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 Macnab, Lili Marcellette, NG|16|ravenclaw
 Posted on: Apr 1 2016, 12:10 AM
lili macnab
Full Name: lili marcellette mac an nab
Age: 16
Eras: Next Generation
Usergroup: ravenclaw
Played by: eisande
Era’s: Next Generation Character name: lili marcellette mac an nab (MacNab) Nicknames: none that she knows of/acknowledges Age: 16 Birthday: 17/08/2006 Blood Status: Tainted: 1/2 Fae, 1/2 Veela Gender: female Sexuality: heterosexual
wizarding specifics
If your character is a muggle put none or n/a in each section that does not apply to them, if an alumni fill out any former information for when they attended Hogwarts House: ravenclaw Year: 6th Taint: Tainted: 1/2 Fae, 1/2 Veela Wand: 13" Willow with a Serpent Scale Core, this particular wand has a rather delicate looking creation with designs that remind one of flowers carved into the wood. Broom: none Boggart: Lili is terrified at the thought of drowning and, as such, refuses to even go near the lake. Patronus: a pixie Animagus:
Face Claim: elle fanning Eyes: blue Hair: blonde Height/Weight: 5”6’, 108lbslike any lady she generally declines answering such a question Build: lean and curvy Physical/Mental health problems: none Habits: chews on the ends of quills when she's thinking will skip dinner and sneak down to the kitchen for late night snacks unless they have to attend a banquet. always wears her hair pulled back into a tight bun around Hogwarts (she let's it down at home) Style: Lili tends to prefer pastels and bright colors. She doesn't care for dark colors thinking that they make her just a touch too pale. She prefers loose flowing skirts and pants while her shirts and tops of her dresses tend to be more form-fitting. Standing at more of an average height, Lili is a rather slender young woman with a supernatural appeal to her that comes from her tainted blood which is both Veela and Fae. Because of this, she comes across as very graceful and sometimes otherworldly. This, in her opinion, can be very annoying. She does have a small white scar on the back of her left elbow as well as a small birthmark hidden under her right breast.
family & residence
Parents: "Nab" - Father, Fae & Veronique - Mother, Veela Siblings: none Wealth Status:Middle class Significant Other: none Children: none Current Residence: Iverness, Scotland
Whatever you think of Lili, she isn't a bad person. It's more that she's a touch on the complicated side. Reserved and a touch fanciful, Lili has been known to get lost in her thoughts. She lives a touch in a world of her own. Of course she is also a touch vain. That she blames on her genetics. It's not something that she is particularly proud of, but it doesn't change the fact that she has no problem making certain she looks good or pausing to look in the mirror to check and make sure she looks right. Of course she is also a highly intelligent young woman who loves solving puzzles and has been known to pass time talking with portraits when she can't sleep (or when she just wants something to do). She can be very focused at times losing herself in working on her school work or in whatever she is doing. She hates the thought of fighting and tends to avoid conflict when she can. If she doesn't like someone, she just avoids them. For her, it is as simple as that. Likes: flowers books stars pretty things talking to portraits heights Dislikes: Haggis complete darkness Hags ink stains Gryffindors (she thinks they're rude) Veritaserum: she can actually cook really well she can sing (she has worked very hard to convince everyone that her genetics backfired and made her incapable of doing so) Mirror of Erised: To be seen as herself and not as a consequence of her bloodlines. Strengths: Intelligent Focused Pacifist Weaknesses: Vain (far more then she'd like to admit) Withdrawn Fanciful
Born in the late summer, Lili's conception and birth is the kind of story that most people would laugh at the possibility of even happening. Her mother, a French Veela, was traveling around England and Scotland seducing men and enjoying herself. It was winter when she came to Iverness and encountered a Fae who called himself Nab. He was very handsome and she wanted to seduce him. She was very beautiful, he wanted to play a game with her. A long story (that is frequently told to Lili despite her protests) short, the pair decided to "keep each other". Their union produced a single child (so far they continue to try as Lili woefully knows), Lili Marcellette Mac an Nab. Due to her parentage, Lili had a very unique upbringing. She was raised surrounded by nature and beauty. She was raised surrounded by old world class and a very earthy appeal. It gives he a wide range of appreciation for almost everything, except most modern types of architecture and fashion. She doesn't understand a need for those straight lines and annoying boldness. That is something that she knows that she gets from her parents and she feels no shame in it either. Growing up, Lili was taught to use her mind. She was taught to read people as well as books and various aspects of her environment. She was taught always to be aware and she didn't mind that. As a child, her parents would hold parties and bring people to their home. Lili would be put forward to sing to the people who tended to be a touch enchanted by her voice. Part of her hated all the attention because it never felt genuine. It made her wary to sing in front of other people. Lili was surprised when she received the letter to attend Hogwarts. Her parents were thrilled viewing it as a great opportunity for their little girl and were more then happy to help her get everything ready for her attendance. Going to Hogwarts, Lili was sorted into Ravenclaw. She absolutely loved her house, feeling very much at home among the other boys and girls there. A few Gryffindor boys teased her mercilessly her first year at Hogwarts which resulted in her dislike for their house. During the Spring of her second year, Lili was down by the Black Lake and ended up falling in. She almost drowned and had to be dragged out. She refuses to go near any large bodies of water now. The more time that Lili has spent in Hogwarts, the more withdrawn she tends to be. It's not that she doesn't like people it is more that she hates that when people look at her, it seems (of course she could be wrong she doesn't really stick around to find out anymore) that people only see her Veela or Fae blood. Or worse, both. It's one of the reasons that she pulls back her hair and pins it up into a bun whenever she is at school hoping that it detracts from all that she is. Now just starting her sixth year at Hogwarts, she is very in depth in her studies. She loves classes such as ancient runes, arithmancy and alchemy, preferring subjects that challenge her mind. She's very glad that she doesn't have to take Defense Against the Dark Arts anymore and does everything she can to avoid anything but theory of the subject though even that she doesn't really care for.
thanks dottie

user posted image
 Posted on: Apr 3 2016, 09:43 AM
user posted image

She looks absolutely fab! Can't wait to get a chance to roleplay with her!
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