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 Malfoy, Scorpius Hyperion, NG, POE|16|slytherin
 Posted on: Apr 12 2016, 08:20 PM
scorpius malfoy
Full Name: scorpius hyperion malfoy
Age: 16
Eras: Next Generation and Post Oppression
Usergroup: slytherin
Played by: eisande
Era’s: Next Generationand Post Oppression Character name: scorpius hyperion weasley Nicknames: scorp, snake, bastard Age: 16 Birthday: 01/01/2006 Blood Status: pureblood Gender: male Sexuality: Albus-sexual bisexual Straight, definitely straight Occupation: student
wizarding specifics
If your character is a muggle put none or n/a in each section that does not apply to them, if an alumni fill out any former information for when they attended Hogwarts House: slytherin Year: 6th Taint: none Wand: Rigid 13" Ebony with Boomslang Venom core Broom: firebolt Boggart: Disappointing his father Patronus: lion Animagus:
Face Claim: Jeremy Dufour Eyes: grey Hair: blonde Height/Weight: 6”1’, 145lbs Build: lean and toned Physical/Mental health problems: none Habits: twirls his wand in his fingers when bored, he will do tap his fingers he sleeps naked Style: Scorpius tends to lean towards blacks and greens, typically. He hates wearing light colors as they tend to drain his already pale features. As befits his family, he tends to stick to very nice fabrics such as satin and silk. There is never any doubt that whatever Scorpius is wearing is high quality. Scorpius tends to hold himself very stiff. He has a very deliberate movement pattern and it can make him move a touch slowly at times, but never underestimate, he is quick. His face tends to be a carefully controlled mask with only flashes of life from his eyes.
family & residence
Parents: Draco Malfoy [very much alive] & Astoria Malfoy (née Greengrass) [deceased] Siblings: none Wealth Status:Upper class Significant Other: Albus Severus Malfoy Potter Some girl, yeah Children: none Current Residence: Hogwarts/Malfoy Manor
Scorpius is a complicated little bubble. As the only Malfoy of his generation, he knows that there are a lot of expectations for him. He is expected to be proud and arrogant. He is expected to be elitist and cold. He's expected to be an exact replica of everything that people saw his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather to be. And so he works very hard to let people see him that way. He doesn't want to disgrace his family. He feels a very deep loyalty to his family. Of course that isn't all there is to him. Scorpius is more then that. Due to his mother's influence, Scorpius doesn't have ill thoughts towards those of lesser blood statuses. He knows that blood is an accident of birth. you have to be more then that. But you won't hear him saying that. He just refuses to participate in such conversations. In most situations, Scorpius keeps his opinions to himself. It gives him a very closed off kind of appearance to other people which just feeds to his family reputation. What most people don't see about this particular Malfoy is that he can be very tender. He has a good heart and wants to be able to take care of the people that he cares for. He can be a very gentle person at times and is a very diligent student. He can also be very demanding at times and has been known to lash out in anger though he always regrets it afterwards. It's one of the reasons why he keeps such tight control over how he feels. He is passionate and he doesn't always know how he can direct those emotions. Of course his feelings towards Albus are the most complicated part of those feelings. As an only child and son, he knows he should marry some girl so that he can have child to carry on the family name. The problem is that, even though he finds girls attractive, he is fascinated by Albus and has been since he first met the other boy. Albus tends to draw out a very protective side of him and he has been known to step out of his way to stand up for the other boy which tends to confuse anyone who sees it. Not that he ever mentions it. In fact, he absolutely refuses to talk about it. Not even to Albus. Though he's never actively pushed him away. He just.. has yet to figure out how to voice feelings. Likes: animals sunny days heights Flying Dislikes: assumptions Herbology dampness enclosed spaces Veritaserum: He is in love with Albus Potter. He saw his mother die. He wants to work with animals after school Strengths: loyal dedicated passionate gentle Weaknesses: cold hates being judged can lash out overprotective
Hometown: Wiltshire, England Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy was born at the beginning of 2006 to his mother, Astoria and his father Draco Malfoy. Growing up, Scorpius remembers that his mother was usually in poor health having to beg off doing something or other so that she could go and rest in his parents room. So, for the first several years of his life, Scorpius would go up to his parents room and climb in the bed so that he could keep her company while his father took care of family business or spent time with Scorpius's grandparents who never seemed to get along with Astoria. Astoria was Scorpius's first teacher. She would tell him about how things were before he was born and the Wizarding wars. She would tell him about his duty to the Malfoy name. Even more, she would tell him about how blood wasn't everything. She would tell him to never be ashamed of himself or anyone else for things that the could not control or change. And that anyone who told him that he should was not someone he should ever associate with. Except for his grandparents. They were complicated. They couldn't be blamed for how they thought or felt. Even more importantly, he was never really allowed to actually share their conversations. It was like a precious secret to him. Part of Scorpius still remembers when his mother died though he's also partly blocked it out. It is something that refuses to confess or admit to anyone. He doesn't even talk to his father about it. His relationship with his father was always complicated even in his childhood. He always wanted his father to love him and be proud of him. to never have to worry about anything, but he was always afraid that his father might just be disappointed with him and it drove him that much harder to read books and study as a child. When he entered Hogwarts, he was utterly relieved to find that he was sorted into Slytherin. He felt that it would mean that his father had one less thing to possibly be disappointed in him for. He pushes himself very hard in his classes feeling disappointed if he gets anything but the highest marks. He's not sure when he first became attached to Albus Potter. He knows he should probably stay away from him due to their family history, but he always finds himself gravitating towards him. Even more, he can never seem to stop himself from stepping in to defend the other boy if someone teases or bullies him. A part of him wishes that he could break himself of that habit. Of course, if he were honest, he wishes he wasn't a Malfoy so that he could just tell Potter how he felt... if he even knows how he feels.
thanks dottie
 Posted on: Apr 12 2016, 09:40 PM
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