowledges and allows members to included Cursed Child in its lore, and any canon threads following the lore may contain spoilers!

Relashio is Jcink Premium and has a 3-3-3 content rating. Which means, we are 18+. No members will be accepted under the age of 17 (preferably 18) due to our mature content rating, no exceptions.

Step 1: Read the Rules and register with an OOC account
This step is easy: Rules & Registering

Step 2: Finding a name and registering your character

2.A: Decide on an era (a time for you character to be based in) - the choices are:

- Marauder's Era: 1977, Spring at Hogwarts. Originals & Canon! (Set at the time when Sirius Black; James Potter; Remus Lupin and Peter Petigrew were at Hogwarts as students.)

- Potter Trio Era: Setting: 1996, Fall at Hogwarts. Originals & Canon! (Set at the time when Harry, Ron and Hermione were in Hogwarts as student, 6th year.)

- Next Generation Era: 2022, Fall at Hogwarts. Originals & Canon! (Set at the time when the children of Harry, Ron, Hermione and others are attending school. This is our most popular era)

Note: Marauder’s, Potter Trio and Next Generation era's are character driven plots. Canon and Alternate universe plots are allowed. No plot is available for them.

- Post Oppression Era: 2037, Fall at Hogwarts. Canon & Originals Only! (This is new and set sixteen years after the Next Gen era) You can find the plot here.

2.B: Character Creation-Original or Canon?

Even if you decide to make an original take a look at the Canon list and have a scroll through it. You will find a list of the canon's that are already taken here on Relashio. If it isn't listed, it is available. Now that you have gotten an idea of what's already on the board, start thinking about your original character name. Also, if you are worried about not getting a plot right off the bat, the wanted ads have built in friends/plots, and are great for a new member to jump in from!

Register with your character name as your username and then go here - click me! and let us know when you are ready via PM, or via the cbox!

Step 3: Yay! You've been accepted!

Once an admin has accepted your account it means you can start on you Application

3A: The Application, filling it in and posting it correctly
Our Application can be found here!
- Copy the code for your application!
- Click the New Topic button & paste the code
- Title the topic with character name: 'Last Name, First Middle'
- Description: “eras|age|usergroup”
- add the proper era and usergroup tag for your character (see application thread for instructions)
- Post, and inform an admin via PM or via the cbox that your application is finished.

- Help choosing a patronus, wand and even a broom can be found here.

Step 4: Being accepted and completing your claims

Once your character is accepted by an admin it will be moved into the correct section of the Ministry Files automatically so don't worry if your Application seems to disappear from the Apply section. Its a good thing! It now means that you are just one step away from starting to roleplay.
Once accepted you need to fill in your claims , you can find the Claims forum here!

In the Pinned topics you will find 'Who We Are and Who We Play' - this topic is our face claims and who's who, that you need to fill out, the other claims are optional such as if you want your character to be a Prefect or part of the Quidditch team click on the era your character is in and follow the same procedure. You will see that each era has it’s own set of claims. Make sure you are using the correct era. Bonus claims are for all era’s. There are some bonus claims for Animagus forms and Vampire's and Werewolves.

Step 5: Posting your first roleplay piece

We suggest:
-Asking in the Cbox if anyone has a plot they want to play with you
-Posting in other people's plotters or making up a Sub-Plot. Plotters are OPTIONAL!
-Posting a plot others can join you in or in the wanted ads.
- Start an open topic for others to respond to!
Congratulations! You have completed your first steps in Relashio's Roleplay! Have fun! If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask! You can use the cbox, PM or our questions section.

Additional Resources:
Relashio Family Clock - away board
Relashio, A History
Warnings, Rating, Abbreviations

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