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 Cooper, Ryder Evan, post oppression|17|slytherin
 Posted on: Jul 13 2015, 04:55 PM
ryder cooper
Full Name: ryder evan cooper
Age: 17
Eras: post oppression
Usergroup: slytherin
Played by:Emily
Era’s: post oppression Character name: ryder evan cooper Nicknames: Ry by the few he trusts. Usually just Ryder. Age: 17 Birthday: 13/17/2020 Blood Status: muggleborn Gender: male Sexuality: heterosexual Occupation: student
wizarding specifics
If your character is a muggle put none or n/a in each section that does not apply to them, if an alumni fill out any former information for when they attended Hogwarts House: Slytherin Year: 7th Taint:None Wand: His wand is very unique and unpredictable much like he is. The wood work is made with Alder wood, rarely used due to it's bleeding color. It's core is made from Doxy Wings and a phoenix feather. They are entwined together deep within it's core. In legnth it is eleven and a half inches. The base has small vine like patterns carved into it. Broom:none Boggart: his birth parents Patronus:Jaguar - Chaos, shape-shifter, aggressiveness, power Animagus:
Face Claim: Josh Hartnett Eyes: dark brown Hair: dark brown Height/Weight: 5”11’, 152lbs Build: tall, thin, muscular Physical/Mental health problems: He's a little messed up in the head, he has serious anxiety issues, he's untrusting and very OCD about everything Habits:- sneaking out onto the grounds at night to sit high up in a tree reading a good book. - Running his hands through his hair when he is frustrated, upset, uncomfortable, nervous..ect. - Biting his lip. - Losing control of his temper. - Aparating into the muggle world Style: His abs seems as if carved by the Gods how he likes to put it almost as everything else. He wears his school uniform with pride. He often wears his robe but on days like Saturday he'll walk around in jeans and either a button up shirt or just a plain tee. His plain clothes outline his body and give it a good look plus, it doesn’t attract too much attention so that people can move up quickly to admire his good looks. He over thinks his appearance and has come up with this solution so that everybody wins. He gets attention and people get to see his charm. Which really helps with luring girls into abandon areas of the school. He loves his running shoes and wouldn't be caught without them. His hair is usually very well done but he creates it to give a messy look. He’s a man of appearances and always makes sure that he looks hes personal best. He’s very into himself so he has to show everyone else what he sees.
family & residence
Parents: {Mother} Violet - adopted - alive {Father} Joel -adopted - alive Siblings: none Wealth Status: upper middle class Significant Other: none Children: none Current Residence: Hogsmeade
Ryder is a very troubled teenager. He is obsessive compulsive and has a lethal need to be in control and manipulate everything around him. Control is what holds him together, without it he breaks down and becomes a total wreck. He has very few friends because of his controlling ways. He sometimes turns to sex as a means to cope with his dark past. He feels he isn't meant to find love and doesn't think he will ever find it. To those who really know him and can get past his manipulative controlling ways they will find a very sweet, shy and gentle boy that desperately needs help to get through the day. When he is not trying to control or manipulate girls into having sex with him he can be found studying in the library or the Slytherin common room. He strives to succeed in school so that he can be in a position of power later in life. When it comes to relationships, he refuses. He is terrified of the attachment that they come with. Commitment is not something he is good with. He hasn't had the best example with it in his life. So it scares him. As for sex, he likes it kinky and will go out of his way to make it the best experience a girl has ever had. It's not something any girl that has been with him will easily forget. Ryder has a very hard time tolerating intimate touching. Meaning, if you were to caress his cheek in a loving manor he would recoil and freak out. This is why he likes to fuck, he doesn't like to make love it's too intimate for him. Romance and intimacy are not his thing, they scare the hell out of him. This is part of his commitment issues. But with the right time and patience he could become more intimate with someone. They would really have to work with him gaining his trust and pushing through his messed up ways. He loves music. It is how he finds his peace of mind. It calms him when he is in a rage. He will sing, dance and play his guitar or the piano. He is most easy to get along with when music is playing. He never goes anywhere without his iPod. It is always playing something. walks around as if he owns the campus, he may be a little shorter than most guys but he still brings an impact. He has dark brown eyes always seem so cold and hard as if he's always distant from the world. . But when gazing into them your trapped by them. All of his emotions show in his eyes. His dark brown hair shines with the sun. He's 5'11 but by his built he seems a little smaller. He's very toned and fit. Likes: sex, kinky sex, manipulating people, night time, climbing trees, music, reading, writing, Dark nights, the beach, summer, beautiful girls, performing arts, nature, outdoors, cuddling, making out, herbology, muggle studies, astronomy, transfiguration, defense against the dark arts, freedom, flirting, charms, potions, school work, dancing, singing, quidditch, Reading, arguing, Hogwarts, appearances, studies of fashion, working out, solid colors, blue jeans, Studying, organizing, being in control, playing piano and guitar. {Amorentia} Vanilla, candles, outdoors, rain Dislikes: Traitors, Standing still, Being taken advantage of even though it happens often, liars, cheaters, dishonesty, disrespect, being told what to do, Sluts, weak people, bitchy people, people who do nothing but complain, getting into trouble, looking less than his best, being bullied or seeing others bullied and being touched intimately (he dislikes intimate physical contact, this could change with the right person have patience with him). Turn-ons: blondes, beauty, loyalty, trust Turn-offs: liars, brunettes, clingy people, commitment Fears: - Never learning to commit to a person - Going to Azkaban for his strange obsessions - Being lied to and manipulated Ambitions: He desperately wants to forget his past. He would love nothing more than to go back in time and change it all. He would love to see what kind of person he would be if his childhood had been different. Best Traits: -His ability to protect and care for those he holds dear - His piano skills and love of music Worst Traits: - He is controlling, but deep down very sweet. Just needs the right person to bring it out of him. -He doesn't like being touched intimately. Even accidentally brushing against him freaks him out. - He really enjoys muggle wine. Much more than fire whiskey. {Erised} Overcoming his issues and being truely happy Strengths: Reading, Writing, school confidence, positive out look on things, flirting, controlling people, playing piano and guitar, manipulation. Weaknesses: He can be very shy, Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures, self control, his Temper, his desire to be socially accepted, the people he love, girls who defy his need for control (it turns him on like nothing else), girls that refuse to allow him to manipulate them to do what he wants them to do.
Childhood History: Ryder was born in Rome, Italy. He was taken from his parents at the age of three. His home was abusive, unstable and unfit for a child. He bounced from family to family for most of his young life. None of the families could handle his temper. Finally the Johnson family took him in when he was ten years old. They discovered from and extensive background check he was muggleborn but had magical abilities. They were very pleased since they were both a witch and a wizard. Hogwarts Years: When he was eleven he received his letter to Hogwarts just like every other witch and wizard his age. He proved to be a very bright young man. He excelled in his classes each year. In his fifth year things started to get weird for him. As he became an adolescent he started showing signs of a controlling and manipulative personality. When Violet and Joel found out about his actions at school they sent him to a therapist. Ryder still goes regularly and often is released from school on weekends to visit his therapist. He needs a lot of help to get his life on the right track, he knows that. He just doesn't know how to right his wrongs and set on to the right path. With wanting to know more about his muggle roots he often sneaks out of school and aparates into the muggle world, exploring the schools, parks and random communities. He knows someday it will lead to trouble but he can't resist.
thanks dottie
 Posted on: Jul 18 2015, 04:58 PM

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