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 Eirikson, Tyler Blaine, PTE, NG, POE| 20|Alumni
 Posted on: Jun 9 2016, 12:41 PM
Tyler Eirikson
Full Name: Tyle Blaine Eirikson
Age: 20
Eras:Next Generation, Post Oppression
Usergroup: Alumni
Played by: Emily
Era’s: Next Generation, Post Oppression Character name: Tyler Blaine Eirikson Nicknames: Ty Age: 20 Birthday: April 15, 2017 Blood Status: halfblood Gender: male Sexuality: homosexual Occupation: unemployed
wizarding specifics
If your character is a muggle put none or n/a in each section that does not apply to them, if an alumni fill out any former information for when they attended Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff Year: Alumni Taint: Is your character a vampire? A werewolf? How did they become one? Were they born this way? Or were they turned? How were they turned? – be descriptive! Wand:Tyler has had two wands since he turned eleven; the first wand he got was an Ash wood with the core of a doxy wing. It was very strong and was ten inches in length. However, this wand was snapped into hundreds of tiny pieces in his fifth year trying to defend himself and his mother. He still carries around a few of the broken fragments of his first wand in a small glass vile. In his seventh year he got a new wand, its core is made from Apple wood, a gentle outdoorsy wood. This core is ideal for him because he really enjoys being outside and is very good with Herboloby and Care of Magical Creatures. The core is three strands of unicorn hair braided together deep within its core, boosting his already advanced skills in charms and transfiguration. He has a very unusual gift with healing spells. This is why the wand chose him, his fragile personality and deep concern for others around him. It is light and delicate, just like him. Though light, and delicate it is also very strong and reliable, forming a very strong bond with him instantly. It is just over ten inches in length. Broom: n/a Boggart: Losing more people he cares about, being alone, never regaining the pride he once had in himself, spiders and thestrals (they are the scariest looking creatures he has ever seen and having seen people die, he sees them everywhere and often freaks out about them if they approach him), The brutal murder of his parents and sister Patronus: Cat - Gaurdianship, detatchment, sensuality, mystery, magic, and independence Animagus: n/a
Face Claim: Jake Abel Eyes: His eyes are almond-shaped. Normal sized, nothing super special about them. They are a very alluring amber color almost golden. When he was younger then held a very kind and curious look in them, but now they are more broken and lost. Hair: His hair if spiked up will stand about two inches off his head, though he rarely ever does that to his hair. It is a sandy blond color. Height/Weight: one hundred and forty-two pounds. He weighted a more suitable weight earlier in his life but he went through a phase of barely eating and lost a lot of weight. He eats properly, most of the time now but still hasn't really gained back what he lost. Ty is five feet and ten inches tall. Which is average for his age. Build: Ty is very thin, but not in a way that he looks sick. It suits him and compliments his features. He doesn't have a lot of muscle tone but the little be he does is very well placed. Physical/Mental health problems: He has had issues with depression from the loss of his parents. He has graphic detailed nightmares of their death and has been known to wake up screaming at night because of them. He spent the remainder of his fifth year and all of his sixth year of Hogwarts in St Mungo's being treated for his depression. He has been known, since the accident to be self-harming. He has a scar running from his left shoulder diagonally across his chest to his right hip. He keeps it hidden and covered up as much as he can. He also has several scars on his wrists and arms from his days of self harm, he hopes those are behind him but he slips now and then. Habits:- going outside late at night to sit high up in a tree reading a good book. - Running his hands through his hair when he is frustrated, upset, uncomfortable, nervous... etc. - Biting his lip. - Twirling his hair. - Cutting, or harming himself he is having an off day. Style: Simple jeans and a tee-shirt will do for Ty. He will often wear a button up shirt over his tee-shirts but they are never buttoned. He always has a pair of converse shoes on. He will change their color to match whatever color his shirt is that day. His hair is always well groomed and styled in different ways. He likes to be clean cut and looking his best even if he doesn't feel his best inside. He is and always has been proud of being a Hufflepuff. It once represented his personality very well. Always kind, always loyal. That was Ty. The pride in his house still remains, he just doesn't share the qualities anymore. His converse shoes are charmed to have the house badger and chest on them. Sometimes they are yellow, other times black it just depends on his mood that particular day. Even though he's graduated he still does this now and then. He walks with his head down; he doesn't make eye contact very often. Before, though he walked with his head held high, he had lots of confidence and always smiled. Now, it’s rare to catch a smile from him. He tends to always look deep in thought or spaced out. The way he carries himself is far different than what it used to be. He used to be confident in himself and it showed in every step he too. He used to greet everyone with a smile and a polite wave.
