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 Black, Charis Elladora, Potter Trio|16| Slytherin
 Posted on: Apr 19 2016, 09:19 PM
Charis Black
Full Name: Charis Elladora Black
Age: 16
Eras: potter trio
Usergroup: slytherin
Played by: Eisande
Era’s: Potter Trio Character name:Charis Elladora Black Nicknames: Ella, C.E. Age: 16 Birthday:April 3, 1980 Blood Status: pureblood Gender: female Sexuality: heterosexual Occupation: n/a
wizarding specifics
If your character is a muggle put none or n/a in each section that does not apply to them, if an alumni fill out any former information for when they attended Hogwarts House: Slytherin Year: 6th Taint: n/a Wand: 13" Birch with Augurey tail feather, delicate and pale, the wand actually looks rather plain Broom: n/a Boggart: Her step-father Patronus: wolf Animagus: n/a
Face Claim: Emily Rudd Eyes: Blue Hair: Dark (brown or black depending on the light) Height/Weight: 5'6, 123 lbs Build: thin, curvy Physical/Mental health problems: Your character does NOT need to have an illness or any physical disability! If they do, list them here. Habits: • always has at least one book with her • she is always early or she will not go to anything • OCD need to count stairs Style: Charis tends to dress in very oversized clothes, sweaters when not in robes. Her clothes are often dark and rarely in light colors. Her clothes, while finely made, do tend to have a bit of wear to them. Charis is, unfortunately, clumsy by nature which means she tends to be very deliberate in her steps and has a habit of always watched her feet rather than where she is going. She doesn't tend to expose much in the way of skin and there is never any doubt when someone looks at her that she is probably a shy pushover.
family & residence
Parents: Lysandra Black-Morgenstern (nee Crouch) & Regulus Black [deceased] Siblings: Marius Alphard Black (twin), younger half-brother, younger half-sister Wealth Status: Not everyone is rich. Significant Other: your character’s spouse Children: n/a Current Residence: Godrics Hollow
Charis is generally described, by those who have met her and know her, as spineless and weak. And while this isn't exactly inaccurate, it isn't far off either. Charis is weak by nature and has been known to cave easily when it comes to being yelled at or mocked. But that doesn't mean that her opinions actually change. She is very opinionated, she just usually keeps it to herself to avoid confrontation. Charis was raised to believe in blood superiority. And while she will grant that sometimes there are exceptions, she believes that those muggleborn wizards are clearly descended from pureblood squibs and it is the magic in their blood calling out to try and bring back the magic to the wizarding world. She believes that they have to earn their place among the purer bloods, but does not believe that they should be completely excluded. A touch vain, Charis tends to be very careful about how she is made up. The only time she really lets herself get dirty is in Herbology, a class she really does love. She does tend to lean on her brother as her protector, a role he took on when they were children and one she's never really thought to get him to lean away from.
Charis and her twin brother, Marius, never actually knew their father. Born on the night of April 3 in 1980, their father had already been dead for several months by the time that they were born. Their mother was living in one of her family's homes in London at the time. It was a home that Charis and Marius called home until the were three years old. They were happy there. At least hat was what the twins thought. They met Jared Morgenstern when their mother moved to Godric's Hollow when they were three. Charis only ever remembers that he made her nervous. She was afraid of him. Marius didn't seem to like him either and so he started to put himself between his sister and others, especially Jared. But their mother was happy and so neither child wanted to say anything about the matter. They just wanted their mother to be happy after all. Jared and Lysandra married when the twins were five. He was a cruel man and that side came out quickly in the eyes of the two children. Charis lived in a constant state of fear of him, but Lysandra refused to leave. She didn't wnat to believe that he could be a bad man. Instead, she lost herself in the thought that she might actually be happy again. That she could be a wife again, something that she had only had for about a few months with Regulus. Getting the letter saying that they were going to leave for Hogwarts was the best moment of Charis's life. She couldn't help but feel thrilled knowing there would be times when she could get to leave actually be somewhere other then home. The twins were told never to admit who their father was when they left for Hogwarts. It hadn't been a known fact that Lysandra had married Regulus so it was an easy secret to keep. The children just kept to themselves really, something that has been growing more difficult over the years. They were pleased that they were at least both sorted in Slytherin and though they have to hide so much about themselves, they know that they will soon be 17 and that means they'll be adults, free of their mother and step-father. It's the one thing, besides her school work, that really keeps Charis going. She couldn't say about her brother. He keeps his own secrets.
thanks dottie
 Posted on: Apr 19 2016, 10:50 PM
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Please go fill out your character's claims:
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Remember, Who's who & Face Claims are the most important!

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