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 Site Update: June 15, 2016!
 Posted: Jun 15 2016, 12:33 PM

Hello Relashian’s!
Today I went through several things across the board that needed some serious updating.
I will break down the updates by section:

Where is the Application Centre & For the Character?
  • The first change I made was renaming the Application Centre to the Creation Centre.
  • Following this change I moved the For the character section into the Creation Centre.
  • Apply has been renamed to Character Creation
  • Marauder’s, Potter, Next Gen & Post Op Applications now have a new field for Quidditch positions and Prefects. You cannot have you character be both. Quidditch Captain's require admin approval. If your character was captain on the quidditch claim list notify an admin so we can document this! Current characters are not required to add the fields but if you wish to do so feel free. However, it will make tracking who is part of these better.
Where are the thread trackers?
  • They’ve moved down into Relashio’s Underground.
Where are the Wanted Ads?
  • They’ve moved into the Character Plotting category.
The Claims
  • Quidditch & Prefect claims have been removed. (Captains)
  • Head Boy/Girl claims have been moved into the Hogwarts Professors and Staff claims (these are still sorted by era).
  • Housing Claims list has been updated to Wizarding Communities. Like before this is the section in the IC area for where character homes are located. To have a subforum in this area you must fill out the claim!
  • Animagus claims – remember if your character has an amimagus form you MUST fill out the claim for it even if they are unregistered!
Suggestions & Comments
  • Removed and a new area will be placed in Important Topics & Information for this. This area sees little use. We don't need it. It is now called Ask the Admins.

Recent Topics!
  • The Recent topic activity has been moved from the bottom of the board to that div box we have under the header image that has been unused since we got it. As before, that box will only show them there on the index page. Everywhere else it will just be a blank box.

If you have any questions about any of these changes feel free to reply to this update topic! Happy Role Playing Relashian's! <3

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