family & residence
Parents: {Mother} Naomi – Dead, {Father} Greggory –Dead Siblings: Ashley (dead) Wealth Status: Living off his families remaining funds, its not a lot but enough to get by while he searches for work Significant Other: n/a Children: none Current Residence: Hogsmeade Village
Tyler is a very troubled teenager. He suffers from severe depression, he always has his iPod with him without it he breaks down and becomes a total wreck. He has very few friends because of his lack of trust in people. The few friends he does have he had made before everything went wrong in his life. He values their friendship and his trust in them above everything else in his lives. They are very important to him. He feels he isn't meant to find love and doesn't think he will ever find it. He fears anyone he gets close to will get hurt. To those who really know him, the real him, before his life was turned upside down, they will find a very sweet, shy and gentle boy that desperately needs help to get through the day. When he is not trying to hurt himself or suffering from graphic nightmares he can be found studying in the library or the Hufflepuff common room. If he isn’t there, chances are you will find him curled up in or under a tree reading a book. He strives to succeed in school so that he can catch up, he is a year and a half behind even though he is placed in seventh year. When it comes to relationships, he refuses. He is terrified of the attachment that they come with, fearful that the person he cares about will get hurt. Commitment is not something he is good with. However, he would commit to the right person, someone he knows he can trust, someone that can help him get back to his former self and put his past behind him. He loves music. It is how he finds his peace of mind. It calms him when he is feeling depressed. He will sing, dance and play the piano. He is most easy to get along with when music is playing. He never goes anywhere without his iPod. It is always playing something. Strengths: His compassion, deep concern for others above himself, his intelligence, his kindness and loyalty to others. Patience, Compassion, Kindness, Loyalty, intuition, comforting to others, calm during chaos, Herbology, Charms, Care of Magical Creatures, Astronomy, Transfiguration Weaknesses: Self harm, depression, difficulty being around new people because he can't accept them enough to trust them, trusting new people, Stubbornness, Very good looking guys, Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Depression, His Nightmares, His past, easily distracted, lying, sometimes he is too calm about things, day-dreaming - He carries a worn out, ripped picture of him and his parents. He keeps it with him at all times. - He also has a glass vile with broken pieces of his first wand with him at all times
Ty's childhood was like any other kids childhood. Happy, filled with love and an amazing family. At eleven he got his letter to Hogwarts. He was really good at magic and loved sharing with his family the things he could do. He hugged his sister and told her she was special even when she didn't get a Hogwarts letter. In fourth year he told his parents that he was attracted to boys. They were very accepting and supportive of his sexuality. They loved him just the same no matter what. In his fifth year Ty went home for the holidays. His family was going to go on a cruise. he was super excited about it. They had all just finished loading up the family car and were about to head to the air port when several cloaked figures aparated into their yard. Without warning several hexes and curses were cast. His sister was levitated several feet above the ground and dropped carelessly to the ground, she died on impact. He ran to check on her and a spell was thrown at him, he felt his flesh rip open from his left shoulder to his right hip the pain was excruciating. He tried to heal it quickly but only managed to stop the bleeding. He was defenseless against the attackers, he was under age and his parents shouted at him to run, but he didn't run he stood there watching in horror as both of his parents were brutally tortured with the unforgivable curses then killed with a bright flash of green. Right when his mother dropped to the ground he ran towards one of the cloaked figures screaming. He aimed his wand at the person and shouted the same spell that he had seen kill his parents. A flash of green erupted from it, the cloaked person staggered backwards then disappeared. A shattering sound reach Ty's ears and as he looked down his wand crumbled in his hand. He tried to gather as many pieces as he could stuffing them into his pocket. It could be repaired, he knew it could be. It just had to be. A flash of red came towards him throwing him backwards into the car. He woke up in St Mungo's. A nurse filled him in when he began asking about his family that they were dead and he was orphaned and all alone. He cried, for a long time. Day in and day out, tears streamed down his face until no more could fall. But he still sobbed. Sometimes the nurse would come in and give him something it would make him sleep, but he would wake up screaming because of the horrific nightmares A year after his families murder he was released from St Mungo's into an orphanage near where he had grown up in France. He spent most of his time locked in his room ignoring everyone. He knew none of them, he missed his friends at Hogwarts and just wanted to go back, get away from all of it. He often hurt himself to try to numb the pain. None of it ever helped but he still did it. Finally he got a letter stating he was able to return to Hogwarts and receive special tutoring to catch up on the year and a half of schooling he had missed. He returned to Diagon Alley purchasing a new wand. It was time to begin again, reunite with his friends and try to begin a new life for himself without fear and depression. Ty barely made it through the rest of school and is trying to keep his life together, and get through each day.
thanks dottie
 Posted on: Jun 9 2016, 03:47 PM
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